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8/26 c1 12Codename-SN
also also,, forgot about this but i really like the premise of the fic i mean ngl the starting episodes it really looks like izuku is quietly having a panic attack just being near bakugou and other characters just don't realize/care to look so yeah also i'm all for calling bakugou on his shit the fucker

AND the fact that his analysis is also nurtured along with his quirk like,, we finally get a shonen protagonist that's smart and all they seem to be interested in punching things? please i GET that things goes sideways and during life and death situation you really can't help it but the fact is that that is the ONLY thing that happens it took a PERMANENT INJURY before he got to think about actually applying his quirk and don't get me wrong, i love aizawa, but the way he handled izuku at first fucking pissed me off like your a teacher? fucking act like it tho that's a bit unfair cause if all might actually deigned to give them crucial information it wouldn't have happened but no
8/26 c7 Codename-SN
8/26 c3 Codename-SN
uraraka got her priority straight lmao
6/29 c7 Amy L
Love your story!
6/1 c7 2AkaDeca
Good stuff
5/10 c3 Guest
I am very glad you took advantage of the rules or lack of specific rules stated for the team battles. My initial instinct was that if I had Momo on the villain team, have her make a dupe nuke, then have someone hide the real bomb underneath the building with a strength or digging quirk. At that point you play up the idea you’re trying to keep the heroes from reaching the top floor. Make them waste time.
5/10 c7 lin
happy mother's day and thank you for the amazing chapter
5/11 c7 NyaNyaKittyFace
I’ll be honest this is good. A lot of cute moments. A lot of serious moments. My only problems with it is that I wish the chapters were longer and that the revelation of what Bakugo did should have had greater consequences.
5/11 c7 1Koritsia
Thank you for updating. Keep up the good work.
5/10 c7 20bajy
love it!
5/10 c7 fencer29
No wonder he needed to take a deep breath. I had to stop and take a breadth midway through that paragraph and I was just reading it.
5/6 c6 2AkaDeca
Very cool!
5/6 c6 20bajy
I love this chapter, and I'm glad to see that Todoroki's being a pretty good friend to Izuku, even if he hasn't admitted it yet
I can definitely see the two of them will treat each other like brothers, eventually anyways
I wonder what the next chapter will bring
5/2 c5 1darkpaladin89
Izu-chan is just fulla surprises, isn't he?

Your mum is your editor. That's sweet. :3
5/2 c5 2AkaDeca
Compliments to your mom!
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