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for A Cell of a Good Time

5/7 c5 eunn519
4/27 c5 1unseenw0lf
This is silly and hilarious and I'm loving it.
4/20 c1 6WILLIAM11
This is good I love good semi serious crack-fics
4/20 c5 morde24
goddamn is this the first crack fic I've ever really enjoyed. and this one is fucking awesome.
4/18 c3 Appolyon
"Lex Luthor, who was hands down the most magnificent bastard to ever magnificent bastard."
. . .
I take it Mr. McSplice has never heard of David Xanatos?
4/17 c2 Dedrick Jones
oh god I'm laughing soooo hard got my sides hurt
4/17 c2 Dedrick Jones
man this is great it reminds me of deadpool
4/17 c1 Dedrick Jones
oh god this is hilarious
4/12 c5 12Isebas
I'm loving this! He so reminds me of Deadpool. Definitely looking forward to more of this.
4/12 c5 TankerMDK
This was great. Just. . . . Just friggin awesome. I'm so glad you wrote this. Even happier that I ran into this.
4/9 c5 Efthee
This is awesome man, loving the story, everyone please give this a try, you will not regret it at all!
4/9 c5 Elmoslayer569
God, you never fail to make me laugh like a Hyena.

Love ya mate!
4/8 c5 2Drunken Hamster
This whole fic is a hilarious bruh moment. I love it.

Would be funny if someone else ate the legs or something.

Until next time!

4/6 c5 Stalkerofnovels
this is hilarious to bad it doesn't update often :(
4/6 c5 lilbigstoryteller
Another beautifully bizarre and insane chapter.
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