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for I'll Break Down That Wall

11/24 c53 Guest
Good chapter, thanks for the update
11/10 c52 kai85
Missed this story. Loved the update.
11/7 c52 burglover421
This is going to be interesting with both of their personalities!
10/18 c51 Guest
So looking forward to Quinnie wedding!
9/23 c51 TyorleanC
Love your story can't wait for the next update keep them coming back
9/22 c50 TyorleanC
Thanks You for the updates
9/16 c4 Stupidbitchgg
Trash cunt. Die off
9/16 c2 UrAFnLoser
Ofc you’re one of those fkn idiots that switch up brittana’s sexualities for no reason. Fkn dumb cunt
9/16 c51 kai85
Great chapter
9/14 c51 Guest
Great chapter, thanks for the update
9/12 c51 burglover421
I was laughing so hard when Santana was drunk having that conversation with Mike! I love this story
9/8 c50 kai85
Love this story
8/30 c50 burglover421
I think that if Brittana were not married the earth would tilt on it's axis and the universe would implode! I was holding my breath for baby Pierce number 3! Hopefully a girl
8/28 c50 Guest
Amazing story so far. Loved every part of it. Happy to see Jessica and Carly together now. Hope to see more of their relationship and to see Santana pregnant again but with a girl this time. Can’t wait for your next up date
8/9 c50 RememberDecember143
Loved how Santana and Brittany were playing match maker a bit with Jessica and Carly. Love seeing the little family moments. It was odd to see Santana and Brittany apart in a day but it was still cute with their banter and them checking up on each other and making sure it’s okay I really liked that scene it was a cute phone conversation. Thank you for continuing to updating and writing great work and great chapter :) 3
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