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7/27/2019 c12 6drogorath
Good conclusion. Illya seems to be the secret agent type. I enjoyed the story, though seemed to be for a younger audience than usual. Nice
7/26/2019 c3 drogorath
Neo-Communists? Most of them were discredited by the media. Still plausible. Like the others taking the lead.
7/26/2019 c2 drogorath
A bit too convenient for the Hardys I think. Mr Byron was right about that. The fact of the matter is transitional states are always the most screwed up. Byron should know a bit about the country though.
7/26/2019 c1 drogorath
There's a typo in the line where Joe is talking to the teacher Myron instead of Byron
5/31/2019 c12 14Cherylann Rivers
Congratulations on the completion of another great story. Your token style and creativity always shines through. You always manage to pack so much into your stories, and this conclusion certainly did not disappoint. The card analogy was fun, particularly when you think about the symbolic connection to fate that the image invokes. Frank and Joe worked very well as a team here, and they are men of action rather than words. Still, what words they do use to communicate are well conceived and show their intelligence. Thanks for making Frank a man of action and Joe a man of intelligence as well instead of relegating them to their expected roles. The whole backdrop of the story was exciting. I kept thinking the teacher was going to be a suspicious character... and Ilya was much more nuanced than I expected him to be. Something tells me that the whole “Four Winds” idea will be explored in one of your future stories, as you tend to lay hints and come back and surprise the reader stories later— that takes talent! You certainly focus on plot and mystery over romance and friend relationships here, but that’s a cool stylistic choice to parallel that canon universe. Still, you could do a lot with the characters you’ve created: feisty Biff and reliable Chet right at the top. Vanessa could be developed in terms of a love triangle, but for now she’s not. And Karen leaves much to be explored as well. These are not criticisms; rather, I’m commending you for leaving things open that you can then go back to and turn and develops in any number of twists in future stories.

Best of luck in your writing journey. Write what you feel when you feel it. If it’s forced, you won’t love it, and the FanFiction world can be tough with reviews at times. So, you have to stand behind and really love what you write. That being said, I think you’re a wonderful writer and so clever with your surprises and well thought out plots. You pack quite a punch in both long and short stories. Thanks for sharing this! Looking forward to whatever you have in store!
5/30/2019 c12 Drumboy100
The brothers are so in tune with each other's thinking/planning, and clever metaphor with the deck of cards. I like Van's confidence in Chet; I feel like he was just there for comic relief in the published books, but you did more with him. Hmm, so the communists know that they will need to sell the pendant for money in order to bring communism back, most ironic! I like how they used the masks of the terrorists to come up with their own plan. Glad that Joe and Illya have learned from each other; Illya is an interesting and complex character. Thank you for our tiny smidge of interpersonal relations; poor Van, watching Joe/Iola on the couch, and now it finally makes sense that Kristen would be jealous of another new girl who was able to fit in easily. An enjoyable read; this mirror canon style so closely that I wonder if you should send a story for publication and see what happens (if you haven't already).
5/30/2019 c12 16angelicalkiss
I enjoyed this story very much. I'm glad that they all got out in the end unscathed. I too have problems with writer's block and I hope that you get over yours in the near future. my other stories mesh together as well or I am thinking of something going on in the future of the current story and cant think of what I want to write in the moment. good luck with your future stories and I look forward to reading more of them!
5/29/2019 c12 54EvergreenDreamweaver
Glad they all made it out alive and Vanessa was nice to become friends with Kristen.

Hope you do continue with the series. Congratulations on finishing this portion of it.
5/29/2019 c12 7ErinJordan
Great story...looking forward to reading what you have next...:)
5/29/2019 c12 max2013
YAY-SUCCESS! Good action packed ending-even almost like Kristen! Thank you for sharing-looking forward to whatever your muse inspires.
5/29/2019 c12 Candylou
This was an exciting story. Great job
5/28/2019 c11 16angelicalkiss
Kristen seems to have the biggest problem out of all of them. The green eyed monster of jealousy is strong with this one. she got herself into that predicament and now the Hardys have to get her out. ooo, the suspense!
5/27/2019 c11 54EvergreenDreamweaver
What IS Kristen's problem [aside from now being captured and used as a bargaining chip]? And why is she so angry with Vanessa, for Pete's sake?

I am hoping for a thread to untangle this skein of mystery soon; it just keeps becoming more and more convoluted and random.
5/27/2019 c11 7ErinJordan
Getting good can't wait to read what happens next please update soon!
5/27/2019 c11 14Cherylann Rivers
There were so many good moments in this chapter. I liked how Jerry thought it was a good idea to take the uniforms to escape because the Hardys had done so in the past! That was cute— the boys’ friends really respect them. I’m glad that Joe went off on Ilya and defended America as well, but although I still don’t totally understand Ilya’s motive, it’s good that there’s finally a grudging respect between him and Joe. That was a twist with Sonja and Marius! Wonder how you’ll explore that. I also enjoyed the Kristen and Vanessa conversation. Why IS Kristen so jealous? The question never was answered, and I could understand why Vanessa was exasperated. I’m a little concerned that their best hope was with Chet- haha. Dramatic end again! You have a knack for moving action forward very well.
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