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for Iron on the Outside, Father Within

6/11 c1 6akeye49
Great idea, but Grollia's cannot swim, they are to heavy...their bones are thicker which is why they weigh so much and are harder to break. Our bones are lighter but easier to break and it shows how we both evolved even though we are both Great Ape's
5/9 c7 Guest
WOOO! So happy rn
3/30 c7 jreed59
immensely enjoyed reading your story:D don't stress but please continue this story
can't get enough of father son fluff 3
3/13 c7 kbear100
I'm so happy he accepted him
3/13 c7 kbear100
3/11 c7 65Fox Teen
Kerchak is trusting his instincts that family is family! Regardless of two worlds! You know I was expecting him to win the fight as appearances can be deceiving since Kago is more brawn than brains and Uto seemed more brain dead than violent. Very cunning Kerchak he led the Gunda family into a trap. Let's see what happens next!
2/21 c3 104Dr. Phoenix
Like how you just casually incorporated song lyrics into the narration here. :)

So...how would Kerchak feel if he were taking this same journey with a biological son, i.e. the baby gorilla that didn't survive the opening of the movie?

I do like how he's having sort of an internal struggle here. In real life, silverbacks are usually the protectors, but also gentle and tolerant with the young. Good to see Kerchak is having normal feelings for someone of his role.
1/27 c6 65Fox Teen
Just as I predicted, Tarzan was kidnapped by the Gunda family. You pulled off the substance of the brothers very well, Kago with his violence (and hiccup issue) and Uto with his stupidity.

Hopefully Kerchak will rescue him - thought it seems likely he will.
1/25 c5 3IAmTheTrueKingOfDragons
as soon as you can my dude!
1/24 c5 Guest
Oh no! Hope that Kerchak can get rid of them fast. Update soon?
12/26/2019 c5 Guest
I always wanted to see Kerchak take on those dumb gorilla brothers and mother from the second movie. They were so annoying -_-
11/11/2019 c5 8Remnants of Fantasy
Aw... This story is so sweet! Funny, I was thinking how the "Tell everybody I'm on my" song fit the story and you had it in chapter 5. I wish there were more stories like this.
11/1/2019 c5 Guest
Thanks for updating. Keep up the good work!
10/28/2019 c5 65Fox Teen
What a wonderful chapter! I loved the Brother Bear reference! Mama Gunda and her sons appearing was unexacting. I can see where the climax leading.
10/23/2019 c4 CleverReference
I only found this because I read your One Punch Man fic, and oh my gosh I'm so glad I looked at your other works! I never knew I needed this until not. I am almost crying because of how cute this story is. Thank you so much
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