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20h c44 The man
I usually don’t post anon but I forgot my password and am to lazy to reset just need to say DAM RIGHT IN THE FEELS
5/5 c44 AimBot3000
Amazing story, keep up the amazing work.

When is Percy going to show up though?
5/5 c44 6JPAnderson
Great story! (so far)
5/5 c44 TheDragonPrince99
Just caught up on the last 11 chapters. Wonderful job.
5/5 c44 HoboHeartLover
Awwwww the James bit was just adorable 3

Like honestly, it was lovely, thank you for the serotonin.
5/4 c44 Nemhain2009
Great story! I love how Harry interacts with everyone :)
5/4 c44 2Jack Inqu
I love how Harry continues to confound the expectations of everyone around him. It's quite amusing and endearing. And hey, he finally got to meet his dad! Hopefully nothing terrible happens to James.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
5/4 c44 draque-potter
Oh my. What a marvelous twist at the end of this chapter. I not only didn't see it coming, but it got me all teary eyed as well. Well written, my good bard. Well done.
5/4 c23 superspeedsloth
wouldn't something with a weight of zero just fly upwards really fast because it is lighter than everything else and has zero gpe. also if you turn a plant colourless would it effect its ability to photosynthesize?
5/4 c44 Sly Riddle
Thé teabagging made me laugh so hard!
5/4 c44 2MrPowell
Great chapter. Look forward to seeing how Harry past the hot dog eaten in Hades issue.
5/3 c44 Ranmaleopard
As always this is just really awesome and I can't wait for more
5/3 c44 Guest
Does the food he ate not count as food eaten in the underworld?
5/3 c44 1lilyemma
5/3 c44 LadyKirsten
Awwwwa, that's so sweet. Hades arranged for Harry and James to have Father/son time.
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