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8/11/2020 c49 DrinkThemIn
Fantastic job!
8/11/2020 c49 3DW.618
Thanks for letting me be involved with the "expert" panelists on the morning news show. That was fun. However, your live coverage of Ken's arrival was so good. The chatter between the presenters was just perfect. Their speculation that Ken would propose there on the tarmac - that would certainly have made their ratings skyrocket! But their chatter about the Royals and then their turning aside to other topics when Ken and Rilla didn't put on a show of affection was really good. Also I liked the idea of the list of eligible princesses in case Ken wants to find a replacement girlfriend (as if his girlfriends were interchangeable!)
7/27/2020 c48 DW.618
Mention of "Horse & Hound" always makes me think of Hugh Grant's fake persona as a journalist for H&H in "Notting Hill." :-) Anyway, H&H definitely used a clickbait headline here...making people turn to the inside pages to there learn that Rilla was actually just being hugged by "the fatherly arms" of a PPO. I hope that H&H at least sold a few more copies of their magazine than they otherwise might have - since it was actually a rather kind article about Rilla.

It was QUITE interesting, though, that the official statement is that Persis was being held overnight for "observation" (not surgery)! The Palace is definitely keeping a tight lid on this story it seems. That makes sense. If word got out about the extent of Persis' injury, it would fuel the "where's Ken?" speculation even more.

I loved that the fashion blogger still supports Rilla's style (and her choice to let Di be the focus) - even if others thought that Rilla's dress was a hidden message of something bigger. But then again, the media does that to the modern royals all of the time...a new hairstyle "means" that Kate is pregnant, etc.
7/26/2020 c48 6DrinkThemIn
Ken can’t come back fast enough! He needs to sort out his stuff with Rilla and he needs to make a grand gesture to prove his support of the LGBTQ community.

Very glad that there were no grainy photos of Rilla leaning on a certain friend! ;)
7/15/2020 c47 Crispybluebirdperfection
AOGG meets South Park! #whokilledkenny
7/15/2020 c47 DrinkThemIn
Brilliant, ladies.
I did catch the #noonekilledkenny and laughed.
This ties in with ToF so perfectly. The three of you have found magic.
7/14/2020 c47 OzD
The tags are my favourite, particularly whokilledKenny. Brilliant
7/14/2020 c47 42oz diva
I'm positive I reviewed this morning, but now I can't find it.

Anyway, my favourite bits are the tags, particularly the South Park references. whokilledkenny and noonekilledkenny in particular; but it's great the way you cover a wide spectrum of attitudes in pithy one liners. Especially since I'm sure we're still pre 160 character tweets.
7/14/2020 c47 YodaChick
Oh some of these twitter comments are just vile
7/1/2020 c46 DrinkThemIn
My main thought was...awww don’t come after Walter! He’s been lucky to escape the nosiness of the gossip and paps so far. At least there wasn’t much to unearth on him...for now. I wonder if kslchen will work him into the plot...
6/30/2020 c46 3DW.618
These were all GREAT news reports to include in this update of RC. The range of topics was very good. I had expected it to be only about the photos of Rilla clubbing and maybe one of Jem and Faith coming/going near Rilla's home.

But the cholera report was a brilliant addition (especially with the a/n at the end explaining the real work done by the real doctors). Jordan's ugly slant on their early return was unfortunate, but Jordan always puts an ugly slant on things! (Shirley is brought up again as a university-dropout...he's going to hate being mentioned.)

And the Heat article's description of Walter makes me wish photos could be included in this FanFiction universe. I'd like to see what Walter looks like! I'm sure he (and his bosses) was not happy to see photos of him entering a nondescript government building. In fact, imagine that Rilla will essentially be in hot water with Walter for inadvertently causing Walter to be identified at all. Invisibility is sacred to a spy organization, I assume. And to have this media feature about him and his connection to the Russian language is NOT invisible.
6/1/2020 c45 42oz diva
Great to see you joining the fun DW618. It is interesting see how the royal family affects sales of all manner of things and great to see that in the eyes of the public at least, Rilla is practically Royal too. And as a bonus I now know how to make a floral crown.
6/1/2020 c45 62TinaLouise88
I really had to look up who wrote this article. And you know why lol. I was like who is trolling me! Only to find out it’s a coincidence lol

Bravo Dw! I enjoyed it very much and my nickname in RL is Krissy. And I am a crafter and sewer lol.
5/27/2020 c44 6DrinkThemIn
Me thinks oz diva will be going through Marilla withdrawls but we wish her luck on her independent projects! Good thing she was snared for this. ️
4/26/2020 c43 DrinkThemIn
The Chad! He needs a gag!
Also, ‘The Chad’ is hilarious to me - and probably only me - because of that scene in Charlie’s Angels with famous Canadian/idiot, Tom Green. ‘The Chad’

My biggest shocker was who in heck was taking the insider photos and selling them off?! That’s definitely a tangent which kslchen could work with, if she wanted. It’s so sad, too because Rilla was obviously relaxed and in her zone here, coming to helm to make the day perfect for the bride.
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