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6/2/2019 c7 8Team Shadow
Rain is very confident, it's just at the point where he's not cocky, but I get the sense that he can be. I loved seeing his soft side with Wolf, you rarely see that in a Career.
Agh I absolutely love love love how you wrote Athena! You did a great job capturing her entire character. I love it!
I think they'll both go in strong, getting some kills in the bloodbath, sticking to the plan, but I think they'll both keep an eye over their shoulder.
I like Athena (I know I know)
It's actually hard to say, they both seem extremely well trained. I guess I'll say Athena (again I know XD)
You wrote Athena incredibly well! I loved how you wrote Rain as well, great chapter!

Character Opinions
Mine: Athena Sphinx (D2F), Lucas Aeron (D7M)
Like: Caspien Murakami (D1M), Val Alexander (D1F), Rain Underbloom (D2M)
6/2/2019 c6 Team Shadow
Caspien seems very determined, very well trained, but I can't help but think he doesn't know how to be independent. It kind of seems like he's used to everyone telling him what to do and how to do it. I wonder how he'll do when that's no longer the case.
I like Val, I feel really really bad for her. Being ignored by your family sucks, that's for sure. I didn't get a sense of how well trained she was, I wonder how she'll do, especially with Caspein.
I think Caspien will go in the Games like many Careers, with a plan to kill and not let anything get in his way. I think Val might do something unexpected, ie. kill a Career, abandon the group, etc.
I like Val just a tad better.
I think Caspien will make it further.
You did write them well! I got a good sense of their character's from this chapter. Great job!

Character Opinions
Mine: Athena Sphinx (D2F), Lucas Aeron (D7M)
Like: Caspien Murakami (D1M), Val Alexander (D1F)
5/24/2019 c7 CinnamonBun24
1. I love Rain! He’s so cute, I think that mby when the time comes, he won’t end up killing anybody. Caspien will hate him for sure. I love the little part with Wolf, they are so cute! Wolain! Adorable! They compliment each other perfectly, I’m disappointed that I won’t be seeing more of Wolf. Rain’s motives for going into the he Games are very interesting as well.
2. Athena or BLOOD QUEEN! I love her! It think she’ll be tough and maybe put on a bit of a facade, because her personality is very shy. Amelia was awesome, they have such a great friendship. I love the way she is volunteering for something more than fame, she’s doing it for her mum, which is amazing! GO BLOOD QUEEN! I’m def rooting for her!
3. I think Athena is a possible Victor, and Rain will go quite far, but won’t end up killing, that’llbe the death of him in my opinion.
4. Blood Queen!
definitely, Rain is too pure.
Loved this chapter!
5/23/2019 c6 CinnamonBun24
1. Caspien seems like a no shit person, I like it. He also seems very dedicated and focused, maybe a little judgemental. I feel bad for him in a way, because he has to live up to his parents expectations. They’re both Victors!
2. Valeria seems okay, although I like Caspien much better. She doesn’t seem like a fighter, but who knows, I could be surprised.
3. I think Caspien will do way better in the Games
4. Caspien definitely, he’s just more interesting!
5. I can’t rlly be the judge of that but I did love reading them!
5/23/2019 c5 CinnamonBun24
1. Cordierite reminds me of President Coin, although way more cryptic style stuff. She seems kind of cool I guess, but way to focused on gaining power.
2. The rebels seem like they have a greater purpose that’s desperate, I think they will be very efficient and organised, definitely ready to take on the Capitol. In the end though they might not have brought resources.
3. I don’t think they will colonise Panem, their numbers will probably be a lot smaller, and it depends on whether they have modernised tech or not.
4. I really have no idea! They could be from another country that wants to escape war or something, maybe they’re aliens!
5/23/2019 c4 CinnamonBun24
My favourite Escort is probably Tropicana, she just seems super kind and fun!
I think Daphne Collins will be the most helpful, she seems efficient and very supportive.
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
5/23/2019 c3 CinnamonBun24
1. My favourite mentor is probably Pepper, she seems super interesting, I love how you came up with her getting her memories wiped. That’s so cool!
2. Jude because of his painting! He seems like such a nice person! I can’t believe he actually would kill anyone.
Great chapter : )
5/23/2019 c1 CinnamonBun24
Name: Rommel Ash

Age: 13

Gender: Male

District: 10

Favourite thing about their District: He hates his District and usually likes to play right near the edge where all the grass and trees are. So his favourite thing is probably that. He gets scared around adults but will still stand his ground. He gets very protective over the things and people he loves.

Sexuality: Doesn’t really know yet

Personality: He’s quiet and rarely speaks, but is tough and always up for a fight. Once you get to know him, you’ll find he is strong-willed and loves to run and climb. Rommel loves animals, and is only caring when around them. Sometimes he can be a bit paranoid about small things, and hates big crowds.

Appearance: He is very thin and still quite short, his skin is dark, which is a good contrast with his sea-green eyes, they’re unusual for District 10, some people joke that his mum must’ve been from District 4. His hair is black with s strange streak of white, lots of people tease him for it. He usually will get in a fight after that, ending up winning surprisingly a lot.

Faceclaim (optional):

Backstory: His mum ran off when he was 3, and his father has been left to care for him ever since. His father, after a particularly bad day hacking at pig’s heads, started to drink. Until he was too drunk to provide for Rommel. Rommel didn’t want his job, so he went pleading (which he rarely does), to the neighbours, they trained horses, he asked for a job as the stable hand. They were very kind people and let him have the job. He loves grooming the horses and working there, it has become is safe haven. His father then started to abuse him after losing his own job, verbal and physical. Rommel has many scars from this, mostly where people can’t see them. He’s been whipped and hit, sometimes until he can’t walk. Those days he has to miss work and make up some excuse the next day. Sometimes, when he didn’t get enough money, he would research stuff at the library about edible bugs and plants, he’s become an expert. Rommel loves to read as well, it’s his escape. He knows lots of info about many books.

Father, 40, abusive, always drunk, used to be a honorable person who loved to cheer others up. Black hair, dark grey eyes, tanned skin, roughly shaven, big and muscly.
Mother, 38, was kind and gentle, loved to sing and dance, but was still very tough and strong, fierce and protective over the people she loves, had sea-green eyes, honey blonde hair and tanned skin, her lips were full and pink. She was easily the most beautiful woman in the District.

Friends: please include same as family
Amanda Trayvich: 14, Amanda is one of the neighbours daughters, she loves to ride horses and always helps Rommel groom them. She is very sweet and shy, but always outgoing and positive once you get to know her. They have a brotherly-sister bond. Amanda has dark brown hair, always in two braids, tanned skin and lots of freckles. Her eyes are a dark green.
Tatiana Trayvich: 11, Tatiana is Amanda’s little sister, and like a little sister to Rommel too. She is very sassy and a little bit of a drama queen, but also a massive daredevil. She’s kind and a massive prankster. She loves to ride horses too, but not as much as Amanda, she’d prefer to groom them with Rommel.

Any other people of significance:

Most Important Moment in life: When he got his job at the neighbours stables, meeting Tatiana and Amanda. He was 8 at the time.

Volunteered or Reaped?: Reaped

Reaping outfit: Brown leather boots, a white shirt with a grey overcoat, camo jeans.

Token?: A friendship bracelet Amanda and Tatiana made.

Reaction/Reason: His eyes tear up a bit, but he wipes them away before walking up, trembling.

Strengths: Rommel is light and loves to climb.
He can be incredibly stealthy and good at hiding.
People won’t target him, he can manipulate them easily.
He knows edible plants and bugs.
He can dodge things very easily.

Weaknesses: Not good with strategy.
Has no idea how to use any weapons.
Can’t swim.

Opinion on the Capitol: He hates them, believing that they are cruel and cause society to fall apart.

Fears: He hates small spaces, werewolves and vampires, and Amanda or Tatiana dying would be the worst.

Main Weapon: Crossbow.

Stations at the Training Centre: He learns how to wield the crossbow, throws a few throwing knives with no success, does a bit of climbing, fire starting, water purifying and a lot of snares, which he masters.

What do they show the Gamemakers: Snares (which he has gotten really good at, not for animals but for people as he would never hurt an animal), edible plants and bugs. Get’s 98% on edible plants and 96% on edible bugs.

Gamemaker Score: 4 or 5.

Interview Angle: Innocent young boy that people will underestimate.

Interview Outfit: Meh. Idc what you do with this, I’m not rlly good at outfits.

Parade Outfit: Same as above.

Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?: Introvert. He definitely prefers to be alone.

What’s their opinion on the Games?: Thinks they are cruel and unfair, especially since they have been going for 446 years.

Bloodbath Plan: If something is in close reach, grab it, if not run the opposite way.

Game Plan: Set traps around the Arena, hide and collect edible bugs and plants, fight if he thinks he can beat them, if they say something bad about him he will fight them no matter what.

Allying or Not: Mby, If he thinks he can use them to his advantage.

Are they kind to their allies?: Polite so he can manipulate them.

Open to love in the Games?: He’s 13 so not rlly.

In what environment do they feel most and least comfortable?: Most comfortable in a grassy forest or clearing filled with animals, or a horse stable.
He feels least comfortable in small spaces where he feels trapped.

Flight or Fight?: Fight, if they insult him or he thinks he can win against them.
Flight if he thinks they’ll beat him easy.

Expected Placement?: 20th?

Preferred Placement: 1st would be great!

Why should your tribute win?: He would get to pay back Tatiana and Amanda’s parents for all they did, and would get to leave his dad, stop being abused, plus, it would be a good underdog story and a 13 year old would win! That’s never happened before!
5/25/2019 c8 Apple1230
I love Copper! He’s so brave and cute and adorable! Jinx is kinda scary, but she’s alright. Lady Death sounds bad a**! I definitely think Jinx will do better because she actually has training. As much as I love Copper, he can only do so much
5/24/2019 c1 Malec6872
Name: Copper Staar

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 3

Favorite Thing About Their District: It’s inventiveness! Copper is only 13 yet he knows how to fix/make all sorts of contraptions so he doesn’t need to buy them.

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: He is super shy and doesn’t like any type of attention but he has a strong heart and will stand up for those in need. If Copper is faced with conflict, he will turn his back so that he doesn’t have to deal with it and sometimes lies to make everyone happy. He pays more attention to others needs then his own and he can’t say no.

Appearance: He has messy auburn hair and russet eyes. He is short and gangly from not eating well and there are always dark bags under his eyes from not sleeping. His clothes are often paint splattered and his skin is as pale as snow.

Backstory: Copper’s parents are very in love. They care about each other so much that they would do anything for each other. Copper and his older brother Clem were both accidentally pregnancies and so their parents never really cared about their children. They are poor and they feed each other not their kids causing Clem to work extra and he refuses to let Copper help. Copper feels immensely guilty because he’s useless but that doesn’t stop him from helping in his own ways. Everyone thinks Clem is smarter because he’s older but that’s not true. Copper is the smarter brother by far and finds ways around his brother to help by doing odd jobs and slyly handing Clem the money. He is both book smart and street smart and he’s learned it all from watching and learning. When you’re poor, it’s survival of the fittest and Copper is determined to keep him and his brother alive.

Family: A beautiful mother named Virgo who captures every mans attention even though she’s 40. She has lovely auburn hair and pretty blue eyes. She only loves Jet who is her husband. He is 47 and has strawberry blonde hair and russet eyes. He also only cares for Virgo but he dislikes his children and deliberately shuns them. His brother named Clem and he is 18 years old. He is very protective of Copper and would guard him with his life. He has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He is very smart and everyone thinks he is one of the smartest people in District 3 and he is but Copper is smarter. He just downplays it.

Friends: Sorrel Nightroot who is 15 and has black hair and black eyes and is the brother of Jinx Lolita who Copper hates because he sees how she looks at his brother. He knows what she did to Nilla. He believes every word Sorrel tells him. Sorrel is the night to his day and is outgoing and popular. He always tries to push Copper out of his comfort zone but Copper just brushes him off and walks away. He is very caring regardless of what he says and that’s why Copper loves him.

Most Important Moment In Life: When he saw Jinx watching Clem for the first time. A protective surge filled him and he knew he would do anything to stop her. He dug into her past and found that she did indeed murder Nilla and he learned that he wanted to make a career out of solving murders. He also realized that he’d have no qualms killing her if she tried to hurt Clem or hurt anyone who stood in his or Clem’s way of happiness

Volunteered or Reaped: Volunteered

Reaping Outfit: A russet tunic with gold patterns, black pants and black shoes, a fake gold watch.

Token: A homemade necklace made with a black cord and a silver ring with four silver beads surrounding the ring, two on each side.

Reason: When Clem’s Name was drawn, Copper knew what he had to do. His heart wrenched as Clem began to take his place in the stage and it took less than a second for Copper to think about it. His brother had done so much for him and it was time to repay him. He could not live without his brother but his brother could live without him. Clem would only have to survive by himself and he could make sure he killed Jinx Lolita. Even though he volunteered to keep his brother safe, he would give it his all to win.

Strengths: Copper is incredibly smart and can make and fix almost anything including weapons. He knows about how to start fires and plants from watching the games. He is small, quite, agile, and quick in his feet. His age is also an advantage because people might take pity on the poor 14 year old who just wanted to help his brother.

Weaknesses: Also his age because if a tribute doesn’t care how old he is, he is an easy target because he’s not as tall or strong. He doesn’t know anything about how to handle a weapon and he’s quite so sponsees might not like him. He’s not strong or mysterious so if tributes are competing for kills, he’s an fair game.

Opinion on the Capital: The Capital is disgusting. It hides its cruel ways with high technology and weird fashion styles but he and everyone can see right through their mask.

Fears: Something happening to Clem or being disembodied. The thought haunts him about how parts of his body would slowly be removed but he was still conscious.

Main Weapon: His knowledge of the wilderness and poison. If he gets close enough he can poison someone’s food or water. He knows how to make his own with things around him.

Stations at the training center: Plants, snares, weapon training, hunting

What do they show the game makers: How quick he is on his feet and his agility. Some flips or something.

Game maker Score: 5

Interview Angle: Cute and shy

Interview Outfit: A russet tuxedo with a red flower cape

Parade Outfit: A costume of wires and a cape or wires. Tiny light bulbs are woven into his hair.

Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?: Introvert

What’s Their Opinion on The Games: He despises the retched games. They are a terrible excuse for the capital to enjoy death and a horrible way to enforce fear.

Bloodbath Plan: Run into the woods as fast as he can. Find water asap

Game Plan: Hide away quietly and avoid other tributes. Set deadly traps and slyly poison other tributes.

Allying or Not: Not

Are they kind to their allies: If he had too ally, then yes. He will be polite and appea to their soft side. They must have one.

Open to love in the games: No! He’s waaaay too young for love. And brute gonna die anyways!

In What environment do they feel most and least comfortable?: Perfectly quite place, no disturbances where he can paint/sketch is where he’s most comfortable. Least comfortable in front of a large crowd booing him down. He tries not to listen to words but it’s hard. He’s sensitive.

Fight or Flight?: Flight

Expected Placement: Victor. Never underestimate someone acting out of love.

Preferred Placement: Victor
5/23/2019 c1 Malec6872
Name: Jinx Lolita

Age: 18

Gender: Female

District: 3

Favorite Thing About Their District: The fact that her District is the smartest all, making her the smart of all tributes. Their intellect and pure smarts makes her love her District and it’s people.

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: The best way to describe Jinx would be wicked, her only desire is to be in power and control everyone and everything. Jinx dislikes everyone who defies her with a burning rage and will do absolutely anything to get her way. Jinx is a slightly unhinged individual and she likes the feeling of feeling someone squirm under her weapon. Murder is illegal but not in the games. She can kill all she wants with no penalty and it will be a field day! People in District 3 are drawn to Jinx because of her mesmerizing looks and witty personality but no one knows what her true thoughts are. They won’t know just how vicious she really is until the games.

Appearance: She has luxuriously soft ash brown hair that is extremely long and goes down to her upper thighs but she always wears it in French braids that rest over her large breasts. Her lips are full and her eyes are wide and silver with long eyelashes. Her body is hourglass shaped and her face is heart shaped. Her skin is gold but she always has a faint blush in her cheeks.

Backstory: Jinx’s parents died in a fire when she was five and Jinx was supposed to be sent to the community home, but a kind rich man and his wife took her in. They treated her like a princess and spoiled her to death but Jinx did not ask for treats and dresses like normal girls from District 3. Instead, she asked for knifes. Jinx spent her whole life training with various weapons, her favorite being the scythe, edible plants, how to survive in different biomes, how to set traps, how to start a fire and more. She was not a career but everyone would know her name and wish that she was one. Jinx’s parents thought they had adopted a cute and sweet girl but they were wrong. They still loved her though and protected her image when they found dead animals that Jinx had used for her aiming practices. The fact remained that Jinx was not by any means a good child. In fact, she was very, very bad and the games would prove that.

Family: Two dead parents, and two adoptive parents named Calla Nightroot and Mason Nightroot both aged 52 years old. Calla has light blond hair and green eyes and Mason has black hair and black eyes. She has an adoptive sibling who is a 15 year old male and he has black hair and black eyes like his father. His name is Sorrel and he hates Jinx and is scared of her. He often asks his parents to get rid of her but his parents warn him to just keep his mouth shut. He spreads most of the rumors about her, but some of them aren’t really rumors.

Friends: Mercury Fairwillow, a boy who is also 18 and has curly black hair and pretty violet eyes. Jinx thinks he’s attractive, but he’s one of her only true friends that she’d rather not use like a toy. Mercury is all bite and no bark because when he threatens people he means it. He runs the streets and he grew up in the community home. He is also attracted to Jinx but he wants to act on it unlike her.

Any other people of significance: The mayors daughter named Nilla Greenscape who bullied Jinx until she was fifteen when suddenly she stopped. Because she was mysteriously murdered. Jinx’s first and only current murder victim but Jinx thinks she did right because she bullied other people but no one feels safe with a killer at large in District 3. A boy named Clem Staar who is 18 and very quite but cute. His hair is strawberry blonde and his eyes are a beautiful blue and he has freckles running on his cheeks and on the bridge of his nose. He is easily one of the smartest boys in the District. Jinx finds herself watching his often following him and being creepy. She likes his company and has even talked to him once.

Most Important Moment In Life: When she killed Nilla. Jinx found out that she didn’t care for murder as much as she thought feeling wise but as a stress reliever, it was perfect. To listen to screams and pleads. To know that she had the power over someone who thought they were dominant. She loved the power and after that, she knew that she couldn’t wait until the games! She would give the audience a show.

Volunteered or Reaped: Volunteered

Reaping Outfit: A beautiful sleeveless crimson sun dress that ruffled around her knees and had a narrow leather belt around her waist. This time, she did her hair in a high ponytail and painted her lips a dark red like her dress. Her shoes were black sandals that showed off her blood red toenails that matched her fingernails. Anyone could tell that her favorite color was red. The color of death and that’s how she like it. Lady Death.

Token: A gold and black bracelet from Mercury.

Reason: Jinx has been training her whole life for he games so why the hell not? She will dominate and she knows this as she grins slyly at the cameras and walks up to he stage.

Strengths: Growing up in District 3, Jinx grew up smart. She is knows how to outsmart machines and rewire things. She is also practically a ticking time bomb. The games are stressful and is she’s put under too much pressure she will snap which isn’t good for anyone. Jinx has knowledge of plants and biomes and her speed and strength are incredible. She is truly an opponent to be feared.

Weaknesses: Jinx cannot be reasoned with. If she has her mind set on something she will go through with it regardless of her chances of survival. Jinx is not trusting so she would never ever put her life in someone’s else’s hands even if it costs her her life. She is too confident in her ability and although she’s good she compares herself to a god so she may overestimate herself and get herself killed. Jinx thinks no one would defy her so she may look away from someone and give them time to stab her in he back.

Opinion on the Capital: They are people. People who cheer for blood and death but so does she. She does not care about them unless they give her supplies. Even then she doesn’t care but she will pretend like everyone else.

Fears: Being powerless, being betrayed by someone she trusted, torture

Main Weapon: A poisoned scythe or a whip

Stations at the training center: None because she’s too prideful and she knows a lot. She observes the other tributes.

What do they show the game makers: Her aim, and how she dismantles the dummies with her surge making it look slow and drawn out. She shows them her speed and her ability to climb.

Game maker Score: 10

Interview Angle: Vicious, fierce, cunning, confident

Interview Outfit: A tight red dress with ruffles to show off her breasts and every curve of her body. She has black thigh high boots to accompany it and her hair is curled. Her makeup is also red.

Parade Outfit: She wears a dress made of green, blue, and red wires with a black belt and black sleeves. The front of her dress stops at her knees and the back trails down to the floor. Her boots are the same black as her belt and little light bulbs are weaves into her hair that brightly light up.

Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?: Ambivert

What’s Their Opinion on The Games: She adores them. The perfect place to unleash her inner monster and her pent up stress.

Bloodbath Plan: Grab a weapon and kill as many people as possible. Take the bags off of the fallen and use those instead.

Game Plan: Team up with the best and at top ten, take watch and kill them all quickly to not wake up the others.

Allying or Not: Yes

Are they kind to their allies: No. She is slightly bossy but holds back most of the time so they keep her around

Open to love in the games: Yes, absolutely! Boys are just toys to be used and thrown away. She won’t keep him for long so she doesn’t need to worry about him.

In What environment do they feel most and least comfortable?: most comfortable alone, by herself in a dark area where it’s very quite and she has no company save for her own thoughts. Least comfortable when surrounded by people, in a loud area where they are touching her and rubbing against her. She will snap.

Fight or Flight?: Fight all the. This queen doesn’t run.

Expected Placement: 2nd

Preferred Placement: 2nd place because I didn’t make her to win. I wouldn’t want someone this wicked winning the games. If you choose a main protagonist, I just want her to be a hindrance to them. A problem so that the games aren’t easy. I made her to make someone’s life miserable and her having a classic Katniss and Cato show down would be epic.
5/23/2019 c7 3DefoNotAFangirl
THE BLOOD QUEEN I LOVE HER! AND RAIN TOO haha. We’ve got a good career alliance. I’m rooting for Athena to go far!
5/23/2019 c7 Apple1230
Ok so great I really like them both, but because Rain is mine, I kinda like him more. I would love Rain to make it more because he’s a career like her but he’s had an actual victor train him soo. Yes I think you portrayed him amazingly! Good job lol
5/23/2019 c6 DefoNotAFangirl
Ooh a lot of Victor relatives. Caspien I feel bad for and I understand why Valeria volunteered though it probably wasn’t a good idea. I think Caspien will make it further than Valeria, since I’m not even sure Valeria will make it into the Career alliance. I like both of them, and I’m not sure who I like better yet. I think you wrote them well, yeah!
5/22/2019 c6 Apple1230
Ok so I like them both, I personally like Caspien a little better because he’s more of a badass no offense to anyone! I also think Caspien will do better because he’s had training and although an underdog story would be interesting, the games don’t favor the meek. They’re not my characters so I cant really judge how well you portrayed them but I felt like writing a review anyways.
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