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2/26 c22 nyashamakanyire
the fight would have been better if the teamwork between the mc and cana was better coordinated. erza was fighting them one at a time instead of them jumping her together
2/25 c6 nyashamakanyire
I wonder if your illusions will work on erza
1/31 c59 LionComet
Been almost 3 years since Op posted... F
1/20 c6 MrKeyFox
Neat horror bits, shame it's completely ruined with poor grammar.
11/10/2023 c59 1MangaMan999
I dont usually post and I dont know if you will see this or not, but I really like your story. You have done a great job of world-building and simultaneously keeping the story Fairy Tail, but also putting your own spin on it. You have done a good job and you should be proud, it is quality literature.
9/17/2023 c59 Comic Manga
what's the point of writing things useless write
9/17/2023 c55 Comic Manga
couldn't write after change things, that's why lack of emotion. A BAD EXCUSE FOR A WRITER
9/17/2023 c47 Comic Manga
couldn't change anything that's why doing only small things
and thinking that really changing a lot of things
9/17/2023 c39 Comic Manga
shitty writer
9/17/2023 c37 Comic Manga
useless shitty writer couldn't change things
9/17/2023 c35 Comic Manga
useless write
9/17/2023 c20 Comic Manga
You don't have the ability to change anything because you can't write after changing things.
9/17/2023 c20 Comic Manga
useless character
6/17/2023 c1 Guest
Better be some itachi level shit happening
5/5/2023 c42 Chaosgenetives
I'm seriously pissed off by these scrapings. The Phantom Lord Guild has come to kill everyone in Fairy Tail. Kill them all. Not a quarter, not a half, not the strongest, not a guild master and senior mages. Everyone. And no one objected to Jose. It's just a bunch of hypocritical killers. And to be nice to those who came to kill you and all your friends... An abomination.
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