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1h c36 JayTee789
Really enjoying this fanfic. Binged it in a day.
The gods are kinda OOC, but I like the justification that it's due to Hestia vouching for him, and I like the OC campers and their personalities. I'm looking forward to when Percy joins the gang in a few years, and seeing the heights Harry will reach with his magic. Keep up the brilliant work, author!
10h c36 aesir21
I love Luna in this fic granted she is always lovely but because her mom is alive her spirit has not been broken
10h c35 aesir21
Fantastic job in saving Pandora not many would have done that in the story.
15h c36 Sol
Ah shit, here we go again
19h c36 mumphie
I've thoroughly enjoyed this story! Since Harry is ten, he has another year before being inundated with wizarding school applications and acceptance letter - if they can reach him, that is. So will Harry go to Hogwarts and bake by the box, or will he continue to learn magic by scratch? Will he do both by going to Hogwarts, but have his teacher as a tutor, or at holidays? Would he be allowed to stay with Helios during the holidays? What's with Sirius being not in Azkaban? Did he ever go there? If not, why didn't he have Harry? Speaking of the Dursleys, are they still alive? How is Dudley? Did he ever go to school? Is Dumbles frantic by the sightings of Harry? Is Dumbles a good guy or a manipulative bad one? Were the Potters a family of age and wealth, or just a run-of-the-mill family? Does he have property or has the ministry taken anything that was left? Can you imagine him meeting the Weasley twins and introducing them to the Guys? I hope Harry realizes that he is normal and that he will eventually like girls and not be a pervert. Oh so many ponderings and questions! I cannot wait for more! ;)
11/27 c36 3arcanum miles
What are you going to do about the curse of Medusa?
11/27 c36 1kevmenc15
Excellent. I'm really loving this story, and I can't wait for the next chapter. God bless and stay safe.
11/26 c20 mumphie
11/26 c36 Silvermane1
Fantastic update
11/26 c17 mumphie
Gee, Harry is so head strong...I wonder if he knows that NO child of nine would be allowed to galivant to Rome on a whim?
11/26 c36 176Firehedgehog
11/26 c14 mumphie
So...if Hermes is a nephew to Hestia, and Tyche is his daughter - then she is also a niece to Hestia. Then wouldn't that make Harry a mortal nephew to Hestia? He might like that designation.
11/26 c13 mumphie
Now THAT was a surprise! I thought that with horses trying to impress him that it was Poseidon!
How did Bai know Harry was going to talk about a Hydra? He only mentioned Aries and his birthday?
11/26 c11 GoMagikarp
The Gary-Sue just keeps on stacking. His instincts are apparently some luck based (maybe) demi-god power. Triton, Thor and Bai all love him. He slipped up into essentially getting Chinese and martial arts skill-booked into his head. He got a ridiculous enchanted pair of magic bracers. By the time he gets to Hogwarts he's going to be the most powerful mortal in the world. At age 11...

Maybe worse for me was that he's still surprised that Hestia cares enough to confront Hephaestus. Like, I could understand when he first got to Olympus, or even a few months afterward. But Hestia has literally done *everything* for him. Gone to bat for him countless times. Is always kind, caring and understanding. Teaches countless things. Grants him boons. Defends him to multiple gods. Visits him every day. But Harry somehow thinks she wouldn't do something on his behalf? He's flabbergasted that she looks out for him? As if she hasn't been doing exactly that from the moment they met.

Also, if I were a camper, I would fucking hate Harry. Or at least be incredibly jealous. He just strolls around telling stories about all his fun and wacky adventures with all the gods. Acting as if it were no big deal. Meanwhile all the other demigods likely haven't even met their parent let alone had a conversation or hung out with them. They are pretty much abandoned to survive on their own and Harry just leads this charmed ass life that literally any demigod would kill to have 1% of. Don't mind me as I live on Olympus and have poker games with gods.
11/26 c9 GoMagikarp
Let me preface this by saying I really do like your story. 95% of it is great and a joy to read. That being said:

Harry's insistence on hugging women who clearly do not want it is kind of unwittingly ... a hundred no's and one yes is still a yes type of thing. I get that he's a kid and it's "just" a hug, but it's increasingly coming across as off-putting. People shouldn't have to say no every single time.

Also, it's really lame that you made Lily's protection use up the vast majority of his magic. Like, the one thing I was really looking forward to, the thing that was frequently hinted - harry learning magic from the gods - is just railroaded to oblivion. Like, I really don't care about Harry learning to use a bow, to hunt, to throw a punch and swim. He's a wizard after all. Why shoot a bow when he can slap them around with magic? Why worry about surviving in the woods when conjurer water or apparate out of there. And so on. But now it seems that's not going to happen.

And making him into even more of a Gary-Sue as a trade-off (ridiculous levels of magic when he turns 11) doesn't make up for it. It just kind of makes it worse. We lose a really fun and interesting plot line and get Harry even more stupidly OP in return.

I really don't know. There's a lot to love about this fiction, but some things just really put me off.
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