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4/26/2021 c6 2Witchb.tch96
Loving this so far, just noticed something with the spanish

It is "cumplimiento de la ley, y manos en el aire ahora". I hate correcting words but learnt Spanish at high school and realised the mistake.

But Overall, love it 3
10/21/2020 c28 CaptainLoki
Love it
10/20/2020 c28 RAMBO112
Sequel? Please!
9/12/2020 c27 xLaBellaVita
Sooooo good! Thank you for this fic! Love your OC! Can't wait to read the final chapter
9/12/2020 c24 xLaBellaVita
Love this fic! So sad to know it's nearly finished :(
7/16/2020 c25 CaptainLoki
I want to see what is happening next ! Keep going ! I love your story !
7/15/2020 c25 ForeverTeamEdward13
Loved it! Please update again soon
7/12/2020 c24 ForeverTeamEdward13
good chapter! please please update again soon!
6/10/2020 c24 CaptainLoki
I love your story !
5/13/2020 c23 CaptainLoki
Aww Steve the perfect boyfriend !
4/7/2020 c22 CaptainLoki
oh my God! I think it’s one of Pierce’s guys, like Rumlow or Rollins
4/3/2020 c22 Siobhan
Was she poisoned?! Ahh update soon!
3/5/2020 c21 CaptainLoki
Ohh I really thought Emily was pregnant !
Nice chapter !
3/4/2020 c21 psychosae
Oooh I hope Steve proposes!
2/8/2020 c20 CaptainLoki
I LOVE this story !
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