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for Long Term Vengeance

12/23/2020 c21 6Arrexu
nice story!
12/4/2020 c21 GNTR96
See you next time. Great chapter by the way. Hope that Weiss won't betray Adam now that she get her weapon back.
12/2/2020 c21 2AxDevilman
That was a really interesting topic of disscussion. Didn't one chapter of V8 ad Ozpin telling Oscar that Oscar would absorb him, unlike many of us thought (that Oz would erase Oscar by merging souls). So I really like that theory of Oz merging with someone less pure hearted than him.

It's nice to see Weiss getting a friendlier interaction with someone after all this time (and with Adam so far, I feared someone would try something like the Lieutenant did. Glad that's not the case... for now).

And I'm glad we got a slighty different interaction between Blake and Sun. Also glad you just gave us a summary of what happened during the Grimm attack, since it wasn't too different from canon.

Dat ending was touching, and I didn't expect Adam to take that risk (but he already took many risks with Weiss, so why stop?). Glad to see Weiss got a small moment of happiness, she deserves it.
11/18/2020 c21 14fireuser3
This story is going great and this pairing is actually rather different than some of the others I've seen. I mean Adam giving Weiss her weapon back more likely a sign of trust of some kind. Keep it up.
11/18/2020 c21 ajokitty1026
The show RWBY is available for free on Roster Teeth, and they have both mobile apps and a website for the computer, so it still should be possible for you to rewatch past episodes. New episodes are only limited to First for a week.
11/3/2020 c10 TheRightPrice
Wow, the idea of Weiss and this version of Adam getting together is really disgusting. This Adam needs to die a painful death.
10/22/2020 c20 Guest
Ok. I read all the new chapters and... wow... just, an amazing job as always. Blake sketching and Sun with her seeing her doing that was so cute, I want more momemts like that~

The Qrow vs Yang thing was so fresh and I love it, it was great see interactions between the group go this natural. I hope to see more of this things because it helps to actually see Teams RWBY and JNPR as the friends the CRWBY always potrayed but never take the chance to actually develop.

Weiss... are you falling for Adam? And Adam for you?! Man, Mercury is an asshole, but that horrible things he said are so in character. Dude! Team SSSN! And other 3 teams! Now this is a good fight! I like more your battle of Haven than RT's, finally the good guys have more advantage against Salem, and I'm glad that Hazel don't know about Oz.

I love how Weiss make Adam see reason, and I love having the White Fang for another round and not being disbanded! I can't believe Adam let Blake and Sun leave! An Ilia too!? Boooy... I loved the mini moment between Sun and Weiss! All we need to do is wait for you to make another chapter to see more, but I'm satisfied with what you published so, no hurries!

Stay safe there where you are, and don't forget the antibacterial gel and use your mask!
10/19/2020 c20 2AxDevilman
The previous chapter was great, and this one too.

I actually like the lore disscussions though... but I get It's not everybody's cup of tea.

I'm glad to see the Fang has become the third party; a thorn on everyone's side, which is a fun idea to play with (one I was hoping to see, since I thought the WF had divisions for the four kingdoms. Which is not the case, since there's no mentiong of an active group in Atlas).

Oh wow, the relationship is evolving. And Adam ruined the moment (one of the few times I agree with a meme i've seen), adding to the pile of shit Weiss deals with mentally.

The Lieutenant gets a relevant role?! This will be interesting...
10/4/2020 c20 elite-handcuffs
messed up big time, Adam. also that position tho (subtle bull riding winkwink*. my eyes are open.
10/1/2020 c19 LilJoestar
Glad to see the development of Weiss and Adam's relationship. Her being an anchor of reason for him and him the clarity she needed to see the world with. The enemies turned lovers/friends trope is one of the most difficult to write and you have done it brilliantly. Also, the Weiss and Sun moment added years to my life! The cherry on top of this chapter! Hope we get to see more if it!
9/27/2020 c19 GNTR96
You known when i stumble in your fic a few years back after a few chapters i really think that you'll give up. But now i known that you'll continue and i can't wait to see the next chapter. Good luck and see you at the next time.
9/26/2020 c1 Guest
Is it just me, or is Weiss starting to grow on Adam?
9/26/2020 c19 elite-handcuffs
becareful Weiss! also what she did to Sun was a really sweet gesture! I really wished canonically rwby, jnpr and sssn were a close knit group.
8/31/2020 c17 AxDevilman
It awesome how you did an analysis of 'Burn' in your AN (while probably putting more thought on it than RT).

A lion? I thought the WF symbol was a wolf's head... But no matter, I enjoyed that Blake moment with Sun. Not many people use Blake's doodles for anything (or at all), and many gloss over Sun being helpful for Blake.

Can't imagine how bad Weiss must be feeling after everything that has happened.

Okay, I like the small conflict between Yang and Qrow (and thank you for not making it one-sided). Wonder who's she gonna call...
8/28/2020 c17 1BashKetchup
The Yang semblance thing is a real thinker. I can't imagine Yang being a closet masochist and acting like Darkness from Konosuba. Also I assume the Neptune will appear with Scarlet and Sage. He's the only person I can assume she has his scroll number besides Sun from Painting the town and lives in Mistral. A plot hole that is vol 5 is where are all the Haven students? If Team ABRN will appear is up to you. Anyways, nice chapter and can't wait to read more.
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