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3h c19 6Mando-Vet
Third time reading this and it's just as good as I remember
9/28 c47 36DZ2
Can I just say how HILARIOUS I found the Bones cameo?

As well as the others posted throughout this amazing adventure as I never tire of reading it over and over again?
9/27 c72 beahliezl7
I confess having little sleep for days just to finish reading til thos chapter. Definitely looking forward to more chapters.
9/25 c50 coleencasanova23
why are they blaming harry?! it was ares who put him before the drakon and knew there was a prophecy! seriously, why pick on the demigod who can't say no to gods and put their life in peril and only wanted to save his friend?!
9/25 c72 Krav
Wow, I remember finding this story a while ago and thinking it was neat but it's evolved so far since then. I couldn't put it down! I never would have expected some of these things to happen, but it's been quite a fun ride. I really hope to see more soon, thank you for writing! 3
9/24 c72 luminous dragon
well... nice cap, hope you have a nice day
9/24 c71 luminous dragon
I never thought that Hephaestus was one of those who like to see
9/23 c67 Revkless
omg I love the alien jellyfish so much!
9/20 c72 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more..
9/20 c27 Guest
Fun! I've never really read crossovers and I'm glad I gave this a shot _
9/19 c72 redroajs1
ARIGATOU! Thanks again for the chapter! Holy heck. This plot is going wild, and I am absolutely for it! So many crazy awesome twists and turns! And also, I'm really sorry that work's being such a major pain at the moment. The global economy really is in a rough patch right now, unfortunately. Make sure you don't put the story over your health. A good rest if far more important than a chapter being done faster. That also seems like a recipe that's ripe to make for a lower quality story in the long-run. Thank you once again for the great chapter, and I hope that you and your family all have an absolutely wonderful month ahead!
9/19 c72 Redacted
Just caught up, started a week ago. I love this story and all the feels, I cried once or twice at the some of the heart wrenching scenes. Thank you for the story and chapter. Hope that live works out for you. You’re a great author. :)
9/18 c72 ulttoanova
This story is so good. Having just binged it I've fallen in love with it. I absolutely loved so much of it. Godslayer is awesome especially plasma and the dark plasma, Queenie was awesome, and I loved Medusa's execution. I can't wait for more Thor as well as more math parties. I liked Aphrodite last chapter and am entertained by Harry slowly becoming attracted to girls. I don't know what else to say but I absolutely can't wait for the next chapter.
9/17 c71 grx1318
The idea that their in an actual loving relationship with extra spices. Makes me really like your workaround the mythology. Since you're not changing anything, just expanding on what we already knowe-ish. Also, I'm sorry you're surrounded by perverts, Harry.
9/17 c72 3MidwestJen
There are very few stories that I'll read an update to almost immediately (I prefer chunks vs dribbles), but this story has been one for a few years now. I'm beyond happy that it's still going strong and you have nothing to apologize for. Thank you for so many hours of enjoyment and we'll be here when you get a chance to breathe.
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