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12/6/2020 c5 7Lelouch-Strife
when will Saphira reunite with Smaug
11/23/2020 c5 Magic Dragon
I have to say. Out of everything Smaug the terrible wasn't, a bad father wasn't one of them.
He wanted the best for his children. And that was to be whole and free. He know Sapphira was born into slavery and even if she didn't know it. She was never truly her-self. Part of her was broken and given to Eragon without her consent, so he could make her feel whole. She was always tainted by the riding bond, witch affected her personality and choices in life. No matter how much she clamed it was a bond stronger then steel and it was her choice. It was forced upon her and she would never be the dragon she was meant to be because of it. I can see why he would never want that for his children (hell I don't want it for any dragon) I can see why Smaug would want them to be whole and free.
I'm glad that Sapphira understood the importance of a free race of dragons. Free dragons can protect enslaved dragons from rider abuse, were ridden dragons can't.

But in hindsight. I feel that although they are beautiful, powerful, wonderous creatures. The dragons of Eragon, of the dragon riding organization, are bonafide slaves. Horses that talk, but nothing more then that. I hope we meet dragons, humans, elves, and the like whom call the riders out for what they are. Slave owners. I'd like to see characters that pitted the dragons and were outraged by the riders. I'd honestly like to see bonded dragons leave the organization to life separate lives away from their riders. Because you know. They didn't get a choice in what they wanted out of life. Military service was forced upon them. And they didn't get to choice whom were their riders, it was a forced bond not a forged one (and here's a question. Why are there no dragons bonded with other dragons?) And some of them have chosen that they don't want to be part of the riding organization. Is their a Harriet Tubman of dragons somewhere in here? Is there someone, dragon, human, or hobbit. Who wants the riding organization to change. Make it were no dragon is conscripted before birth, but makes the choice to join when their adults. No younger then a year. Like most military organizations. Because if I'm honest. An organization that enforces freedom by enslaving half of their members isn't an organization that upholds freedom.

I liked Calvar, Aurye, and Mithriel. But I'm disappointed that Mithriel toke Firnen as a mate. He isn't worthy of Mithriel (he wasn't of Sapphira either) Who's clearly way to beautiful, out-going, and accomplished for him. If you want me to believe that Mithriel who could have her pick of dragon men. Or, as many as she wanted (Mithriel shouldn't be forced to only have one mate her whole life. Her brother didn't have to do it. He fucked as many dragon women as he wanted. Especially not when a dragon man has to brand her to clam her as his mate. I'd like to see her with a harem of dragon men, not owned by anyone) would mate with little, nowhere near as beautiful, fierce, or accomplished Firnen. Than you've get to show me that Firnen has gone thought some monumental changes to be worthy of mating with her. You've get to show me that he's finally got iron in his bones and fire in his belly. I've get to see why she would pick him to brand her and be her one true mate for the rest of her life. I've get to see what Firnen has that no other dragon men has? Like why would Mithriel love or want him?
11/24/2020 c1 jesseshipman927
your story is one of the best I've ever read. also I love how the main character is not human
11/23/2020 c5 Tales From The Crypt Keeper
Thanks for the update it was nice to see what happen to thier children. I hope that in the next chapter Saphira will start making the jouney to see Smaug. Keep up the great work I hope you will be able to update again soon.
11/23/2020 c5 mbh040
Was very enjoyable to see what their children have been up to.
Eagerly waiting for more!
11/23/2020 c5 Commanderdragons
I've been waiting for this :). Good chapter, as always.
11/23/2020 c5 1Ultimatrix bearer
That...that was beautiful

11/23/2020 c5 3RonaldM40196867
Excellent poem.
11/23/2020 c5 11SyfyGuy2
A delightful new chapter to explain in excellently-detailed summary what happened to Calvar, Mithriel and Aurye each after they left the nest! :) It was thirst-quenching, I love how each dragon sibling's story was different and unexpected, and honestly, some of the antics each dragon got up to made me chuckle long and hard for a significant length of time like a good Terry Pratchett gag! :'D :'D

I'm still laughing out loud now at every mere mental reminder of how much Aurye got around, and also at the relationship Mithriel established with the dwarves in the Blue Mountains after the council's first unwelcome reaction to her! :'D :'D Even Calvar and the librarian, in a darker way was also funny (I would've found it less dark if he hadn't made the librarian die of exhaustion when he was finished). I hope with Aurye's high count of offspring that the dragons can smell from other dragons' genes whether or not they're related, if Calvar wanted to avoid unknowingly mating his own niece. :'D :'D (Unless of course, dragons have a more potent gene pool than humans which decreases the inbreeding depression, which in turn leads to dragons having a Targaryen attitude to mating with relatives.)

I smiled with my heart warmed when Fili first came into this chapter, putting an end to the heated debate about Saphira and Smaug's children. :) As a fan of 'Gravity Falls' and 'Supernatural' and their familial sibling aesops, I'll admit I really do have to feel sad at the dragon siblings growing apart in their adulthood, and in that respect that sentence about how it's natural for dragons and how they still don't forget each-other was much needed. :)

Oooh, my eyes widened and I drew in breath in quiet shock and delight at the dramatic reveal with the librarian that Calvar has inherited the dragon-spell from Smaug! :D :D I wonder if it's only Calvar, since he's the only one of the siblings who inherited Smaug's eyes, or if all three of them have it. :) I was rather gleeful at the reveal Mithriel hung out with the wizards at Isengard, and chuckle at the fact Saruman annoyed her into taking her leave. :'D I was also really delighted at the way you brought Valinor into the 'Dragon-Bound' universe here with Mithriel's story. Mithriel flying west to try and reach Valinor and being presumed dead for years, actually honestly makes me think of Arya Stark - all the more fitting because Arya's show ending in turn always made me think of 'Inheritance Cycle' canon's ending - and I honestly didn't think she'd manage to reach Valinor due to it being partly separated from the rounded world after the Downfall of Numenor. And then there came Mithriel's dramatic return following the War of the Ring, which honestly makes me wish Arya had some kind of epilogue along those lines (I'll admit I genuinely wasn't satisfied with that conclusion for Arya's character in the show). :) (I feel at this point I should apologise if I keep leaving a bad taste in your mouth with the number of times I've mentioned being made to think of 'GOT''s last season while reading this story, I'm honestly just reporting what prominently came into my head at these bits.) I love how shrouded in mystery what Mithriel found in the west before her return is, and the way you heavily imply it's Valinor, but the way even the elves are stunned at the magic on her when she returns leaves it up for debate. I wonder if Mithriel found a realm that's actually the truth behind the myth of Valinor, like, say, King Ghidorah being the Devil and Mothra being angels. I visualise Mithriel's return as being like Arwen's debut in a blinding light in the films. :)

Honestly, I love that Aurye, upon travelling to and taking over the Withered Heath, actively worked to help the Middle-Earth native lesser drakes already living there recover their populations to save every dragon breed from extinction. :) Reading the summary's details of how Aurye made the Withered Heath's wyrms change their more detrimental ways just made me picture back to Daenerys' "No more reaping" speech to Yara Greyjoy. :) I wonder if the Riders made a similar diplomatic save-the-species-and-make-them-live-in-peace-with-the-Free-Peoples mission with Middle-Earth's orcs, trolls and other Dark-aligned species after Sauron's final defeat made them disband; or if the Riders found most of the Dark creatures besides the dragons were too directly tied to or dependent on the Dark Lords to be redeemed. And I almost long to see what Aurye looks like with his new scars after he battled the Withered Heath's previous dragon-king - honestly, I also love how Aurye getting all those scars makes him seem that much more like Smaug while also highlighting the positive difference between them, in a Scar-and-Kion kind of way.

I overall love how every dragon's personality when they were hatchlings did not determine what personalities they grew into, making each of their stories all the more unexpected; what with Calvar being the most pacifistic of the three and being the most scholary, Aurye striving to be a better person than Smaug and not repeat his father's mistakes as well as being genuinely concerned about the dragons he rules, and Mithriel having a bit of a healthy inferiority complex which motivates her despite how she was able to wrap her brothers around her finger in their youth.

When it was mentioned that Calvar found a mate and afterwards returned to Saphira's domain in the Grey Mountains, my first thought was that Saphira would probably disapprove of and find faults in Laverne at first before they reconcile (and from writing that, now I'm now even imagining Saphira and Laverne at first being somewhat like Shrek and King Harold at the dinner table :'D). I'm loving how Mithriel's story is reminding me of Daenerys Targaryen, particularly with her disinterest in having hatchlings (I always thought it seemed pretty progressive to me that Dany was rendered infertile in a more dramatic way than Black Widow without being in any way weakened or made to seem less beautiful for it, though I'm providing a male's exterior thought on it there). It furthermore fits because, since I became familiar with 'Game of Thrones' after the 'Dragon-Bound' main book's end, I have been imagining an adult Mithriel would have Daenerys' voice and wondering if Dany was the inspiration for Mithriel's scale colour.

Overall, a great, satisfying (and humorous :'D) look into Calvar, Mithriel and Aurye's stories after 'Dragon-Bound'. :) I look forward to seeing what'll happen when Saphira and Smaug finally reunite and what Smaug's final fate in the Fourth Age will be, but I'm also wondering what's happened to Murtagh and Thorn. I'm wondering after this chapter, if after marrying Brielle, in an echo of Beren and Luthien's fate; Murtagh used some kind of magic to reverse the elvish/draconic slow aging that Riders attain, and he died of old age and Thorn with him. I'm also wondering after my previous speculations about Smaug's final fate, if 'Dragon-Freed' will see him travel to Alagaesia with the intent not to conquer or take but to make a fresh start among the wild dragons there, rather like how Murtagh was able to partly start over from his muddied reputation in his homeland when he came to Middle-Earth. I look forward to seeing how things end. ;)
10/5/2020 c1 Magic Dragon
I'm glad Dragon-Bond has a follow up story.

What I'm loving best about this story and previous, is we get the dragons' POV. Their thoughts, feelings, motivations, and we follow them as they pursue their goals and obtain them. Something that wasn't in the actual book series.
Even thought Saphira, Thorn, and the other dragons were on the covers of each and every book in the Eragon series, we never get their POVs. There all writen to have no greater purpose then to be fancy mounts for humans and elves. Dispite the narrative constantly reminding the reader their more then fancy horses, their never writen that way. (A case of saying over showing)
I ultimately hated the Eragon series because of these two oversights.
And this is what's lead me to love Dragon-Bond and Dragon-Freed so much. Saphira is more then just a fancy horse with sass. Her thoughts, feelings, and motivations happen on page, not off. And it's always recognized thought the narrative that Saphira is an authority and leader of the raider's organization. Not a consulted but an authority. I love whole heartedly that Saphira raised each and every dragon her-self. They weren't handed off to a raider to be brought up like a kitten or puppy. (Witch is something in the books I didn't like, the enslavement and lack of dragon identity, outside of biologically being a dragon, they had.) Each dragon grows up with their own racial and individual identity outside of being part of the raiders origination.

To me, Dragon-Bond and Dragon-Freed fills in the holes left in the plot by the writer and address the mistakes in the narrative regarding Saphira and the other dragons lack of POV, identity outside of their rolls as mounts for humans and elves, and the fact that no matter how it's gloried. Saphira and the rest of her kind or slaves.
I think Dany said it best. "Dragons aren't slaves"
7/6/2020 c4 Bravado
Not that it is a bad thing, but this felt like an Epilogue to Dragon-Bound rather than a story within itself. It was believable, entertaining and tied up plots nicely without unbelievable deviation from the original texts, yet I felt my heart sink at its lack of length. With time, effort, and dedication could it be it’s own story? Definitely. Yet fate leaves us with the unfortunate restrictions of time and what we may devote it to. I know you are working on different stories, and if rumors prove true one is about a dragon series you have yet to write on, yet I cannot help but long for a more profound end to a well-written story. With time perhaps this will prove true yet I know that you aren’t bound by anything but your own will and desire to continue writing this particular story. I hope to read further stories in future times and hope that this time is well within reach.
5/24/2020 c4 Thunder Dragon
Can I make a suggestion? After seeing Saphira tell her side of the story I would love to see how you would make a actual story about how the Dragon Rider and the Fellowship of The Ring shook things up in the War of The Ring especially for this idea for a fight in the story.

Dragon, Wizard and Dragon Rider versus Balrog!
Durin’s Bane had better bring his best. Also maybe we could see Thorn and Murtagh also shake things up in Middle Earth and possibly being invited to Valinor.

Or the Dragon and Dragon Rider could be the Riders best hope and represents hope to Middle Earth.
5/17/2020 c4 Guest
Please make a happy ending. Make smaug and saphira reunite and stay alive forever and together with their children please
5/17/2020 c4 SyfyGuy2
Nice new chapter - I was quite pleased to read the further details about how the War of the Ring ended. :) :)

Reading the Dragon-Riders' isolationism and considerations of abandoning Middle-Earth in response to the Fort Arngor I could really feel a grey cloud of loss of hope hanging in the air, not least in spite of the poor timing - it seemed like a really despairing moment, seeing them start to pull back in the War of the Ring like that. :o :o I also briefly feared it would damage the Dragon Riders' won positive reputation with the Free Peoples that they didn't answer those requests for aid during that part of the War. :o :o I loved reading the Eagles-like way the dragons and Riders drove back the clouds and slaughtered the fell-beasts when they became the cavalry for the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and also reading their bloodlust when Saphira promised them a feast of Mumakil flesh. :) Also, I rather like the image of the dragons and Eagles, who were opponents in the War of Wrath, fighting side-by-side in the War of the Ring's last two major battles. :) :)

I'm always loving seeing new details and small-print about the Dragon Riders' relations in and effects on Middle-Earth dropped, and that sentiment extends to their relationship with Rohan - I can smell and love Saphira's exasperation at their absolute faith in their horses' instincts. :) When you described the Witch-king's death; I'm not sure if it's an error or a change you made from LOTR canon, or just the Riders getting the Rohirrim's genealogy mixed up, but Eowyn is actually Theoden's niece rather than his daughter. x) I love your new detail that she got a sword from the Dragon Riders for the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, it makes it seem like her shieldmaiden duties are going to continue after the War of the Ring - alternatively, it made me wonder if in this universe, Eowyn becomes a Rider after the war (surely she has the kind of spirit that a bound dragon would hatch for). :) :)

I was surprised by the return of both the traitor Riders and the now-mindless traitor dragons in the Battle of the Black Gate - I'd assumed they'd probably died offscreen or been killed or discarded by Sauron once they were no longer of major use - and I rather like how the six traitors' final deaths in that battle seems to symbolise for Saphira the War of the Ring's close. :) :) One small criticism I have is, despite the Dragon-Rider traitors' role being confined to the textbook-narrative recounting of the War of the Ring, I feel they're relevant enough characters to warrant being given their own names and perhaps some description of what they look like and of the greedy two Riders' personality. To be honest, the horror-fan in me really wants to know what the traitors all looked like by the Battle of the Black Gate after being twisted and subsumed by Sauron, to know how they compare to the Mouth of Sauron. :) :) Saphira's line to the traitors when killing them was really badass. :) :)

At the end of this chapter, I feel like we've got to see in the first few paragraphs of the next (or otherwise through the characters' thoughts in the present Fourth Age time-setting) what happened immediately after the fall of Barad-dur with the Dragon-Riders. (The jokester in me asks, did they bow with everyone but the hobbits at Aragorn's coronation begrudgingly? x) x)) Just a thought, but I wouldn't mind finding out a bit about what happened with King Fili and with the dwarves' kingdom in the Blue Mountains after the first book, and I wouldn't mind seeing if Bilbo and the Alagaesian crew saw each-other one last time before Bilbo left for the Undying Lands. :) (That's actually just made me wonder if Murtagh is still around at Fort Arngor in the present time or if he and Thorn were invited to depart for Valinor. :O)

A nice new chapter, and I look forward to seeing what'll happen when Smaug and Saphira see each-other again and seeing what happened after the end of the War of the Ring for the Order of the Dragon-Riders. :) :)
5/17/2020 c4 Starlord Master
Strange ideas.
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