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for A Hero's Journey

5/1 c1 majikss
4/14 c5 Guest
Man he is acting so fucking stupid
4/5 c9 TrumpasaurusRex
I find it very cringey when European people are using Japanese honorifics. Sieg calling Cao “Cao-kun”? He’s Chinese! It makes ZERO sense.
2/25 c10 reptoholic
So much potential! KEep up the amazing work!
2/25 c9 reptoholic
absolutely love ITTTT
2/25 c8 reptoholic
yesssssss I really hope she changes her back into a Nekoshou
2/25 c7 reptoholic
2/25 c6 reptoholic
2/25 c5 reptoholic
2/25 c4 reptoholic
2/25 c3 reptoholic
2/25 c2 reptoholic
hell yes
2/25 c1 reptoholic
Very interesting, hope he finds a way to become immortal or a budah
1/19 c10 adam95evans
Shame this is only 10 chapters
12/30/2021 c6 CyrusWolfricFaust81194
Why does he never consider Yasaka's neutral youkai faction? He wants to protect youkai as well, and if he or Kuroka can learn how to connect to leylines, they can create safe havens anywhere in the world where there are leylines and being affiliated eith the neutral faction of Japan is a good starting point.
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