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1/16/2007 c19 YAMIGIRL3
omg! its been almost 2 years since you thats about as long as its been since i've been on here too! how well, by now i doubt you will update... you have probably moved on and so have some of your fans... but if you ever do update this, i promise i will read i can hardly remember any of this. how funny. lol. anyway, i hope you do update but if you don't thats just fine. well much love. laters. : )
2/25/2006 c19 The Anonymous Reviewer
Please, please, please update. It has been, almost a year. Does this mean that the chappie is going to be huge, or that you are going to be able to make lots of updates in succesion? Please say yes. On another note, before today, I had never heard of TBAA, I shall go investigate it thouroughly (I doubt I spelled that right ^_^;). I shall support this fic, no matter what *begins making one of those excellent friendship speeches that Tea is just so darn good at, oh how I envy her*

Sayonara Bye Bye

The Anonymous Reviewer
7/7/2005 c19 GhostBoy
Whoa! I'm speechless, this so darn good and wrote everything so well and it fits perfectly together! You are really good at this! This is a really good story! I stayed up all night reading this story! I hope they kill that stupid Monique jerk..grr...Please update soon! I'll be waiting patiently!
5/3/2005 c19 Demon Protector
Thank you, thank you, thank you for finally updating.I understand why you haven't updated for so long but.Anyway this is really starting to get interesting and you are inspioring me to wright mine.Like I said before i'm really happy you updated, and i know why its taking you so long but please update again real soon. My friend and i were going to die of suspense.


P.S Sorry if all my reviews of trying to get you to update are getting annoying and what you said is true, me and alot of others think this story must go on. Espacially since i simple adore Seto and Joey.
4/24/2005 c19 18Hiei's Vampire Kitten
Hurrah! I've been waiting for you to update forever! I love you! This chapter was good; poor Seto. How ARE they going to get that evil evil witch out of their lives? Can't WAIT to see that! See ya!
4/24/2005 c19 YAMIGIRL3
hey! like o my god! Mokie, how could you!...again. *cough, cough* anyway this is an AWESOME story. sorry it wouldn't let me send a review when i was logged in. Kaiba can do anything! and that includes his clothes. so if his trench coat decides to defy gravity it anyway this was awesome. i enjoyed. i really truly hope you update really really soon! later.
4/23/2005 c19 13KnightAmemait

Did you know that this was the... -counts on fingers- third story I read on here?


Anyway, really happy you updated, that I am.

And how does Kaiba's coat do that trick?

...I think the answer is starch. Loads and loads of starch.


4/23/2005 c19 2LishaChan
Yay! You are still alive! -cheers- I do hope that we get to see Joey again soon!
4/23/2005 c19 7Aura Black Chan
Whew! An update at last! Poor Mokie! He need's an angel to visit him! Maybe Tess? Please don't hold us in suspence for too much longer! Please update soon! (There's probably a lot of wind in Domino, hence the constantly flared out trench coat.)
4/4/2005 c19 Demon Protecter
Hello it's me again. My friend and i don't mean to be a nag but she and i are about to die of sospence if we don't find out what's going to happen to Mokuba and Seto. Also whats going to happen to Joey's and Seto's friendship. Will Joey figure out why Seto had to hire His fathers friend. I mean I know what writters block is because i'm having the same problem now with my story. Sorry to keep bothering you but my friend and I really want to know what is going to happen.But in the mean time I shall read L.W.T.H and what you have done of T.K.S.A.D. They're such GREAT stories. So if you can PLEASE write more.

From D.P
3/14/2005 c19 WinterNightWolf
I'm glad your still considering updating, i was looking forward to the story being carried on.
3/5/2005 c19 8YAMIGIRL3
*sniff, sniff* i really thought you updated this time! when i like saw your story ya know updated i like screamed. and i was like yes... and then i saw it was an author's note. *sigh* oh well. of course i haven't updated anything i long time...but thats because my parents won't allow it. but anyway i understand for your not updateing...but i still REALLY want you to update...if you want i can't help you stop your life so you can update...whoa that didn' out right...anyway PLEASE PLEASE update as soon as you CAN! later.
2/15/2005 c18 GaiaMotherEarth
Excuse me ? When are you planning to update this Fanfic ! My gosh, it's a hell of a lot better than some of the other Fanfics I read. Your stories have character, originallity, and best of all NO YAOIS ! (I loath yaois with a passion...). Keep writing! If you have writer's block, get over it quickly. I've been waiting for this Fanfic to be updated sice, well I can't exactly remember how long I've been waiting, but I've been waiting a long time.

Your one and only,

2/13/2005 c18 Demon Protecter
Hi. Its me again and by that I mean Emaya ana Emaya Kaiba. They are my other pen names. Anyway to get to the point. Well to make my message short WOULD YOU PLEASE UPDATE I KNOW THERE IS WRITERS BLOCK BUT COME ON! I'VE READ YOUR STORIES LWTH AND THIS ONE TEN TIMES EACH! PLEASE UPDATE PLEASE! Sorry I had to get that off my chest. Anyway if you don't mind could you please write somemore.


PS I shall continue reading until you update.Bye
12/14/2004 c18 13KnightAmemait
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