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for The Ruby Pendant

5/14/2019 c7 Drumboy100
Wow, this chapter just thrust the action forward even faster. So the Pendant is wherever Sonja stashed it, so they need to re-trace her steps at some point. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really like the political ideologies/intrigue: as of right now, Sonja/Marius/Illya are very complex characters, nobody entirely evil but everybody wanting the Pendant for different reasons that they believe are best for their country (not sure about Sonja, though). And Sonja was good enough to completely fool the Hardys. THANK YOU for the validation, Frank, that Marius's knowledge is just a bit too convenient. Love the image of Sonja guiding them using the security cameras.
5/12/2019 c7 16angelicalkiss
I have this feeling that all hell will break lose before the end. none of these people should be trusted. update soon
5/13/2019 c7 54EvergreenDreamweaver
I was right not to trust Sonja, but I don't think Marius is trustworthy either. NOR that stupid Kristen. But she may just be an idiot.
5/13/2019 c7 7ErinJordan
please update soon
5/13/2019 c7 Candylou
You gotta give Frank credit for staying calm during this craziness. Not really sure who to trust. Hopefully, it will come out alright. Joe is right about lives being more important. Can't wait to see what happens next.
5/12/2019 c6 ErinJordan
Please keep going loving this story so far :)
5/12/2019 c6 14Cherylann Rivers
Great twist with Sonya. I’m wondering what her story really is, because I have a feeling there’s a lot we don’t know. I hope that Callie can hold onto that phone. Good idea about the foul from the gum. I enjoyed how the boys kept trying to communicate with each other because they’ve been friends for so long, and how they had faith that the Hardys would have known what to do. Biff was also fun here. He has that little bit of arrogance and snark that Joe has— he’s not afraid to speak up to the “bad guys” and he’s always fun to watch.
5/10/2019 c6 16angelicalkiss
i didnt expect Sonja to be the thief. i was pegging the contractor. anywho, good chapter. wonder what sonja has in mind
5/10/2019 c6 Candylou
It seems these situations just get crazier. I am glad callie and viola are listening to their instincts. The whole time I am thinking it is too bad they didn't get Fenton Hardy or Sam Radley on a secret frequency. How can Frank and Joe find what is missing when they have a guard and cannot leave the museum. I guess we just have to see what happens next. Update when you can
5/10/2019 c6 max2013
Sonja, you are the thief-are you willing to do harm to others as well?!
5/10/2019 c6 Drumboy100
Ooooo what a punch of a final sentence! Yup, the girls are smart to immediately figure out that Frank and Joe didn't send Sonya. Nice chums-centric chapter, I love the chums.
5/9/2019 c6 54EvergreenDreamweaver
Smart Phil!

Darn Sonja; Iola should have grabbed her phone before they let her in!
5/8/2019 c5 14Cherylann Rivers
This was a pretty exciting chapter! It's good that Callie and Iola were able to reach out and get help, although if I were the thief, I would get to where those cameras were ASAP. I liked the small moment where Joe wanted to chase his suspect and Frank had to remind him that they were not in a typical investigation, and it was kind of a sweet moment where Frank handled the type of gun he had never dealt with before, a reminder that they ARE still teens. The last third was exciting, too. While it is good Frank and Joe might know how to get to Callie and Iola, as Joe saw the cameras, now Byron (nice name!) and his students are possible in more danger. Looking forward to more!
5/7/2019 c5 25Drumboy100
Wow, now the groups are even more split up! Iola and Callie have the best seats in the house to watch this show; had to laugh at the on-hold music, even in such circumstances. Still don't trust Marius...just seems a bit too convenient. Kristin is going to do something stupid.
5/6/2019 c5 54EvergreenDreamweaver
I can't decide if Kristen is a villainess, or just fussy, LOL!

Good for Callie and Iola, but can they trust whoever it was they contacted? I wouldn't think they could trust ANYONE!
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