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for Celestial Wings

8/18 c1 Random65
8/7 c5 Guest
There's an author's note at the end of every chapter about how your mom edits the story and I can't imagine being able to share something like this with mine! ಥ‿ಥ
7/31 c12 20bajy
ok, thanks for the info
7/18 c11 Pinkypi
I really liked it, the wings being a side affect of her quirk, though most people are forced to always have the wings out like Hawks. She's kinda like an upgraded version of him. So lowkey that could be worked into the story of relations like missing half siblings since both are within the age range. My only gripe would be the ball only going 730m unless you meant miles not meters? but that might be overkill kek. Her healing though is a bit overpowered allowing a quirk to heal any negative deficiencies in it to be better, but can't really complain too much about healing itself being op lol. ANYWAYS ty for the read hope your rewrite goes better.
7/17 c11 bajy
I understand
7/12 c10 3Caelus06
great story.
5/10 c10 breeswalkingaway
I love this! I know not a lot of people are fans of a lot of story diversion/rewrites, but personally I love to see the way people alter things and characters. And it's so well written. I hope you update soon!
5/4 c10 20bajy
Love it so far!
5/3 c10 ChernoAlpha117
Mercy, but with green and black, and she has Doomfist strength.
4/29 c9 26917brat
I get the feeling Kachann is a little protective of Izuki is she like a little sister to him?
4/21 c8 devildogg237
Following this for sure!
4/18 c8 7Kyurengo
I'm liking this story. Ey, have you thought about Izumi's hero suit? Because I think the Fortnite skin "Arcangel" will actually suit her a lot! (maybe in greens and black instead white, but ou should check it)
4/17 c7 2DragonshadowRyukage
These two chapter were great! I hope we don't have to wait as long for more though... this is my sanity right now.

Thanks for writing and give your mom a hug for editing for you!
4/17 c7 Margaritasc
XD so exciting
2/23 c4 Margaritasc
Aww how cute they are together.
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