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8/12/2023 c16 Guest
My heart literally skipped a beat! Another chapter at long last! I shall hurry home and sit down with a nice cuppa and enjoy this long awaited chapter :)
8/12/2023 c16 42oz diva
Well this was a pleasant surprise. I was wondering how you were faring just the other day. And now you bring me this treat.

I did like the idea of Matthew's present from beyond the grave. (I'm not crying, it's just I appear to have some dust in my eye) and it's as Matthew a present as ever. Practical yet beautiful. I'm not sure of the timeline, but thank goodness Matthew planned ahead, so the letter was written well beforehand.

It's nice that even though she's living in Carmody now, Anne is still considered an integral part of Avonlea. Her flowers sound gorgeous in both locations.
1/10/2022 c15 Guest
I have enjoyed Anne of Carmody immensely. Please continue writing. I can’t wait to see where you take this version and Anne and Gilbert and their crew.
1/3/2022 c15 Guest
Chances upon this fic and couldn’t put it down! I love the interactions between Anne and Gilbert. Their relationship seems to grow organically, even though we’re given little glimpses of insight into Gilbert’s “aspirations”. In AoA, only little snippets are included, and it felt that they had somehow skimmed the friendship (although one could fill it in nicely with a dash of imagination given the 2 long years that is AoA...) - when AoI opens, we’re already waist deep in the heightened stakes of a blossoming romance. A crying shame as I do dearly love the true camaraderie between Anne and Gilbert. Thank you for capturing this so beautifully. I wish there were more chapters to enjoy!
1/3/2022 c15 Guest
Very cute fic! I hope you continue!
12/1/2020 c1 Denie1943
I am longing for you to continue In Dusk's Hidden Veil and using this means to communicate my hope...
10/17/2020 c15 3WhatIsThis'Sleep'YouSpeakOf
Oh the horror of receiving a heart-felt, but unpleasant, gift from a student! I've gotten a few of those in my day.

I like this, laying the ground work for Anne and Gilbert being a "team". So romantic, while being incredibly practical.

Thanks for writing this! I enjoy it so much!
10/16/2020 c15 42oz diva
This sweet little interlude says so much about Anne and Gilbert. Anne stands up to Mr Sadler but she is backed up by an admiring Gilbert. I particularly liked the bit where she looked at him and he fought the urge to look behind him, hoping there might be someone else to help him out, it shows that she's actually braver than he is.

Lucky Mabel having the two of them to teach her, she sounds like a biologist in the making. I was a bit sorry about Mr Sadler's concern that she might find it hard to find a husband. He's old fashioned enough to think that's the issue. I can see Mabel staying unmarried but happy to work or perhaps finding a like minded soul at university and together setting the scientific world on fire. (so long as he doesn't pass her work off as his own and win some amazing prize).

Anne's musings about handsome knights make me smile. There's one right under your nose girl. When are you going to notice?
10/16/2020 c15 Denie1943
Very nice! Thanks for sharing! Stay well...
10/14/2020 c14 3WhatIsThis'Sleep'YouSpeakOf
If your story was food, it would be something scrumptious yet wholesome. Maybe a perfectly ripe pear? Sweet, bright and entirely satisfying.

The introduction of Charlotta the 4th was splendid. I love how you manage to keep this alternate reality in synch with canon's major events, relationships and characters. You either know the story like the back of your hand, or you get to reread it over and over.

I'm excited to learn more about how Joshua and Lucilla work out. Lucilla is such an interesting character, I want to know more about her. I suppose you can't slow down this plot to give a whole intricate backstory for her, but if you decide to do an "Chronicles of Carmody," a vignette on Lucille would be great.

Like someone else wrote, Fred's understanding that he needs to get Anne on his side to really suceed with Diana shows some sharp insight. This is a good Fred, he may be dull, but he loves Diana with all his heart and knows her worth. I loved how he recognized her intelligence, not just her beauty. I think I like your Fred more than Montgomery's.

Looking forward to meeting Miss Lavender! And seeing how that broken step may have brought some romance into Lucilla and Joshua's lives.
10/12/2020 c6 idwhatv
This chapter is another thing closer to what I wish Montgomery did in Anne of Avonlea. My favorite bits were Anne wanting to give back to the community, Gilbert's Shakespeare quote and the election process, and then the Joshua Pye wrinkle.
10/9/2020 c5 idwhatv
Gilbert knew just the right beserk button to help Anne, how like him.
10/8/2020 c14 42oz diva
The curtains are a lovely touch and I admire Anne's technique. Why not employ a bit of cross town rivalry to get what you want.

So it's dull Fred to the rescue. I did like how he didn't understand a word Anne said but filed the words away for later because he knew Diana would like them. That's kinda cute in itself, rather Cyrano-esque really. I love how simply he describes his love for Diana. Anne might just be coming to the realisation that marble halls and dashing beaux aren't the be all and end all and after all the love of a good steady young man might be all that's required. I also liked Fred's realisation that he had to obtain Anne's approval if he wanted to get anywhere with Diana.

The tree story is just pure Anne mishap. That's one hell of a wind gust. I'm glad Marilla wasn't there to witness her fall (metaphorical or physical) and isn't it typical of a small town to misread the situation - Anything for a bit of drama.

Diana's response is gorgeous too, she must know that there would never be anything untoward going on. It's not as if Anne would be romantically inclined Fredwards.

All in all a very happy end to my week, thank you.
10/8/2020 c4 idwhatv
Omg a bicycle chapter, well done
10/8/2020 c14 Denie1943
Here I was hopeful that you were going to break the mold and let Anne and Gil be together for Christmas, but no, it's Fred and Diana. Thanks for the update and perhaps a little encouragement to bring Anne and Gil together for their true love sooner than later. Stay well!
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