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37m c49 2Drew86419
Repeating the same surprise party each time seems kind of lazy. Do something different next time please.
10h c58 Dat-boi-waddup
Didn't get over his trauma. I mean he'll be a hypocrite if he didn't hate himself once he's an adult.
10h c57 Dat-boi-waddup
I'd be annoyed at Harry for labelling all adults as suspect if he wasn't a kid. I wonder if he'll hate himself if he grows up to be an adult if he didm
5/27 c58 RikkiCool
I'm really loving this story
Your mom sounds like she really was a lovable woman and the way Harry speaks when talking about Hestia really shows how much you loved your mom
Lots of strength to you and yours
5/27 c53 1NerdLord2nd
you know it really shows how distorted this Harry's sense of reality is to others when something as simple as an adult telling a group of kids what to do is seen as a highly negative trait
5/26 c58 num1deathmuncher
I have followed this story for so long almost three years now and i can say with utter certainty that your writing only gets better thankyou for your amazing stories your humor has helped me through many a hard time.
5/25 c58 Guest
I just love this story so much. Can't wait for it to be all done so I can re-read it again. Of course, I will still re-read it along the way, lol :D
5/25 c58 9DarkenedRose24
Obviously I missed a few chapters... I'm going to have to start over and catch up.
5/23 c1 28Kairan1979
If only canon Dursleys ended up cursed. It's always angered me that they never paid for the abuse of their nephew.
5/23 c58 b.con.luv
I love this book. I really hope you continue it.
5/22 c1 Young Dr pepper
Don't forget to update
5/22 c27 b.con.luv
That actually happened to Harry
5/21 c58 Son of Vesta 16
5/20 c58 1darthtenebrosius
I've just read all this in the space of... I think a week! It's passed by in a blur, certainly. (While I should have been writing up my final project for my Masters, but let's ignore that...) Excellent stuff! I can see how much your writing has improved over the story, and characterisation feels on point. I can't wait to see where this goes in future!
5/19 c58 7Kaito Echizen
Hello, I understand what you are going through because of your mother, the pain will not go away completely, it will always be there
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