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6/6 c90 thebartonsrule
I'm not surprised Leanna's going up the wall, Henrietta's hardly great company at the best of times, and these aren't the best of times.

She's still got frosty relations with her dad,and Gabby as well.

Wise of Charity to take care in the circumstances, both Sarah and Vanessa are in the vulnerable bracket.

So Bernice is coming home, hmm! this should be fun.
6/1 c89 thebartonsrule
So there's still hope for Bernice & Liam but they'll need to have a heart-to-heart and clear the air.

The penny's finally dropping for Jacob,the question is can he move on,once he gets back to college and interacts with people his own age he'll realise there's more to life than pining after a middle'aged predator.

I'll be surprised if John contacts Henny,he's trying to keep her away from his mess,at least she'll have Alex,Leanna and Liam to lean on.

I somehow doubt we'll see Georgina again,Kelly ii'm not quite as sure about.

Glad your well

5/27 c88 thebartonsrule
As i stated in the other story i don't think Leanna's a brat i know she comes away that way sometimes,but she's only looking out for her dad and Alex although her methods sometimes leave you wondering. I hope this doesn't ruin her friendship with Gabby i like them together,but with Bernice's history i wouldn't rule anything out.

David's in a bad way,he's in no state to consider a relationship right now,the girls are right to distance themselves,they've been hurt too often.

His dad and Priya will support him best they can but they also have their own lives to live. Especially Priya she's a dark horse isn't she.

Keep safe

Speak soon

5/22 c87 thebartonsrule
Crikey didn't expect John to cop 25 years,Henrietta really has lost everything her daughter and now her ex.

On the plus side she's still got Liam and Leanna,and Alex of course.

So is this the last we'll see of Georgina and Kelly?

5/20 c86 thebartonsrule
I knew David was heading for more heartbreak,Leyla did try and let him down as gently as she could,hope he's not too damaged by this.

Leyla breaking the rules tut tut.

This is going to be a difficult court hearing,part of me feels sorry for Kelly,she's an innocent in all this.

Georgina's a lost cause no matter what anybody says to her she'll always back Ethan.

Hope the sites back to normal now,I've been waiting a few days to post this.
5/12 c85 thebartonsrule
Blimey! David had a lot to get off his chest,so he's still pining for Leyla,OH! dear i'm fearful he's going to get his heart broken yet again.

Good grief you mentioned some names from the past in this chapter,i counted 7.

Love the Amba/Jai/Priya scenes,and the Jimmy/Nicola farce was funny.

I'm not surprised Leanna's getting restless,and the thought of another year at be depressing.

Bros yea i remember them from my youth,never a fan though,but as a guy i don't think i was their target audience somehow,a lot of the girls went mad for them,Union J yep i know them,I've always felt they were in 1 Direction's shadow.

P.S if you get a spare few minutes,could you please check out my story,it's an ED/HG crossover,just something i dreamt up yesterday,it's only a short one-shot,so it shouldn't take much of your time,and it'd be much you click on my profile it should be on there i hope.


5/7 c84 thebartonsrule
Good chapter as ever,short but a useful filler before the court case.

I just have to mention you've put convicted instead of charged for John a couple of times in the opening paragraph,it threw me at first,then i realised your error.

Glad to see David hopefully finally talking about his feelings for his unborn child,he can't keep his emotions bottled up forever it's not healthy.

I can imagine the chaos in the King household,that was a light relief moment in a sombre chapter,you manage to balance the darkness with humour very well.

Look forward to your next update

Keep safe

5/4 c83 thebartonsrule
Oh! dear i bet Tracy has had better days.

At least Henrietta's off the hook,but yes John will struggle in prison,addicts always do.

The Noah/Sarah scene was cute,they really look out for each other.

I await the next chapter.

Keep safe

4/24 c82 thebartonsrule
Ha ha! Leanna wearing black to the wedding i could well believe,well Henrietta knows the truth now anyway.

Love the Diane/Gabby Bernice/Dee Dee video call,typical of Bernice to be such a drama queen.

Georgina what a sister,that whole family's mental,Henrietta's better just walking away and focusing on her grandson,nobody in the village believes she's capable of murder,but will that help with the police investigation.

Look forward to your next chapter.

Keep Safe

4/20 c81 thebartonsrule
Glad to see a new side to Leanna she deserves some happiness after all she''s been 's back yeah and she's gardening again,i love you name checking Doug,i can't imagine her knitting somehow,even during lockdown,at least she's finally getting through to Jacob,which is more than the adults can.

I await your next chapter with interest.

Keep safe

4/15 c80 thebartonsrule
Yeah! Leanna and Noah action,even if it's in a virtual world,at least they're abiding by the rules.

Some cracking one-liners between those two,they really have a connection,will they remain just good friends,or will it develop into a serious relationship,for me i like them better in a platonic friendship,i'm not sure them hooking up as boyfriend/girlfriend suits them after all.

Cain and Henrietta on the other hand are totally disregarding the rules,shocking example they're setting to the youngsters,tut,tut.

Cain hiding secrets well i never,that rarely ends well for Aaron,hope he doesn't get dragged into anything dodgy again.

Sooner or later Henrietta's going to have to face the music with Liam and Leanna,and the old bill,for once she's not done anything wrong,but in soap land that rarely counts for much.

A quick question did you rewrite this chapter,or was it already in your mind to refer to up-to-date events,it's great that you did as it makes it more realistic,the only problem now,is you'll have to continue in this vein.
4/1 c76 thebartonsrule
These flashbacks are great,they explain why Leanne doesn't get on with her stepmother,apart from the obvious,Maya's actions are what you'd expect of a teenage girl,(spreading rumours,jealously),not a teacher in her late 30's,the worst aspect is she knows it's wrong but she continues to do it.

I'll await the next chapter with relish,you really manage to bring your characters to life.
3/12 c71 thebartonsrule
John's actions are understandable,Ethan has shown no remorse whatsoever for his behaviour,and he continued to provoke John even when John was going to walk away.

How Henrietta deals with the aftermath of this violent act IDK,she'll somehow have to keep herself together and care for Rosa amongst everything else,and i suppose she'll have to inform Liam and Leanna of this that they'll necessarily care about Ethan's death or John's fate,but it'll still be a shock for both of them.

Hope to see Liv appear again Liam and Leanna reunite with Alex,they deserve some happiness at last.
2/20 c66 thebartonsrule
I sense a further confrontation looming between John and Ethan,there is so much bad blood that's built up over the years.

I'm glad David's finally opened up to his dad about his true feelings regarding his unborn child,now he somehow has to repair his relationship with Jacob,i don't think that'll prove easy given Jacob's current frame of mind though.

Ethan is really struggling to control his urges around Leanna,i really fear what could occur if they're left alone while Liam has to go to work,hopefully she'll return to school soon and be out of that creeps clutches.

The fact that it makes my skin crawl just reading the scenes featuring Ethan shows your doing a great job in engaging the readers,look forward to your next update.
2/13 c63 thebartonsrule
I'm starting to fear for Leanna's well-being in her current environment,hope they manage to get suitable accommodation sorted soon.

David's a shell of his former self,and he needs to snap out of his stupor ASAP.

I love your detailed description of Maya's old room in earlier Chapters,you really manage to bring your settings to life,and it had a touch of a gothic novel.

Hope Jacob reappears soon,he's a troubled soul isn't he's still defending Maya's actions.

I'm glad you've split Cain/Henrietta up,they never felt natural to me as a couple.
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