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22h c1 Taylort12
I dont like this harry he is very unlikeable
9/7 c34 Guest
This is hands down best fanfic ive read. Reads like rick and morty episodes but better. Love it
9/4 c34 HeckNo
It sucks but I am going to read the ending.
9/3 c28 HeckNo
Greatest time travel chapters ever.
9/2 c23 HeckNo
Another cliffhanger?
9/2 c21 HeckNo
And of course Malfoy is still alive.
9/2 c20 HeckNo
My God, this is getting worse.
8/29 c18 HeckNo
Yeah, this is ridiculous. It's not even entertaining anymore. It's all just dick-measuring and dick-waving, not to mention posturing and peacocking. You're not even accomplishing anything. You continuously build up to try to do something, then constantly delay or jump back in time to do something else, which is stupid, because you could have just included that before the scene that required a reverse time-skip. (shakes head)
I'm dropping this dumpster fire.
8/29 c16 HeckNo
You know, I really bloody hate it when authors make me do goddamn homework to find out what the words they use mean. Piss off with not just saying 'persistent erection'.
Also, the last few chapters were all pontificating and stuffy.
8/28 c2 George1892
Good chapter with one typo:

"Who the hell cared? It's not like they matted anymore"

Should probably say "mattered". Don't worry about sending a cookie. already gives me a pop up when I open their webpage that offers all sorts of free cookies.
8/28 c6 HeckNo
Unnecessary cliffhangers are unnecessary. You could have easily, EASILY, ended the chapter with Harry entering the maze, or better yet, waiting for the event to start. You need to earn the cliffhangers, not shove them down people's throats for no reason.
I probably already commented on this before. I remember reading this a long time ago and being just as disappointed that Harry's not using his craziness properly.
8/28 c2 Sighs
How is Harry attending school when he wasn't allowed to own a wand, a condition of his release?
Also, why is he allowed to attend school? He's Dark lord Potter! None of the other parents would allow a known murderer to go to school with their kids.
Also also, is he using the wand openly and breaking the terms of his release from prison? Why is he not thrown back in Azkaban for that?
Did you even read what you wrote? Fix this, please.
8/28 c8 Guest
Absolutely stupid,
8/28 c34 Slk
Looking forward to the conclusion
8/27 c22 Slk
Calming sense of euphoria, eh? Liked that! In fact this whole chapter was "just not Hermione's day"
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