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for Total Drama: Welcome To The Musical Parade

2/8 c8 5BunniesAreNotCookies
Wow, I just saw this chapter and I love how you're portraying Ekwefi! Keep it up!
1/3 c8 20Sephiria Arks
Triple elimination, that's a good one.
And Kira, it's Chris McLean. Of course he's rich; he just doesn't want others to know about.
I say the episode was pretty good, it showed some light on everyone and put the interns against each other.
Can't wait to see the next episode!
1/3 c8 4AmyAmyNight
Triple Elimination, wew!
I really like this episode, poor Kirsten :(
8/11/2020 c7 2TurnipTheBeets
wow! this chapter was awesome! it's great seeing mari do her thing. edward definitely seems like he is growing as an antagonist, and it was interesting to see the divide between the explosive treble clefs in regards to voting- i wonder if this divide is reflective of a possible alliance, or something that will deepen in the future?
8/8/2020 c7 20Sephiria Arks
Okay, when I read the part about them entering in formal wear, a movie reference came into my head. It was a Deadpool reference (I don't know why, I'm probably just tired lol).

Okay, I thought previously that the girl and boy were Candela and SinWriter7, but now I know they are also o.c's just using their names. Good job guys, you both definitely got me blindsided!

Oh a movie reference that Vince can do for eliminations - have him say bub (it's what wolverine would say).

And bye Wolfgang, hopefully we will see you come back as an episode guest or something!
8/8/2020 c6 Sephiria Arks
Upcoming - The Return of Rena (with revenge in her agenda). Things will be interesting when she reappears.
But congrats to the Explosive Trebles for winning. Hopefully the Detonating Bass can win next time.

Also, I took notice in a previous chapter that I forgot to mention in a review, but when the Detonating Bass initials were mentioned it reminded me of a CSI pun! Lol!
8/8/2020 c5 Sephiria Arks
Okay out of all the songs used in this episode I've only known - Monster (skillet), Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day), All Star (Smash Mouth), You Give Love A Bad name (Bon Jovi), Thunder (Imagine Dragons), Never gonna Give you Up (Rick Astley, it's the Rick Rolling song who doesn't know this one?), Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Welcome to the Black Parade (My Chemical Romance), This is Gospel (Panic at the Disco) and Stronger (Kelly Clarkson)... that's all the songs I know.

Good job on the chapter.
8/8/2020 c7 6SinWriter7
I may be the writer for this story also, but hey, I might as well leave a review. I can definitely see why this took a while to make, one of the moments that stood out to me was the moment when Rival and Becky danced together after you earlier said it'd be awkward for two of someone's OCs to dance with each other...well you were definitely correct about how awkward it was.

If Vince was eliminated here then I'd feel very bad for him especially considering my history with him thus far, Dustin nearly getting eliminated didn't seem nearly like a good reason but considering that Ekwefi was the one who said his name first I think there could be a reason she threw his name out there.

Wolfgang, I liked his personality and he was a character I enjoyed writing so it's kinda sad to see him go, but his in-story reason for his elimination makes sense, meanwhile his real-life reason for his elimination does, in fact, make me really concerned for my characters...and I'm writing this story also!

I was happy to see Rena once more, she was good here even if she did spread some...rumors. Vince and his movie quotes was nice to see and having Kira correcting him in her Confessional was nice to see, even if I saw what Vince was intending when he said "Thank you 3000" rather than "I love you 3000" which was a nice MARVEL reference. Ekwefi did make some interesting moves this chapter, however Rival being the only voted who voted for her is something I've definitely noted in my mind, Ekwefi is definitely an eyecatcher for me. Edward is clearly using the Confessional to express himself for sure, clearly he is giving the room it's name, I wonder in what other ways he'll use it. Dustin also had some interesting moments here considering what I know about him. James is obviously a joy so far, especially since I do like Video Games even though I'm starting to get into anime more, but James is someone I still enjoy.

Cynthia had some nice moments here and I'd say you're doing a good job with her and that you're writing Cynthia in a way that makes both our writing styles not contradict each other and that's good to know, Bella definitely didn't waste her screen time here and I look forward to writing her and see how you continue to write her in this story, and I'd lastly talk about Rival but sadly my quick character recaps only have 8 bullets, so I'm out of ammo.

But overall, this chapter was cringe in a good way and I really liked the chapter! Goodluck with Episode 4...also, TAKE A BREAK! There ya go, I reminded ya again. And now for me to close out this review the same I close out everything with, with two words which start with "P" and ends with "T", would anyone like to guess what I'm gonna say? Well you can because this is a review and I can't speak with others, Waha! PEACE OUT!
8/8/2020 c4 20Sephiria Arks
Well, this whole season is going to be torture for Chris from the looks of it. So, this will be fun.
Let's see, the song, I say either you, Candela, or SinWriter7 sang it.
But things are definitely heating up between the members and who knows what might happen next.
8/8/2020 c7 4AmyAmyNight
absolutely noice, edward's starting to show signs of being a little snake and i love it
6/2/2020 c6 1Ecliptic Plasma
I'm glad this story is reviving! Too bad Rena's gone, she was actually pretty good.
5/30/2020 c6 4AmyAmyNight
Rena's out, oof.
I'm so happy that this is starting to come back from it's hiatus!
2/27/2020 c5 5BunniesAreNotCookies
Woah! Just saw this! I'm really liking how this story is playing out! Keep it up ;D
10/8/2019 c5 1Space Zodiac
I knew there was something I forgot to review ages ago... And I'm so sorry about that ! Don't worry too much about the fic and focus on school ! Good luck to you both !
8/30/2019 c5 1Ecliptic Plasma
Yes! I was lowkey afraid that this story had been abandoned but I guess not! Thanks for proving that wrong. XD

So, I love the friendships forming right now, like Kira and Alexei. Gotta say that those two are my fave dynamic duo right now. I'm also starting to like the rivalry between Kirsten and Mikael and I'm finding it very amusing.

Speaking of amusing, I'm actually curious about Edward. I'm starting to think that he's secretly becoming a villain and so does Ekwefi for capturing pictures of the contestants constantly. But hey, I may be wrong because I suck at guessing. XD

I love the challenge here, it gave me the perfect vibe of the first step to compete in a musical season and I'm surprised at how Matt and Rena (she'll probably have a rivalry with June from what I can tell) fare out lol. Oh, and I'm shipping Cynthia and Rival right now too, wonder what's gonna happen with them lol.

Excited for the development of the rest of the characters too! Oh and if this was TD Action, Vince would DEFINITELY win lol. I love that bean. XD

I guess I'll be waiting for the elimination!
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