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for Beginnings: The 96th Annual Hunger Games

11/5/2021 c30 2Merp1Molecule
I know its been a long time since you've updated but I've thoroughly enjoyed the story so far and hope you eventually write more
9/13/2020 c30 3AlexFalTon
Okay, interviews are done! More of a recap, and I'm just looking forward to the next chapter!
8/30/2020 c1 AlexFalTon
Okay, my mistake on my part. I own it. I thought Kris was a guy. She's not, my fault. Kris is a girl, I forgot. Apologies. My earlier review still stands.
8/30/2020 c29 AlexFalTon
Emerald - Okay then, I finally get to see Emerald's POV. So far... Kinda forgot what she was like, but her being untrusting is natural and well, least she likes Alexi. But not Remus and Blush. And well, I kinda forgot about the whole background too and it surprised me a little that you expanded on her background of her dead brother being killed by the current Victor. Kinda stupid now that I look back to it - I mean, why kill him? Why couldn't Rayan just volunteer earlier? Also, how is this common knowledge of the Capitolites? Still, the drama at the end of her POV was a dam good finish at least.

Kris - Little dudes just trying to survive. I wouldn't blame anyone in their position to do what it takes if they think it'll let them win - well, not try, being psychotic or a genuine person reveling in murder shouldn't win. And other things, okay, maybe people just need to find lines... Yeah, this really is a moral conundrum Kris is in, but he's in the Hunger Games, stuff like this happens. Yeah to go on the sad realism, your writing certainly improved. Forren seems like a cool guy here, hopefully, he'll be remembered further down the line cause I don't think Forren will make it with the attitude he has.
7/16/2020 c28 4CrissKenobie-the-Numenorean
Took you two years to update, and me being a crappy supporter took way too long to read, but honest to god this was worth the wait. I’m in love with your story telling, I’m i. Love with your portrayal of Wilson and Winchester, and how you incorporate all the other characters. So this may be way late, but I want you to know I appreciate you continuing to write this. Much love and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
7/13/2020 c28 3AlexFalTon
Yeah, Klaus has a defeatist attitude and is just very down the dumps. Winchester and Ariel want to help him, but he just doesn't give a damn. Just an inconsiderate hopeless guy, and now, he's taking alcohol to help calm himself. *rolling my eyes* That'll work for sure. Well, it's his past isn't the greatest, but neither are many of the other tributes.
5/3/2020 c27 AlexFalTon
Not sure what to say. Yay that Emerald got an 8. District 1 got the highest bet, which isn't surprising. District 7 got good chances and I guess Kris surprised me the most.
4/27/2020 c26 AlexFalTon
Mabel: On one side, Mabel seems to be getting along with Paul(such a little tsundere). On the other, it's worrying that she might have an imagery friend named Jack. Her mental health is questionable. Oh yeah, Anthony is nice too.

Ever: You know, Roark and Ever seems to be a good friendly pair. Ever is trying not to get attached, but it seems hard doesn't it? Roark is being so nice and the conversation of talking about district and peacekeepers sound like a thing others should be talking about.

Anthony: The guy has skills! Real man Terminator skills! No doubt he'll survive and win... And he's starting the anti-career alliance. You know, good luck with that. I'm sure getting the attention of the careers(aka my tribute) is not the best plan there. Noelle joined, so hey, now his chances are better. But hey, they talked straight with each other, so at least they'll get fine... And maybe die, who knows.
2/28/2020 c25 AlexFalTon
Thomas: You know, this a nice little tribute mentor interlude. Witt's game should look like a small reminder of what it takes to survive and the aftermath of it.

Forren: Good points we're made from Kris, and my heart is saddened by the two 12 years caught in a very unpleasant situation.
2/14/2020 c24 AlexFalTon
Lana: Thomas and she have a good sibling relationship as far as I can see. Lana and Keaton seem to have the same concerns about being weak, and it was nice to see them hash it out. I think Lana is becoming a favorite due to her ability of self-reflection here.

Wilson: Sooo... He has glasses now. One type of change that's quite admirable to see in this type of situation. However, it might not be the best thing seeing he's near-sighted in a death game.

Casey: huh? Suri and Casey have a rebel alliance and both of them are trained. Not bad as far as alliances go. Even if Casey is just being a vengeful person. Also yay, blog!
2/14/2020 c23 AlexFalTon
Quintin: I mean, yeah. Him being vengeful and arrogant was pretty much expect. Him having a Victor uncle named Terrence helping him out wasn't. Laughed when he forced a hug on Quintin.

Paul: What hell is wrong with him? Dwarven greed madness?

What's with that ending? Neah Hawston? Fyrios? I guess I should pay more attention soon.
2/14/2020 c22 AlexFalTon
Keaton: He has a logbook? That's... More entertaining than I thought it would be. I'm having Diary of the Wimpy Kid flashbacks. Sucks that he didn't make any friends or allies as it were.

Noelle: So he killed someone and he's a bit traumatized by that. Understandable.

Olivia: Very funny ending with the braggart Quintin being shocked. In any case, Olivia seems to be a nicer addition to the careers. Wonder if them being nicer is a good thing for a bad thing. Also, it's noticeably that the 4 tributes are warmer than the 1 tributes here.
2/14/2020 c21 AlexFalTon
Alexi: I'd be pretty embarrassed to be wearing a lighthouse costume, but I wouldn't take it how Emerald did. Alexi seems rather easygoing. Hmmm, interesting. He could've joined the Anti-careers, which at this point, seems like regular careers with Anthony kinda being an ass. And the District One/Four careers have an alliance. Neat. Emerald seems to be a good sport with Alexi at least. And he's the leader.

King: Who's he? Anyway, District 8 is the worst costumes while District 7 has the best ones. Wonder what King is up to?

Winchester: Jeesh. Klaus certainly needed something to cool off and I guess that punch just about does it. Very much appreciating the Triple-W alliance. Neat bunch, those three.
2/14/2020 c20 AlexFalTon
Remus: PTSD? A rather traditional career, but one certainly filled with either some past trauma or sadism. Not sure what, but hey, still wondering how the careers are going to be like.

Willow: She seems like girl, and Wilson is proving to be a better character than expected if he's some mechanic with a designed look to him. Sorry to say, but Wilson overshadowed Willow here. Especially from one tribute he says he knows, looking forward to those two meeting.
2/14/2020 c19 AlexFalTon
Roark: That's quite the mess. Paranoid peacekeeper, district partner Casey was taken, prisoner. Wonder what's up with the Last Victor shit? Roark seems to be way over his head like most tributes and it's nice to see a kind from Two being like this. The mining background seems humble too.

Suri: Suri Lizbeth seems to be want to be the next Katniss. Honestly, I like where this is headed. Rebellion is close by and Suri is one of those rebels, dam. I do very much enjoy this twist. Change needs to happen but seems like her mentor doesn't think so.
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