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for Those Who Dance in the Moonlight: A NarutoxFate Story

12/2 c13 1Dasneaky
So Imma lost Morgan Le Fay is in the tag list is she going to be redeemed been awhile since I read this last
11/29 c10 JGreen039
Will Naruto ever restore Kurama's Yang Half to him?
11/15 c13 Thunder Dragon
Here we go. Here comes the tragedy. Also my friends did work on their requests. That was them. I cannot get an account because of where I live. I will not say as it is the Internet and who knows what someone could do with that information. But moving on here we go. Merlin knows, he knows what is going to happen. He always knew.

Moving on I do hope that Naruto gradually regains what he has lost and maybe finds away to spread Ninshu instead of Ninjutsu and also what he has learned. Maybe that can gradually act like a renaissance for Magecraft. Or at least a close second. Let their be some hope for the world.

Also can I make a suggestion? Maybe when the Grail Wars come around Naruto gets involved and summons Asura and maybe also Hashirama from his world and maybe The Sage of Six Paths could be a Ruler Class Servant? Naruto could learn so much more and maybe even share what he has learned from ancient days. Also maybe better Naruto could summon his own father or Jiraiya. If any of that happened that would be awesome!
11/11 c5 NaruRias
Maybe I am the one who is wrong but I do not understand why Naruto after being bitten a little 80 years ago already thinks or feels without plans in his life, I do not find much sense since there are people who live 100 years or a little more And I am sure you would like to live much longer, do you understand me? So if Naruto were maybe 300 or 500 more years living as a vampire, possibly he would make more sense, well I think so.

Leaving that aside, your story is very good until now and I'm sure it will continue to be so.
11/11 c6 NaruRias
I'm not sure about some things about Naruto's power, but? Naruto lost the 6 paths mode after his fight with Sasuke and the gudodamas work only if Naruto has the power of the 9 bijus or the juby, the power that the wise grandfather gave him is useless and in boruto it is proven and that does not work for create the gudodamas only the 6 paths.
in other things
lol they treated each other with everything in that kiss lol
11/9 c13 JGreen039
How skilled in Marble Phantasm will Naruto be by the time he enters the Fourth Holy Grail War? For example, will he be able to summon the Millennium Castle Brunestud? He probably wouldn't want to, but will his skill be such that he could?

Also, will we get to see Naruto's Reality Marble during the Fall? I'm assuming that we will considering how you're building up to it...
11/8 c13 rpgfan1

loved the chapter,keep up the good work!
11/1 c13 RubixJr
Cant wait for the next chapter keep up the good work
11/1 c13 Bigdaddylongstrokes
So is Naruto a true ancestor or a dead apostle ancestor I'm still confused on that part ? Great story by the way .
10/18 c13 Kan Uzumaki
Valió la pena la espera aunque me reelei todos los cap para comprender mejor
10/18 c13 DragonOfApocalypse
As always so exciting to read your work, it’s one of the best if not the best in this crossover category, that’s my humble opinion.
Thank you again for allowing us to read this amazing story.
Have a ni day!
10/17 c13 Randomreader
Holy crap this chapter was a goldmine of exposition and foreshadowing. What a great transition into the following arc. I love how you tell us this is going to be a tragedy but keep us on the edge of our seats on how it unfolds. Btw I'm not familiar with a whole lot of nasuverse lore and just started FGO recently so I don't know a lot of info about the universe (I'm literally searching up every other reference I don't know on fandom wiki lol) but this story is absolutely amazing. I look forward to the next chapter!
10/17 c13 U.S.S Simon
Every time a new chapter comes out, it is a joy to read. Like how you basically introduced all the fae, and explained the decline of mystery. Gonna be both injoyable and sad to see the fall of camelot, but still exited for the future of the story.
10/16 c13 Miooo9
Thank you for the new chapter!
10/16 c13 Eternalking500
Awesome chapter, thanks for updating and i can't wait for the next chapter.
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