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5h c33 55Kal-K 2.0
Response to the author's note, I think you are absolutely right, apart from the writers since season five they were wrong to write everything. Clark learned nothing in ten years, only at the end with his brief meeting with Jonathan and Martha Kent did he see his mistakes.

Lana would have taken her out after episode one, Lex left him until episode 10 to maybe the entire season, leaving Smallville and touring the world. That Chloe and Clark had a brief relationship, only to realize later that they were actually friends and nothing more.

It would have been better if Lois had left and did not come back until season eight, Jonathan does not jump into the race for the senatorial position and lives with Martha until they are old.
10/19 c33 595Ghostwriter
Ooh intriguing. I like it. Well done.
10/19 c33 ezok
To be fair. Most of Clark problems can be chalked up to him either being a teenager or being manipulated into being/becoming something he is morally opposed to being.
10/13 c32 Ghostwriter
Beautiful. I love it. Even though I grew up on the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and knew that Superman and Lex Luthor were enemies, I LOVED the AU friendship in Smallville and always hoped things would work out for them even though I knew they ultimately wouldn't. Well done.
10/4 c31 Ghostwriter
I like it. This would be an interesting crossover series should you ever decide to expand on it. Well done.
10/4 c31 69Chunk127
Yeah not a big fan of what Crisis did especially since all Clark had to do was drop the blue K watch to help. Looking back Crisis loses more and more each time. I guarantee you the SV scene was written by a S1 writer because while it felt like SV but it was like all of Clark's character development through the series was wiped out leaving him as F the people I want my normal life.

And now I'm curious as to what would happen if Clark was Qui Gon's apprentice.
9/27 c30 595Ghostwriter
Oooh I like it. Well done.
9/22 c29 Ghostwriter
Awesome job. I love it.
9/16 c28 29mrsfizzle
Always love the idea of Jonathan and Martha giving Clark a hard time for stuff. I can't imagine Clark being very good with live TV interviews, though . . . Thanks for posting!
9/15 c28 595Ghostwriter
*Snickers* Cute. I like it.
9/2 c9 2Apfane Chan
aww how cute :) that two could make a good story
9/2 c8 Apfane Chan
bwahahaha that was hilarious "I'M FREE" excellent XD
9/2 c7 Apfane Chan
ouah great idea ! I hope to read more on that, I could be a great story!
8/29 c27 595Ghostwriter
I like it. Awesome job.
7/21 c26 Ghostwriter
Oooh I love this series of one-shots. Keep it up.
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