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for Two Bitter Men

5/5/2019 c1 62Kefalion
You got three really ugly bark-like laughs out of me with this story, so that’s amazing. And Arthur is a genius and you for writing him. What I wouldn’t to to be able to consume a lot of media with new eyes :D
That was one of the laughs
I don’t remember the second one
The third was how it ended in Harry deciding on a second name for his son. Brilliant!

Thanks so much for the story!
4/25/2019 c1 whrr
Thank you I needed a good chuckle. It's a really fun one.
4/25/2019 c1 6Shian1998
Pretty good one-shot! I don't know anything about the Dragon Age game, and I don't usually read fanfics for fandoms I'm not familiar with, but this one got my attention. Enjoyed the moments with Harry and Ginny, and also liked how Harry resolved his feelings about Snape by talking to a similar character. If I were in the room with Ginny at the end, I'd agree about the pensieve being dodgy after Harry suggested Severus for a name.
4/25/2019 c1 25Rule23
This story hits all the marks for me. Interesting premise: check. Cute character interaction: check. A broken magical instrument: check. Vivid description: check. I love it so much!

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