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for The 446th Hunger Games:SYOT

4/23/2020 c1 Guest
Great, another dead SYOT
8/12/2019 c1 Anna
Helloooo! I’m Anna and I’m here to review your story. :)

If there are any spots open (it does say SYOT closed but if someone has a reservation and drops out..) I will gladly make a character! :D

Starting off, I just love the name cinnamon Lancaster. Idk why but I like it haha.

I honestly wonder how the president would do as a Gamemaker! Hopefully the arena will be interesting, especially saying that the gamemakers just have uncreative ideas flowing out of them.

Oh! Well that’s good, a new gamemaker. Hopefully the arena is interesting. Honestly, Cinnamon sounds like a diva, lol.


6/7/2019 c9 8Team Shadow
Hunter seems alright, he seems just a tad over confident, but he seems to be down to earth (or can be down to earth). I'm not sure how I feel about him yet.
Oh wow, Raven's backstory is super interesting. I wonder why the chosen volunteer didn't volunteer? Was it malicious towards Raven? Or did she just chicken out?
I think Hunter will stick with the Careers but keep his distance. I think Raven will find a nice alliance. I think she'll survive past the bloodbath but not much further than that.
I like Raven better but I know Hunter will make it further.
Great chapter!

Character Opinions
Mine: Athena Sphinx (D2F), Lucas Aeron (D7M)
Like: Caspien Murakami (D1M), Val Alexander (D1F), Rain Underbloom (D2M), Raven Irving (D4F)
Neutral: Cooper Staar (D3M), Jinx Lolita (D3F), Hunter Cornel (D4M)
6/4/2019 c6 1Guesttwelve
Caspien: I like this guy. It's something about his eagerness that makes him feel a bit.. childish. And I love it. I feel like he is gonna be fun to read about. However he seems somewhat of another overconfident career, which makes him weaker.

Caspien fits. It's a good name and unique. But doesn't stand out to much, so... 6/10

Valeria "Val": Hmmm, normally I like when tributes volunteer to prove them self, but she has a bit too much self pity. She seems pretty average for a career, however I liked her conversation with Dominick. I liked her better after I read that.

Valeria, Valerie, Valkery... it's just a common career name. Doesn't stand out and is easily confused with other tributes. But it's not a bad name, just overused. 4/10

I like Caspien better. He just really resonates with me.

Valeria will make it farther. She is just more sensible. Caspien will probably die to something stupid, like tripping on a knife.

Great Chapter
6/3/2019 c9 FanaticFox304
So Hunter. I like him, don’t get me wrong but he’s not my favorite. (As you can tell disliking someone is hard for me lol.) I mean, he’s very well trained and I get that he has depth but he doesn’t really stand out ya know? Raven is really cool. I like the fact that nobody really likes her but that’s ok because she has Jack and I always love that in characters. I also always love underdogs. I like Raven more but I think Hunter, a trained career, will do better.

Mine: Adelaide Adara
Love: Copper Star, Val Alexander
Like: Rain Underbloom, Caspien Murkami, Athena Sphinx(forgot her last time)
Neutral: Jinx Lolita, Hunter Cornel
I honestly hate hating on tributes fake or not...
Love the story btw! Keep up the good work!
6/3/2019 c9 3DefoNotAFangirl
Nero I’m neutral on but I love Raven! I like why no one Volunteered, it makes sense if she’s generally seen as a negative influence.
6/3/2019 c9 8Professor R.J Lupin1
Hunter is okay. We seem to have a lot of very confident tributes in these games. Maybe that's a good thing, it'll make things more interesting, at least.
I like Raven a lot! She's sweet, and I always love young community kids (as long as they're not fishing for sympathy or something of the sort).
Hunter will likely make it pretty far, but Raven probably won't go to far. I hope she surprises me, though!
Raven, definitely!
Hunter. Definitely Hunter.
Mine: Astrid Auburn (D6F), Riggs Armstrong (D6M)
Rooting For: Raven Irving (D4F)
Love: Athena Sphinx (D2F)
Like: Valeria 'Val' Alexander (D1F), Caspien Murakami (D1M)
Neutral: Rain Underbloom (D2M), Hunter 'Point Blank' Cornel (D4M)
Dislike: Copper Staar (D3M)
Die, Please:
(Love to) hate: Jinx Lolita (D3F)
I'm really loving your writing style so far. I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/3/2019 c8 Professor R.J Lupin1
Copper seems like a walking parade of sympathy to me. I don't like him.
Jinx is clearly supposed to be the 'crazy, obsessive sadist' trope. She does have a sick sense of justice, though, if her dream (memory?) means anything.
I hate to say I like Copper better, because I don't like either of them... so Jinx. I usually do like these kind of tributes anyways, so Jinx it is!
Copper will probably fall somewhere in 18th-12th, and Jinx will probably make it a little bit further. She might get caught up in a kill and someone else will come along and kill her.
Jinx. She's stronger.
Mine: Astrid Auburn (D6F), Riggs Armstrong (D6M)
Rooting For:
Love: Athena Sphinx (D2F)
Like: Valeria 'Val' Alexander (D1F), Caspien Murakami (D1M)
Neutral: Rain Underbloom (D2M)
Dislike: Copper Staar (D3M)
Die, Please:
(Love to) hate: Jinx Lolita (D3F)
6/3/2019 c7 Professor R.J Lupin1
Rain seems kind of cocky. I'm not a very big fan of him, but maybe he will surprise me.
I love Athena! She's amazing! I really hope she can go far.
I think they'll both get pretty far, since their both trained and prepared.
Athena all the way, man.
Hopefully Athena.
Completely forgot the chart last chapter.
Mine: Astrid Auburn (D6F), Riggs Armstrong (D6M)
Rooting For:
Love: Athena Sphinx (D2F)
Like: Valeria 'Val' Alexander (D1F), Caspien Murakami (D1M)
Neutral: Rain Underbloom (D2M)
Die, Please:
(Love to) hate:
6/3/2019 c6 Professor R.J Lupin1
So I really need to start reviewing this! Starting with D1!
I like Caspien! I don't really get the vow of silence thing, but whatever. he seems not completely heartless despite the way he's been raised. And 15 kills? Wow, that's ambitious.
I like Val even better! I always enjoy overshadowed tributes, and Val is really interesting. Some people probably don't like her because she does it for attention, but I really like her.
I think they both will go fairly far in the Games, but I don't know how far.
Val, definitely! But don't get me wrong, I still like Caspien.
Probably Caspien.
6/3/2019 c9 27Rascal Ratface
1. Hunter? Eh...he's alright. Honestly I'm fairly neutral about him. Seems like your standard career

2. REEEEEE RAVEN IS MY FAVORITE! I hope she becomes friends with Xylia, hopefully at least not enemies. EEEK I just love her sooo muchhhh

3. I think Hunter is just going to be that-a Hunter. As much as I hate to admit it, I think Raven will die quickly without allies. If she joins the careers, they'll probs kill her first night, if they let her join at all. Without somone else, she may die pretty quickly unfortunately

4. If you couldn't tell...Raven

5. Hate to say it-Hunter
6/3/2019 c9 Apple1230
So I can totally understand writers block! I don’t blame you for that lol. I really like Hunter a lot. I like that he’s oblivious to beauty and that he likes Sally for her personality and not appearance. I also really like how there was the feud between the Ax and Hunter because they wanted to go into the games. Raven was ok. I mean she’s really young and stuff but I don’t want to like her too much because I don’t feel like she can do much. I did however really enjoy the short part with Jack. That was really cute. I like Hunter more because he seems like he’ll kick ass, but I still like Raven. I also think Hunter will do better because he is older and trained.
6/2/2019 c1 FanaticFox304
So I’m going to do my review for all of them right now. In one comment. Caspien is really cool! His personality is kind of like no one better mess with my because I’ll mess you up and I love that! Val is also pretty cool but I’m just really curious about her. She’s very interesting and relatable for me. I know what being ignored feels like so her wanting to prove something makes me like her a lot. I like her more because I can relate and surprisingly, I think she will do better because a determined mind is sometimes better than a trained one. Rain is so precious! Him and Wolf are just ARGGHH! So cute! He seems sweet, but maybe a little too sweet? Idk yet. Athena is awesome! She seems like she will go really far but she doesn’t seem trusting and that could be an issue. I like Rain’s cute personality better but I feel like Athena will do better. Omg Copper! He is only 14 but sooo brave. His love for Clem is sweet and their brotherly bond is great! I feel bad for Clem because he couldn’t protect his brother. Jinx is... scary. Really scary. Lady Death is great and she’ll be very very dangerous. I LOVE Copper but Jinx is ok. Jinx will do better I feel but Copper will do good too I think. Like Annabeth said. “Strength must bow to wisdom sometimes.”

Mine: Adelaide Adara, District 8
Love: Copper Star, Val Alexander
Like: Rain Underbloom, Caspien Murkami
Neutral: Jinx Lolita
6/2/2019 c1 FanaticFox304
Name: Adelaide Adara

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Favorite Thing About Their District: Barely anything. Adelaide dislikes District eight and longs to explore and adventure. District eight is a prison and a death trap just waiting to lure you into a false sense of security before it gets you. Adelaide is a rule breaker and in the Districts, breaking rules could leave you dead.

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Adelaide borders on whether or not she’s friendly. She’s... generous? I’ll go with that. She’s very blunt so some people think she’s just being rude but in her opinion, she’d rather give someone her honest and sincere opinion rather than them face embarrassment by everyone else. She’s very attention seeking and loves all eyes to be on her. It makes her feel good when people stare and gape whether it’s for good or for bad. Most people in the District dislike her pompous attitude. She has the tendency to look down on people. She feels stupid after she’s put someone down, but she grew up spoiled so it’s not her fault. People still blame her though and find it hard to be her friend. If someone asks her for a favor she’ll do it. Most of the time. Because if it’s really stupid, she’ll probably slap who ever asked. Regardless of Adelaide’s bluntness, she’s pretty good-mannered. She knows how to say please and thank you but if she dislikes you, don’t expect it. Adelaide is very resilient. Things don’t get to her and she’s not hurt for long. She doesn’t hold grudges unless you’re a very dumb individual. The one sin she cannot forgive is stupidity. Adelaide is also very rebellious and lives by the motto, rules are meant to be broken. She’s very loving and gives her love away pretty easily. She’s not afraid to give you all she has. If someone breaks her heart, she’ll look for someone else who won’t. If that person does it again, the cycle repeats. Adelaide was never good in school but she is very clever. To Adelaide, cleverness will always make you go further than intellect. She is very bright and solves puzzles very quickly. Her brain is quick and so are her feet. Adelaide has the mindset that being idle is for the boring so she likes to be moving as much as possible. She always takes walks and runs so she’s in very good shape.

Appearance: Standing 5’ 6” tall, Adelaide has olive skin and has a self-indulgent feel about her. She has a narrow face with a softly shaped jaw, a button nose, small ears, rosy cheeks, and bow shaped lips. Her bright green eyes are large and she has long eyelashes and narrow eye brows. Her hair is naturally wavy and black and it goes down to her lower back. She prefers her hair to be free instead of put up. She has an inverted triangle body shape and a large birth mark on her left shoulder blade with no particular shape. It’s just there.

Backstory: Adelaide is not poor nor rich. She is right smack dab in the middle of the economy but Adelaide doesn’t need money. She longs for freedom. Her parents chide her for it and expect her to work in the textile industry like everyone else is her family but Adelaide doesn’t want to. She’d rather explore. Adelaide often yells at her parents that she’d rather be a prostitute but then again Adelaide is quite impulsive and the words ‘I’d rather die’ seem to pass her lips far too often. She hates talking about her future and often storms off in rage when it’s mentioned. When she was growing up, Adelaide quickly developed a liking for reading and writing. She liked reading because she got to adventure in her mind! She could go to places that didn’t exist and fall in love with people that weren’t real. She often felt that she was closer to her book characters than real people. She liked reading, but she adored writing. She was in control when she wrote stories! She was a god, a creator of worlds, she could make people fall in love with a stroke of a pen or pencil. She could make people fight just because she said so. But most importantly, she can make her own adventures. Adelaide also had trouble making friends. Her parents often tried to introduce her to their friends kids but Adelaide only wanted to choose her own. She was content with her books anyway. At least that’s what she told herself. In her heart, she wanted friends more than anything but she wouldn’t pretend to be someone else just for others likings. The world would accept her for who she was or they would not accept her at all.

Family: Her mother’s name is Khloe and she is 46 years old. Regardless she is still very beautiful. Her face is narrow and her eyes are large and brown like chocolate and surrounded by thick, dark lashes. Soft wrinkles line her face and it’s cupped by long black hair. She is a very kind woman who only wants the best for Adelaide. She loves her so so much and gives her all for her. She takes extra hours of work just to buy things to make Adelaide happy but she doesn’t realize that Adelaide just wants her mother more than anything. Her father is 49 and his name is Phoenix. He has sandy hair and olive skin with a square face and a large nose and bright green eyes. He has laugh lines and is smiling frequently. He is a huge family man but isn’t quite good at raising Adelaide. He often chooses punishment rather than understanding and Khloe often has to calm him down. Although he is strict, he loves Adelaide and doesn’t see anyway for her to get what she wants.

Friends: A kind peace keeper named Crow Brooks who has the most beautiful voice that Adelaide has ever heard. She melts every time he talks or sings and she loves it when he sneaks away to sing with her sometimes. He is 20 years old and has beautiful dark brown hair and soft brown eyes with an ivory complexion. He has a rebellious streak like Adelaide and often talks about how he never wanted to be a peace keeper. They are each other’s escape. He sings to her and she tells him her stories. They are inseparable and one could not live without the other. Adelaide’s heart belongs to Crow but they never talk about their feelings. It’s kind of an unspoken rule between them until she turns eighteen. They’re not supposed to be together but they don’t care. Crow loves to make it all about him and Adelaide. He knows how to make the world revolve around her and him. She loves it and him with all her heart.

Most Important Moment In Life: When she tried to change herself to fit in. Once, when she first turned thirteen, she wanted nothing more than for people to like her so she changed her personality. She became nicer and less blunt, she smiled more easily and flirted with the boys yet the other children still did not like her and she was not happy. Nothing changed except how she felt worse trying to stuff her large personality behind a mask. That’s when she learned that if the world didn’t accept her for who she was, they didn’t deserve her.

Volunteered or Reaped?: Reaped

Reaping Outfit: A beautiful dress her mother made just for her. It was a dusty rose color with lovely lace at the top and thin sleeves with a plunging neckline. The dress opened up at her hips and it cut off at her knees and trailed down the back. Her shoes were silver heels and she wore large diamond earrings, an heirloom passed down the generations. The only real jewel her family owned. A last resort if their money ever ran out.

Token: A black gold ring with a lovely amethyst in the middle. She bought it with some money she earned doing chores from her neighbor. Fake, but pretty.

Reaction: Adelaide felt a spike of fear. And an unexpected rush of excitement. Her? In the Hunger Games? An unpredictable adventure? A real one?! She brushed aside her fear and stood proudly on the stage. She was unshakable. She was going on an adventure and it would be legendary. Of course she would miss Crow but she was now determined to win. She would win, but if she went down, she would go down with a bang. She would rattle the world.

Strengths: Adelaide is extremely clever and can outsmart almost anyone. She is detail oriented and can spot things very quickly. Reading books from previous victors have helped her identify things to look out for and how to survive. She has an incredible memory capacity and remembers very vividly how to make a fire and a spear, how to take down a bigger opponent, etc. She is quick on her feet and very agile. She can climb trees and run very fast.

Weaknesses: Although Adelaide has read about survival, she has never done it. She will need to practice very much before the games to even have a shot at victor. She is quite petite and tiny so a bigger, faster and trained tributes will be a huge problem. Adelaide is blunt and could very easily anger other tributes making them want to kill her. She would not be surprised. Her small size will not win over sponsors easily. She must do something incredible to win their attention.

Opinion on the Capital: She hates them. It is illegal to leave her district because of them. The are a collar and a leash and they have her on a very short one.

Fears: Adelaide can be rude and she hates it, but after she has gotten a taste of not being lonely, she can’t imagine going back to it. Being alone, with no one their with her. Dying alone with no one to care. What if one day she pushes everyone away? Forever?

Main Weapon: Her wits and memory. It’s above average and it will get her very far. Also she’s not bad at hand to hand combat. She has read books on how to take down opponents effectively and if she practices that in the Capital, she should be good.

Stations At The Training Center: Hand To Hand Combat, Snares, Fire starting, hunting, plants

What Do They Show The Game Makers: How fast and quick she is, her ability to construct a weapon, her mediocre fighter skills

Game maker Score: 6

Interview Angle: Adventuress, witty, elegant

Interview Outfit: A baby blue ball gown with a heart shape neckline and off the shoulder sleeves. A blue flower crown and long puffy skirts with white lace rose patterns and baby blue high heels. Her hair is put up in a curled half up half down style.

Parade Outfit: Her hair is put up in a bun and a large needle is stuck through it. Her dress is sleeveless and the top is a velvet silk made to looks like thread and it shifts into a skirt with pinks and purples with flower patterns and her shoes are a velvet like the top. She has a flowing cape the same color as her shoes.

Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert: Ambivert

Opinion on The Games: Well the killing is unfortunate, but Adelaide’s fascination with an adventure makes up for it. A world outside of District eight. A dangerous one. And she is the main character of this story.

Bloodbath Plan: Run out of the cornucopia fast. It’s not worth it. All of the books she’s ever read by victors say that most deaths occur in the bloodbath. If you are not 100% sure that you can make it, don’t. Make your own stuff. Find it. And look at those people. They are the victors.

Game plan: Fight hard. Make her story interesting. Keep the audience on their feet. Bring in the sponsors! Stalk other tributes, make it seem like shes in constant danger and daring but don’t get close enough to actually get caught. Kill a weaker tribute because shes sure she can. Make the sponsors love the brave and adventuress girl from District eight.

Allying or Not: Allying

Are They Kind To Their Allies: Depends. What’s your definition of kind. Let’s just hope her allies aren’t short tempered. Then it’ll be a problem.

Open To Love In The Games: Sadly, yes. Her heart will always belong solely to Crow but if the games call for a bit of romance to spice up the show, she’ll do it. Especially if it helps her stay alive.

In What Environment Do They Feel The Most or Least Comfortable: In a calm and quite area with the only sound being the soft pattern of rain drops. Perfect environment for writing stories. Least comfortable in an environment that’s loud and screeching. And dark.

Fight or Flight: Flight

Expected Placement: Victor!

Preferred Placement: Victor

Why Should They Win?: She has the knowledge and will for it. She’s clever enough. Adelaide is book smart and street smart. She’s a fighter and will do whatever it takes to win. She’s willing to sacrifice everything to win and a good story always has sacrifice.
6/2/2019 c8 8Team Shadow
Two volunteers, what an interesting surprise for D3.
I like Cooper enough, I'm not crazy about him. I wonder what he'll bring to the arena.
Jinx is...certainly a character. Definitely a huge threat. *gulp*
It's hard to say, I like Cooper's personality more but I find Jinx to be more interesting. I guess I'll have to say Jinx.
I think Jinx will make it far, maybe to the final eight. I think Cooper will make it to final twelve to fourteenish.
I think Jinx will do better, since she's actually killed before XD
Great chapter!

Character Opinions
Mine: Athena Sphinx (D2F), Lucas Aeron (D7M)
Like: Caspien Murakami (D1M), Val Alexander (D1F), Rain Underbloom (D2M)
Neutral: Cooper Staar (D3M), Jinx Lolita (D3F)
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