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for From Krypton To Smallville

10/7 c43 602Ghostwriter
Aww, I don't know these three as well but I LOVE this idea. Well done.
10/7 c43 298Aragorn II Elessar
Nice one.

Yep, these 4 teens together is great to see. Good job.
10/2 c42 602Ghostwriter
Oooh interesting idea. I love it.
10/2 c42 298Aragorn II Elessar
Nice one.

Lionel being a Clark supporter is always fun, like here.

And the reactions of the others were well done too.
9/23 c41 Aragorn II Elessar
Yes, at least Clark tried, HA!

Even with Red K though, Smallville Clark usually, like you said, acts out and becomes rebellious.

The worst he did is rob stuff from banks and blow up some cop cars without killing anyone, which is still petty thievery to be rich and far from a tyrant.

If anything, as long as you don't piss him off, Smallville Clark on Red K is a fun guy to hang out with.

Bruce's concerns would be a lot more valid with Arrowverse Kara, since she actually did want to rule the world on Red K.

Nice job.
9/23 c41 602Ghostwriter
Poor Clark. Well done.
8/14 c40 JiN
Mmmm..."wifey" Kyla...sweet what-if!
7/25 c40 Ghostwriter
Oooh intriguing idea. I like it.
6/18 c39 Ghostwriter
*Snickers* I love it.
6/17 c38 Ghostwriter
Cute chap. Didn't see this far into the series so I'm not sure who Raya is, but you kept it in character for Clark. Great job.
6/12 c37 Ghostwriter
*Giggles* That's just like Martha. And yeah, I could see Jonathan being paranoid about outsiders. How often had they dealt with people who seemed perfectly nice and then tried to hurt Clark in some way? Great work.
3/11 c36 51mrsfizzle
Oof, the angst is real with this one. Well done!
3/11 c36 602Ghostwriter
Aww, poor Clark. Well done.
2/12 c35 Ghostwriter
Oooh intense. I love it. Honestly, I think it makes sense for Martha to hide her feelings. As you stated she's always been more levelheaded and with Jor-El making a mess of things...yeah, SOMEONE needs to stay grounded.
1/27 c34 Ghostwriter
Oooh I like this idea. I would love to see more.
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