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11/21/2020 c16 anonymous
Looking forward to more.
11/21/2020 c16 N2
Please continue.
3/18/2020 c16 38vrskaandrea
Bel, you have done him justice. When he calls Anael doll, oh. Perfect.
You meant police officer, right? Great job on portraying him, he is more likeable here. But is he really just a demon? Is he really... Belphegor?
Sure ,Gabe is a little rusty and Ketch got him by surprise, Bel didn't expect Gabriel to release control to his vessel. Hm... I am watching you closely on this one.
3/18/2020 c16 140ncsupnatfan
Interesting chapter and wondering if Belphegor is going to evil or good in this story? Can't wait to find out. NC
3/18/2020 c16 7SilverDragonflymoon
Great chapter, I love how you are writing Belphegor, I don't trust him one bit... damn creepy butt demon.
1/29/2020 c15 LokisMischef79
I can't wait to find out what happens next. I can see the parallels that are happening in S15.

Belphie is going to be a good guy or a bad guy? Hopefully he doesn't hurt them until they get to Sam and Dean if he does turn bad.
1/4/2020 c15 2arsamandi1
Awww, thank you so much for the recommendation! That's so very, very kind of you, love you so much :))!

I was so happy when I saw the email about the update! Although I saw it way too late, given how crazy this day was (and - woah, remember what did I tell you about being "meh" about ships now? Right, that? Not anymore :D Haven't had one in 5 years since Hannigram, and now I have a new one xD! Eh, I'm rambling, it's almost 4 in the morning here :D), so I'm sooo very sorry for that! But I've checked my inbox, and le gasp!

Anyway, back to the amazing chapter! So so so amazing. First of all, you got my darling Belphegor spot on with his behavior! The talk about the good ghosts, mock congratulations, mama and papa Winchester - ahhhhh, he's so fantastic! You write him so well :))
Then, we got Michael and the kids. I loved the tidbits about him, Lucifer and Gabriel having those races and Lucifer being a sneaky little shit xD. I also loved how he took the children "flying", and I was dying from laughter when he punched Mr. Fizzles! And then he thought him possessed, oh my! Haha, good thing Mikey's never seen the series of movies about that Chucky doll :D. Really, truly, an awesome chapter, can't wait for the next one :)! Thank you for the update :)!
1/4/2020 c15 7SilverDragonflymoon

Michael actually punched Mr Fizzles, love it (creepy sock puppet).
1/4/2020 c15 140ncsupnatfan
Good chapter and loved the sock puppet. NC
1/4/2020 c15 38vrskaandrea
Ohoho, Belfagore.
Awe, Michael.
It was interesting to see Mary and John interact with Jess. I am curious to see if you stick to the show and make Bel the bad guy or not. Are they gonna possess someone or are they going to become corporeal via a spell that a certain witch has?
And Michael, he was sooooo adorable and hilarious with Mr. Fizzles. He actually punched him, ROFL! That was a brilliant idea.
I to imagine what is Michael eaten considering the others are werewolves. Lol.
Hope someone cooked his meal. Can't wait to see his reaction to food. He would probably like tye sweet and if Gabriel was there he would tease him about it. Maybe he will later...
1/4/2020 c14 Guest
Can you do a story with Jack in the empty? I get that Billie wanted to talk but it's been too long surely other things have been happening down there so I wanna see a story to like fill in the blanks. I'm sure the empty was pissed at Lilith's resurrection
12/17/2019 c14 2arsamandi1
Haha, I can't wait for Mikey babysitting, that is BOUND too be both hilarious and heartwarming :D! As for heart-things, you broke my heart with the fallout between Jack and Gabriel, I'm pouting here, all sad :(. And here I was, in my celestial-family-happy-feels cheerleader costume, haha :D But I hope they'll make up very soon :)! Oh, and P.S. Ketch as a redhead, hahaha, I LOVE IT! Our trickster's got him good xD and since the only choice was between red and green... I would've chosen red as well xd
12/17/2019 c13 arsamandi1
WHAT A TWIST! Hahah, Rowena's instant attraction to Ketch in the show makes much more sense now xDD. Anyway, I enjoyed the flashback greatly, and the surprise too :)! I also adore how great of an uncle Gabriel is to Jack! Especially with telling him that even without his powers he was still strong and having arguments to back it up. And how he was talking about Sherlock and Watson - I'm so here for all the family feels :)
12/17/2019 c12 arsamandi1
Oh, Rowena, I missed my favorite female character on SPN :D! Glad she made an appearance here :)! And Jess! Ohhhhhh, I had a feeling it was her, and I grinned when it was confirmed - awesome :D! Of course John and Mary would help an innocent, and I like how Anael is turning out, so nice and kind, but also badass :)!
12/17/2019 c11 arsamandi1
Oh gosh, I loved this chapter and Amara's conversation with Michael. How he kept calling her Auntie (that was heartwarming!), how she explained to him what was the purpose of creation of the archangels (ah, Chuck, Chuck, creating his own back-up soldiers), how she reassured him that she wasn't here to kill him, but to save the world together :). The memories of Michael raising his siblings (kinda like Dean - his true vessel - did with Sammy) because of dear old Dad not caring were heartbreaking :(. Speaking of angels and such - ah, I love the detail that Jack is the light (since his father is the bringer of it xD)!
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