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for The 446th Hunger Games:SYOT

5/20/2019 c1 Apple1230
Name: Angel Graey

Age: 17

Gender: Female

District: 10

Favorite Thing About Their District: The people in District 10 are very kind. Everyone works together in the community and everyone seems to support each other through every scandal or hunger games death. In District 10, Angel is never alone.

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Angel is jolly and often happy. She is an introvert and very shy, but she loves to talk more than anything. Her favorite thing to do is talk a lot and very fast at the same time so that most people can’t hear her. Although she is happy often, she doesn’t bother hiding her feelings and so if she’s upset, she’ll show it. Angel is a very open person and shares her thoughts and feelings with her friends and family freely but a slight flaw about her is that she gets bored easily and looses interest too fast. She tends to get into relationships a lot but they don’t last more than a week because the boy is too boring and lame and all of the other things that she could use to describe them. She’s a hopeless romantic always waiting for the one but they never seem to come and people worry that she’ll jump around too much in the future.

Appearance: Angel has long light blonde hair and striking blue eyes but besides that her looks are very average and she even seems to have a bit of acne, and chewed fingernails but those are only noticeable if you look too close. She is considered short and her friends tease her about it but she doesn’t care that much. She is precisely 5ft 3. Her hair is loosely curled and goes down to her lower back. Her eyes are slightly squinted but her lips are pretty full and she’s very skinny. You could probably count a few of her ribs.

Backstory: Angel’s family used to be very rich but she was only able to experience that for twelve years. Her father and mother had seemed to be the most lovely couple in the entire District 10 but her father left them for a capital reporter who came to report on the games. He wanted to move to the capital, gave her all of his money. THEIR money but she left him anyways because he wasn’t good enough for her but in Angel’s opinion they deserved each other. He left her mother and siblings with nothing but a broken name and a broken family and a tiny bit of money. Angel’s mother kicked him out, leaving him to die on the the streets and he did just that but Angel didn’t care though her mother did. Angel and her mom tried to get jobs to support them and so Angel’s mom sewed clothes that didn’t sell for much and Angel worked in the slaughterhouse, killing animals for a living. To Angel, it was hell. She tried to take on some hobbies, but the only one that sadly stuck was singing and she couldn’t make a good career out of that. Angel didn’t let the darkness get to her though and loved school and hung out with her friends when she was off work but it would never be the same and to Angel, could she ever really be happy?

Family: Dead father named Argon who died of hunger at 50. Angel inherited her hair and pale complexion from him but she liked to think she didn’t take any of his other unwanted genes. Mother named Santhe who is Angel’s true best friend. They are very close and no matter how old Angel gets, she can always turn to her mother for comfort because they have gone through everything together. Santhe is middle aged but still very beautiful and she gave Angel her voice and her icy blue eyes which Angel adores . She has two male twin siblings named Jasper and Jesper. They are both 13 years old and even though they are twins, they look different and act different. Jasper is manipulative with dark brown locks like their mother’s and icy blue eyes like hers too. He spends most of his time stealing treats from vendors and from all the time playing outside and playing pranks, he has golden tan skin. Jesper has their mom’s blue eyes but their dad’s blonde hair and also freckles all up and down his body. He lets Jasper do most everything and he is shy and timid but he does help his twin set pranks. They both adore Angel and she helps them shoplift and play pranks as well which raises their likability for her by a lot.

Friends: Angel’s current boyfriend Clover Wildberry who to her is sooooo boring. She met him at work and he’s 18 with long light brown hair and matching brown eyes. He’s not super pretty but Angel didn’t care when she started dating him but he barely talks to her and doesn’t make an effort. And he asked her out, not the other way around! She’s wants to break up with him soon but she’s trying to find the nerve because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. Her BFF Rosette Skywillow who is crazy and insane and Angel loves her. She is a player and pretty much sleeps with a lot of people (including Peace Keepers) just to stay out of trouble for stealing or “accidentally” tripping someone. She is 19 years old and has long glossy brown hair that falls in perfect waves and navy blue eyes. She’s irresistible with her perfect hourglass shape body, long and thick lashes, full lips, and button nose. Angel doesn’t try to compare to her but they’re super close and so Angel tells her almost everything.

Other People: Angel’s current crush named Reed Heavenscrape who Angel thinks is absolutely delicious. She’s liked him since elementary but Rosette likes him so he’s off the table for her but that doesn’t stop her from wishing. She knows he’s her perfect person in life but Rosette really likes him and she couldn’t compare to her. She’ll never understand why he always turns down her advances to hang out with her instead. It will never make sense how others tick to her. Reed has dark black hair and tan skin with lovely eyes of all different sorts of colors. There was some blue, brown, and green all mixed in one and it made Angel swoon. He was 18 and he was pretty rich but didn’t care about social statutes. Angel didn’t like him for his money not his looks but for the fact that he was a fighter and exiting and Angel adores that.

Token: An old cheap black choker that she stole when she was 13 from an old jewelry stand. A Peace Keeper scolded her but let her keep it anyways. She ended up giving it to Jasper and Jesper to share but they returned it to her to remind her to not go gently.

Most Important Moment In Life: When her father betrayed the family. It crushed everyone and Angel learned a very valuable lesson. Never give your love away to just anyone because they could use it and throw it away. She has liked plenty of boys but never loved because of what her father did. It changed her outlook on life for the better. She never wants to end up like her father or mother. She is determined to never have a broken heart.

Reaped or Volunteered: Reaped

Reaping Outfit: The most beautiful dress that she owns. A beautiful gold dress with fluffy and ruffled skirts that hug her curves and a silk ribbon that ties around her waist in a lovely bow in the back and a plunging neckline. Her shoes are golden flats with a small bow on the toes.

Reaction: Angel did not know what to do. She wanted to do a lot of things. Tell Jasper, Jesper, and her mother goodbye. Cry, scream, rage, fight. She wanted to do all of those things but with one glance at a camera and she noticed all of the others would watch this too so she did nothing except hold back her tears and fight the painful lump in her throat as she calmly walked up to the stage to take her place.

Strengths: After working in the slaughterhouse for a few years, Angel knows how to kill. It’s not the same as hunting, but the ability to swing and axe or fire a bullet haven’t changed although the chances of her finding a gun are extremely, extremely slim. A dagger can’t be that different right? Also Angel has a decent range of knowledge on snares and wild plants because her father taught her. She never thought she would ever need these skills but here she is, needing her fathers help. She’s also quick on her feet and quick because she’s a decent pickpocket and although she doubts she’ll need to pickpocket someone, the ability to walk around unnoticed could be valuable. She also has a wide range of common sense.

Weaknesses: Angel is not a career by any means. She has not trained and has never had any practice with a weapon for fighting or killing save for already caged animals but these animals will not be caged. She doesn’t know anything about starting a fire or about manipulation, or hand to hand combat rendering her useless and a pretty much open target. The crowd would most likely cheer for her death.

Opinion on The Capital: She despises them. They kill children indirectly but that doesn’t make them any less criminal. They kill them for blood sport because they are bored and now they’re done with the games but the killing hasn’t stopped! They are monsters who deserve to burn in Hell. All of them.

Fears: Having her heart shattered like her mother’s or something happening to her family. The latter is worse, but she fears both. She couldn’t live with either. If we’re talking literally, she hates water that she can’t see the bottom of. She can swim but if she can’t see her feet, she panics.

Main Weapon: Angel isn’t good with weapons that much but she could probably kill with a long ranged weapon like a spear or throwing knifes. Her aim is actually pretty good. She’s a natural.

Stations: Fire station, snares, plants, weapon practice

What Do They Show The Game Makers: Her nearly flawless aim. That’s about it...

Game Maker Score: 5

Interview Angle: Jolly, optimistic, loving, doting

Interview Outfit: A lush pink gown with a plunging narrow neckline and light pink vines running from the top to her thigh area. Her sleeves rest on her forearm and are completely made of light pink flowers the same color as the vines. Her dress expands at the bottom and real flowers are in bloom with a light shade of glitter to shine to the audience.

Parade Outfit: Cow horns on her head (imma be honest I have no clue what this thing is actually called but just picture a one piece sleeveless bathing suit made of cow fur) and a belt around her hips with a semi cape from there down covering all but the front side of her legs which are covered in leather tights and leather boots.

Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?: Introvert if you’re older than her and she doesn’t know you.

What’s Their Opinion On The Games?: She hates them with every fiber of her soul. Kids being forced to kill each other? That’s just sick. Really sick. Everything the Capital creates is repulsive and they created this so it’s no surprise.

Bloodbath Plan: Run away as fast as she can. She will die if she gets too close. Maybe she could build her own stuff but she can’t survive the Bloodbath. Scavenge stuff off of dead tributes before their bodies are taken. Do anything that’s not going head on into that.

Game Plan: Ruff it out alone. More people are too dangerous and are after the same thing she is. To live. Learn from the stations about how to do things and do them herself. She has to come home to Jasper and Jesper. It’s a need not a want and she’ll kill anyone who threatens her goal.

Allying or Not: Not

Are they kind to their allies: They have none.

Open to love in the games: Definitely Not! What if she actually falls in love with them! She couldn’t. She doesn’t love much but when she does, she does it fiercely.

In What environment do they feel most and least comfortable?: Most comfortable in a nice and quiet place with running water and no people, hopefully with a book in her hand. Least comfortable in a place where her life is on the line so like, the whole games. But definitely not places surrounded by water. She hates that too much. It’s low even for the game makers. Wait. She takes it back. Nothing it too low for them.

Fight or Flight?: Definitely Flight. She’d rather run and live to fight another day.

Expected Placement: 11th

Preferred Placement: Victor

Why Should Your Tribute Win?: It would be a hell of an interesting story. District 10 is livestock so it doesn’t amount to much but someone who climbed their way from the bottom to the top is worthy of winning the hunger games. She did it for family and Angel trying to survive in a world full of killers would probably make her stop craving excitement.
5/17/2019 c1 Apple1230
Name: Rain Underbloom

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District 2:

Favorite Thing About Their District: It’s excitement and liveliness. The crowd roars when the games come around and they treat it like the beauty it is. He adores that.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Rain is the king of excitement and drama. He loves bouncing around and chatting with people and loves to make a huge spectacle of everything. He loves to smile and is a huge people magnet. Rain is an optimist and looks for the best in a bad day and is huge on District pride. He lives for D2 and would protect it and it’s pride with his life. Rain’s favorite people tend to be the moody ones because he loves to make them smile like him. Sometimes he doesn’t realize he is overbearing and he oozes love and affectionate even to people who don’t want it or need it. He can’t help it. It’s just who he is.

Appearance: Rain has tousled dark brown hair and he always says it’s effortless, but he spends hours in the mirror perfecting it. He has stormy deep blue eyes that often give too much away and freckles running across the bridge of his button nose and his cheeks. He has warm sun kissed skin and has full lips and long eyelashes. He is pretty tall and is 6ft 3in.

Backstory: Ever since Rain was born, he was in love with the hunger games. Even though D2 didn’t always win, the thought of dying for his District was always admirable to him and he knew that that’s what he wanted to do. His parents doted on him always coddling their baby and preparing him for the games, getting him prepared for his time to shine. His parents always tried to force him in suits and formal clothing and keep him inside but Rain always preferred the outdoors and loose clothing that made him feel comfortable. He quickly noticed that he had an affinity for talking to people and convincing them to do his bidding and most people were too stunned by his pretty eyes to realize what they were doing. Rain didn’t enjoy manipulating but he would if necessary and it the games he realized it would almost certainly be. He also had his mother ask a former victor to teach him what he knew about surviving so Rain became a pretty good fighter.

Family: Mother named Parsnip who is 43 and has dark brown hair and pale skin. Her hair is short and wavy and soft wrinkles line her face and her dark green eyes. She adores Rain more than his other siblings. She always finds ways to ignore them and buy him little gifts but Rain notices and typically shares with them. Father named Fjord who is 46 and has bright blonde hair and brown eyes and has left himself grow a stomach over the years. He loves to help Rain train for the games. He himself never got to go to the games but he is confident that Rain will win. He is oblivious that Rain is not actually his son. Little sister age 13 named Paradise who has light blonde hair and dark green eyes with pale skin and long curly hair. Rain is her role model and he would do anything to protect her even though she insists that she doesn’t need protection. An older sister aged 20 named Allium who doesn’t believe in the games. She thinks they are wrong and brutally criticizes everyone who thinks differently. She loves Rain and Paradise deeply but dislikes her parents. She has dark brown hair and dark green eyes. She’s tall like Rain but a little bit shorter and always seems to have a permanent sneer on her face.

Friends: His best friend in the entire world is Wolf Everway who is 18 also and is moody and sarcastic. Wolf has light brown hair and amber eyes that clearly tell people his mood, but Rain takes it as an excuse to always be near him. Rain is oblivious to the crush Wolf has on him as well as the one he is forming on his friend even though it’s clear to everyone else that Rain gets anxious when Wolf isn’t around, yet he fidgets while he’s there. It’s kinda obvious but no one thinks to tell him. They want him to find out on his own. His other friend is Ruby Thornegrove who is 19 and has long, straight black hair and violet eyes and she is nearly as giddy as Rain. Nearly. She’s been shipping Rain and Wolf together since she’s know them always tries to push them closer.

Any Additional people: His mentor for the games named Thunder Seatide who taught Rain how to fight exceptionally well. He is 54 with graying black hair and bright brown eyes. Regardless of his age, he is very fit and warns Rain to be wary of the arena because it is more deadly than it appears. He is wise and smart but also agile and Rain has no questions about how he won the games. It’s quite obvious.

Token: A fire opal pendant on a lovely and intricate gold chain from he moody Wolf. As well as a quick kiss on the cheek.

Most Important Moment In Life: When his grandmother passed away. She always liked him the best and so she took his large hand and made him promise her that he’d live his life to the happiest and the fullest. He’d promised through his tears and that’s when he started being happy go lucky. He had to keep his promise to his grandmother.

Volunteered or Reaped: Volunteered

Reaping Outfit: A soft white shirt with a soft cobalt overcoat and a black bow tie with black dress pants and pointed black shoes. He had a blue rose in his pocket and although his mother insisted he did not comb his hair nor did he wear a hat on his head.

Reason: Rain had dreamed of that moment from the moment he watched the games for the first time ever. Not the blood shed or the screams but excitement of bringing glory and honor to District Two amazed him and he needed to do it.

Strengths: Being a career from D2, Rain is a strong opponent and has been trained for various weapon types, how to swim, the different biomes, edible plants, etc. however, his most useful and best skill is manipulation. He can make almost anyone believe anything he says and possibly make them take a knife or an arrow for him. He is also immune to manipulation due to the fact that he can recognize it easily.

Weaknesses: One thing Rain will never ever be good at is being stealthy. He is tall and muscular so remaining unseen is near impossible for him. He is also quite oblivious to others feelings, trusts and gives his love too easily, makes deep and lasting bonds with people including possible tributes, and he thinks everyone is immune to his charm and yet some are not so he won’t see it coming if they decide to step on him.

Opinion on the Capital: To Rain the capital can do whatever. They are not D2 and they are people who cheer for death which he hates even though he will end up killing he is doing it for honor and not for blood sport. He is indifferent to the capital but he can sure as hell pretend to love them.

Fears: Being rejected, humiliated, and/or betrayed. The worst death in his eyes would be drowning or burning alive but he would much rather die like that then getting stabbed in the back by a loved one. He is terrified of alligators and crocodiles.

Main Weapon: Rain prefers twin axes and can do work with them but swords and bows work too.

Stations at the training center: Plants, snares, weapon practice, and more snares, did I mention snares?

What do they show the game makers: What he can do with axes and his aim for bows. His skill with plants and how well he can make snares now. But mostly axes.

Game maker Score: 8 or 9?

Interview Angle: Precious, Excited, Humble, Sweet, Cute personality, hot exterior

Interview Outfit: His normal tousled hair, a white button up shirt with a light gray overcoat and white polkadots with a matching pattern bow tie and same color pants with gray shoes.

Parade Outfit: Scales of iron covering from his neck down covering all but his hands and feet with a large onyx in the middle of his chest. He wears dark gray gloves and boots with a flowing gray cape attached to his shoulders.

Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?: Extrovert all the way.

What’s Their Opinion on The Games: While the killing is unfortunate, Rain would love to make his District proud by honoring it and winning the games. They are a godsend so that someone will have the chance to achieve fame and bring glory and District pride.

Bloodbath Plan: You know Rain has to grab supplies but only one so someone doesn’t mind as much as if he took too much. The game makers saw what he could do with those axes so they must be there! He just has to find them and get started. He’d make others deaths as painless as possible.

Game Plan: Rain is smart. He may be overestimating himself but he thinks he is. Rain knows that the old ‘I’m super weak thing’ is popular and so people will catch on to the career playing it that way very quickly. Instead he will become and issue but not an issue. He will demonstrate to everyone what he can do, but because he is so innocent, he doesn’t understand the fact that he is hurting and taking peoples lives. They will notice his bloodshed but also note his innocence and hopefully turn a blind eye to the person who can do damage and be sweet at the same time. He feels it would be good to befriend them as well hoping they turn their backs long enough so that he has time to drive an axe in between their shoulder blades.

Allying or Not: Allying

Are they kind to their allies: Yes and he shows them lots of kindness and selflessness. Just the perfect amount to decide that he’s not a threat.

Open to love in the games: No, he already has someone waiting for him back home

In What environment do they feel most and least comfortable?: He feels the most comfortable in an environment with people that he knows and trusts. There voices soothe him and make him think everything will be alright too. He also loves nature so a quite forest with crickets and stars would be nice. He would hate a place where he is trapped and locked away where he is alone and he can never get out. Especially is it’s full of water. Rising water or burning hot fire.

Fight or Flight?: A little bit of both. Typically flight but if he’s feeling confident enough than fight.

Expected Placement: Top Five

Preferred Placement: 100% Victor

Why Should Your Tribute Win?: Rain didn’t have as much to lose as others and he’s older but that should give him an advantage. The games don’t favor the crippled or the underdogs. Not only that but he has Wolf to go back to. He loves him deeply and wants to spend his life with him. It would be a great happy ending.
5/15/2019 c5 3DefoNotAFangirl
Hmmm, interesting! I wonder if Kal will win or not. Rebellions are always fun.
5/15/2019 c5 14glittergirl20
This chapter seemed a bit out of place for me. Maybe it is because these characters were never introduced and we really didn't get a lot of info from this chapter. She talks about how the districts are out of control and plans to rebel, but not why or how this is happening. You're probably going for mystique which is fine but still a little confusing.

1.) I wish there was more detail about her you didn't really give a physical description of her so my image is probably different than what yours is. I feel like this person is doing the right thing but for the wrong reasons. She stated that everyone will be shouting my name in joy soon which seems like she cares more about ruling and popularity than a plan to rebel to help others. Since I don't know much about her she kinda reminds me of Coin in a way, wanting to control the population but for the wrong reasons. Also the way she mentioned disloyal citizens... if they are from the Capitol they probably like how things are right now.

2.) Don't really know enough about them to form an opinion. It states they want to colonize Panem, but how and what do they plan to do to the Capitol citizens or current President.

3.) I don't really understand the plan besides having a tribute from 11 go into the games. Hopefully this doesn't give this tribute immunity. I like an even playing field so to speak so having someone involved in a side plot with a political agenda doesn't seem like a fair playing field.

4.) The books made it seem like Panem was the last of the human population but who knows if that was true. These people could be from Mars considering the time period in the books was sometime in a post apocalyptic future.
5/4/2019 c3 Dragon Silvertongue
1. I also quite like Pexy Trajvin as she seems very intelligent and I think it cruel that she will be forced to Mentor at such a young age. I think it will be interesting to see how she approaches training her tributes.

2. I think that Jude Foxworth will be one of the more helpful Mentors and the painting out scenarios idea is really clever. I think that the people he is going to Mentor will find it really useful.

Another detail that I loved about this chapter is the little note saying that the District 12 Make mentor has committed suicide which gives much more insight to the pain the games can cause them afterwards and the lengths people will go to make it stop.
All in all a great chapter.
5/3/2019 c3 glittergirl20
Didn't realize the similar qualities Ivy shared with her mentor until I took a second glance. It should be interesting to see how they interact with one another. I personally can't tell which I like best. You did a good job at giving each of them their own story/personality though.
4/27/2019 c2 27Rascal Ratface
Noice! I'll def be submitting :)
4/27/2019 c1 Radio Free Death
It's really, really not a good idea to start a new SYOT when you haven't even finished your other one. You'll probably burn out and not finish either. My advise is to finish your other one first, and as a general rule, maybe not accept twenty-four tributes. Since I've noticed so many people having a hard time filling spots, just focus on a handful of tributes as probably only that much would matter to the plot.
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