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for Payback

8/16/2019 c1 18KillgarraghForever
Lol! I needed that, just read some angsty Endgame crap.
8/5/2019 c1 5zaylo267
Oh ho ho ho, good luck patching up with his girlfriend lmao... XD
5/20/2019 c1 29Natalie Rushman
That was hysterical X)
5/15/2019 c1 Guest
Someone already said it, but what WOULD've happened if Strange actually gave in to 'Christine'? Imagine they kissed, would Loki have jumped out of his disguise randomly and shouted "Ha, you fool!" and Strange'd be like "M'kay..."? Lmao
5/1/2019 c1 3occasionalreader
Oh that was great. Poor Stephen! Although, I guess that is what you get when you mess with the god of mischief.
4/29/2019 c1 Puppens101
Omg! I love this! But what if Strange had taken her? Him? Them? That would have been so awkward. And then they'd be cuddling in the aftermath and Loki transforms after whispering 'were even.'

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