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8/6 c33 Baasan
Ohhh yes! Some misunderstandings are more fruitful than others. Great devices for bringing such radically different cultures as the Fae and Klingons/Cardassians together. Love that they are going to the Klingon joint. Siobhan is getting quite an unexpected insight into Klingon culture. Not everything in the universe works the way humans do, whether it's Klingon brawling or Cardassian flirting.

The Fae seem to be able to assess and adapt to these differences pretty well. At least our two samples do. Who knows about that swarm.

Please keep on writing. This is well worth reading. Keep on being safe and well.
7/17 c32 Baasan
Love how a wider group of people are being introduced. Eager to read what they all contribute.

Ever since the movie where Spock attempted human swearing I have loved dialog where aliens adopt some of our choice words and phrases. Sometimes it is dropped in like an absolute anomaly and falls flat. The way you did it with that one sentence about Martok adopting Federation slang made it an authentic part of the character. It was very enjoyable.
7/17 c32 Guest
Another update omg yes! Keep up the great work!
7/14 c1 Guest
An update wooohooo!
7/14 c31 Baasan
Welcome back! Great job of bringing in some of the key dynamics for Garak and Sisko. Really like the style too - varying the pace and chapter length and content. Barroom brawls, lighter moments, etc.

The unprecedented candor between Garak and Sisko was great.

Hope there is a nice cell for that ptaq (spelling?) once he gets out of the clinic. Never piss off a faery when she's been served a celery mineral spritz. (I was always taught to leave them milk or whiskey. But I left out a ham sandwich once. Probably a stray dog or something ate it, but you never know.)
2/18 c30 Baasan
That's a meaty chapter! I enjoyed the length as well the new information. Also enjoy the way new information is balanced with new puzzles. It seems the fae have WMDs too! I'm looking forward to learning more about the Siobhan - Moira piece as well. Garak seems to smell an abnormality there.
2/6 c29 Baasan
What a cliff-hanger! I hope to learn what they discovered soon! Never thought about a rivalry or at least an inner comparison between Julian and Data. Makes a tasty treat.
2/3 c3 Eclectic Me
Well it's a pretty name, at any rate. I'm loving this story! Garak is one of my favorite characters, and I admit to being a bit disappointed at Julian's news, especially since there wasn't really time to get too attached to Ezri in the show. Anyway, it might take a while as I've got a lot going on in my life right now, but I can't wait to read more!
1/26 c28 Baasan
Love having scenes from different parts of the story in one chapter. It keeps me engaged with the big picture. Kudos for the way you prevent audience whiplash by inserting the *Scene Break* line in between scenes. It works very well. I'm looking forward to reading more. I wish I had a time gadget so I could sneak a peek at what is coming next.
1/24 c27 Baasan
You have written a very engaging and believable Captain Picard. Likewise, Aisling's interactions with him and her decompression in the rural setting. I very much look forward to reading more about Picard's role in this mysterious situation.
1/9 c26 Baasan
Garak's past seems to have caught up with him in a somewhat more literal sense than I usually imagine. It certainly must add a new part to his Bashir related sense of loss. Intriguing to see Ezri processing the idea that Julian once enjoyed the companionship of a being who is both lovely and far older than Dax.

I am eager to see how these elements combine with the faery problem(s). Great to see things developing along personal lines as well as along the lines of the main challenge.
1/1 c25 Baasan
This story has lots of moving parts and they seem to be gradually converging. Makes for a delicious tension. Love the term "hush magic." Garak's exchange with Sisko is vintage Garak. His adding on the reference to Sisko's family leads me to connect this in a head cannon with a fic I once read where Garak and Sisko's dad become friends during dad's visit to DS9. I was kind of holding my breath waiting for Garak's reaction to the shenanigans. Thanks for writing it. The chapter works well and has a lot of little treasures tucked in. Very enjoyable. I have experienced ambivalence about a piece of writing and it can be hard to post, but I love the chapter.
12/27/2019 c24 Baasan
What are good friends for if not to make sure you have a break from hard work? I am looking forward to seeing how these puzzles relate and how earth relates to its original people. Not to mention Bajor. Thanks for another chapter to stir my imagination.
12/18/2019 c23 Baasan
Diplomatic coaching by an archaeologist/mythologist! Love it. Also love Aisling's practicality. Combining the tasks of writer/polisher and editor is a challenge. Thanks for going that extra.
11/25/2019 c21 Baasan
Data sees the issue with an unusual clarity. "We cannot allow the Federation to represent itself in this manner" I'm eager to see what Captain Picard brings to this. I do love the way the cast expands so organically. Full of fantastic surprises. Thanks for your kind words too.
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