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8/18 c119 2Maecain
wow... this story... one of the best RWBY fics I've ever read. I'll be definitely coming back to reread in the future.
7/25 c119 PsychoStorys
as fucking amazing as always. thank you for a beautiful story
7/15 c70 3DamascusDalek
the end of this chapter really makes me want to see a sequel. one that retcons the epilogue and one where ruby and Weiss can have a romance. they really work so well in this fic and it really bums me out that couer was too much of a coward to commit to white rose and bumbleby in this fic that has the best justification for them
7/8 c119 3najex
Fourth story I've finished. Second best so far, going Service w. of Beaconnot this time fate.

I'm surprised that this was so good, since it has so little humor, and before this, I thought that was your strongest point.

The Weiss of this story was such a cinnamon bun, more so than any other Weiss I've ever seen. I regret we never got Ruby fully confiding in her until it no longer mattered. Summer was able to confide in Crow. I would have liked Ruby to do the same with Weiss.

Some other points of contention.

There were some minor issues. Like Blake saying she coudn't use shadow magic on Ruby because she was a Wildmage, yet something like the Emerald Arcana's healing can work on her. When Ruby was going for a check up, I was sure that would out her, and I wasn't sure why it didn't.

In fact, I felt that there were several things they could have done to try and out Ruby as a Wildmage, and the only reason they didn't was because plot. A couple of spells were mentioned as being to delicate for a Wildmage to do, (like black or emerald arcana) so just have all the initiates learn the very barebone bascis of them, and the one that can't do it is your Wildmage. Easy.

The White was infuriating, which was no doubt intentional. But there were constantly arguments that I wanted to scream at the page or wanted Ruby or anyone else to bring up, and it was infuriating when they didn't. It makes sense why they didn't, as they want to avoid to suspicion, but omg.

The entire nobility thing here feels weird. From Weiss' situation, it clear there is a difference between nobility and just being rich. Yet then what is nobility here, really? What are they the noble of? Normally, you got a spot of land, or a city, and the ruler of that city and his family is considered noble. Since they rule. Are the nobility of this setting just landless nobles? That would make it just a meaningless vanity title? Its just weird for a city like this to have this many different noble families. Usually, its one noble family per county, duchy, country, or what have you. Here, the title just felt like bragging rights and little else.

I was baffled that something like the slums could sustain themselves. How does any woman there survive pregnancy? The Slums would need constant immigration to keep up with the high death toll.

Well, that's it. Really good job on this one.
7/4 c14 najex
Consider me invested. AU is always dangerous, and at this point, this has jack all to do with the original show. Its a fully original work that just borrows names and half of those do not even the personalities attached to them.

Still good though.

The only thing I'm wondering about is Malneux's right to take Ruby as his servant if she lost. What if Ruby simply decided not to apologies and also not duel? What if she dueled and lost and told him to ff off still? And on one side forced into servitude (or whatever they call it) and on the other side. . . what did the other side lose except reputation? The scales were uneven.

How much legal authority did that duel actually have?
6/29 c70 Guest
I feel physical pain at the burning of books. Those books are a store of Azure Arcanists' knowledge. Their legacy to the world. Those books are how Azurites are remembered forever, and here are the White stomping on their legacy and destroying it. The White have gone too far. Please tear them down, Ruby!
6/20 c76 5BIOS-Pherecydes
It had been mentioned by other reviewers, but you've contradicted yourself regarding Cinder's history. Before you stated that the official story was that shed been killed in an accident where her horse trampled her. The entire reason Ruby hates Martyn is because he told her this story and was seemingly well aware it was a lie, so it's not like this is a minor continuity error either. One or the other is irrevocably wrong, and the previous one has too much hanging on out to be retconned now, so thenew story being given in this chapter needs to be.
6/7 c1 Doccer
5/19 c119 7Let Me BeLazy
This is really good. It's been a while I have read anything as good as this. Though I would have to say plot is quite common.
5/18 c11 Let Me BeLazy
Hmm, no matter how I see, Ruby is being a bitch. I mean I can understand where Weiss comes from. But, Ruby just buffled me.
5/18 c10 Let Me BeLazy
Ruby seriously need to adapt. As the saying goes, when in Rome, act like Rome.
5/12 c119 Guest
I love it, can we have a sequel to this please. Because this feels like that old saying "When one story ends, a new one begins" sort of feeling right now.
5/4 c104 MLG Samantha
I just realized something. Merlot was 100% convinced that his apprentice would join him. He had no idea that the Collegium's strike force was on it's way, his forces were completely unprepared for the attack. He would have thought that Ruby had come to his camp all on her own, and had either mind-controlled or reanimated the guard into attacking the Beringel guarding the camp. Grimm can see through Ruby's invisibility, but not Blake's. Merlot had no idea that Blake, Qrow, Maria, and Weiss were there as well. He thought Ruby had decided to seek out and end the Grimm threat on her own, and that he would have as much time as he needed to convince her to join his side. Perhaps by mentioning that, say, with a wildmage on their side they could defeat the Collegium without giving them the opportunity to use more innocent civilians as human shields, she might have been swayed.
5/5 c25 BlazingBlue59
Just getting into this story now, and congrats, Coeur. You've created the most thoroughly corrupt city I've ever seen outside of a dystopian.
4/28 c119 Scribonius4
I loved this story. It’s not really ‘RWBY’, but I loved it all the same. It could probably be published with a few minor changes to the characters and the setting, and I think that if I saw it, I might buy it. Props to you.

You’ve created, assuming magic was real of course, a feasible medieval society. People will always be afraid of things they cannot understand, and I can see the logic behind the actions of the White Arcana, even if they did go slightly to the extreme to accomplish their goals. I actually liked Goodwitch’s character in this, not in the sense I would want to spend a length of time with her, but I respect that she had the conviction to follow her decisions through to the end even if they were morally wrong. A story needs a good antagonist, and I felt she was perfect. Even Merlot, who I can’t say I was very surprised by, had good reasons for why he did the things he did.

And wow, I never thought I could feel so sorry for Cinder. This time she had all the power she could have ever wanted, but through no fault of her own she was locked away for it. I really like how you done Ruby’s character in this; she’s the right mix of sharpness and cunning while still keeping some of that naïveté she’s known for.

The ending was perfect, it tied up the loose threads, mainly how Vale felt, while still leaving it open enough for your imagination to fill in the subsequent years. Maybe even a sequel? Probably not but still, I’d be interested.

On a different note, is magic resistant huntsman Jaune going to turn up in Arc Royale? I’m not sure who he’d be bonded to at this point, but it’d be cool.
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