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for Fake It Till You Make It

6/14 c3 5Mantrath
Hi, greetings from Germany
I really like their chemistry and I would love to read more of it. You write very well and it's fun to read it.
6/12/2019 c2 Guest
Like it! Update soon pls!
6/2/2019 c2 Megs
"You threw your life away for someone when you were eighteen, got a life sentence for murder three years later, and chose prison again by taking the fall for your brother. Now there's either a pattern of you choosing to do some self-sacrificing bullshit or you have a tendency towards making stupid decisions."
"Wow. I had no idea I'd done all that. Would you like a gold medal for your stunning insight, Captain Obvious?"

Oh, Broski, this fic is hella good. I didn't think the trope would work in FatF but it does.

Luke really has no idea what he's in for, does he? Beth might have a general sense of respect for him but she's not going to change her stripes the way he thinks she will. Maybe Hobbs has just forgotten she's a manipulative liar who's survival-oriented, and that those types don't tend to work well in teams. Or that she's a grownass woman who will never roll over and play Barbie Dream House without a fight.

Their lighthearted teasing is cute though. It really shows their age/maturity that they can both say shit and be nonplussed about it afterwords. Especially when she nearly bit his head off after assuming she knew what he meant and Luke was like 'yeah w/e, different experiences, we're cool'.

I really can't wait for the end, and all the times they have to fake it in front of real people. Hobbs is going to have to sit there and say 'I love you' to a woman who once tried to kill him, then she has to say it back or kiss him or something. Cue the maelstrom of angst and confusion!

Keep the updates coming when you can! I'm really enjoying the banter, but you totally have to keep working on rewriting the next chapter of AEFAE so I can be patient (kinda, lol!)
5/31/2019 c2 Guest
CJ/OddBall: Nice! :D Those two do click don't they!? ;) And again Ignore The Rude Reviewer! (-_-)
5/10/2019 c1 14MoparGirl1
Okay, so I am really enjoying where you are going with this and the dynamics you have going! I love it when you write these characters! I can’t wait for more! Hurry up!
5/1/2019 c1 Guest
É muito bom, mas onde estão Dom e Letty? Atualize fic logo, obrigado há muito mais para escrever sobre
4/28/2019 c1 Guest
CJ/OddBall: Sweet! :) Please tell me they actually do fall in love and Hobbs finally gets the girl?! :) There aren't enough Luke Hobbs pairing stories for my liking. Everyone else gets the pairing almost every time so Hobbs needs to be the lucky one for once! :)

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