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9/17/2023 c20 Comic Manga
useless character
6/17/2023 c1 Guest
Better be some itachi level shit happening
5/5/2023 c42 Chaosgenetives
I'm seriously pissed off by these scrapings. The Phantom Lord Guild has come to kill everyone in Fairy Tail. Kill them all. Not a quarter, not a half, not the strongest, not a guild master and senior mages. Everyone. And no one objected to Jose. It's just a bunch of hypocritical killers. And to be nice to those who came to kill you and all your friends... An abomination.
5/4/2023 c10 Refraction25
Bruh, 10 chapters in and the whole idea of him 'not getting' family already falling apart.
I had rather hoped that aspect would remain the same. I wish you luck with the rest of your story
5/3/2023 c48 3EmeraMist
Really love this story! I love the concepts, the lore of magic, inbuilt rules, the creativity, the changes and basically everyrhing about it! I think you did an amazing job at this fic and Im really looking forward to the remaining chapters and hopefully, any future ones.
This should be a fun reread, thank you so much for writing this masterpiece!
3/16/2023 c18 Foreman88
Tried to stick with it, but story is a bit too boring to me.

Author has a bad habit of letting the reader know something is going to happen soon, using Murphy or Fate to basically underline that "Hey, something is about to happen! You'll be surprised when it does!"

MC doesn't really do anything. Illusions are pretty underwhelming as it is, but we don't get to see much of him getting better or trying to invent new ways of using it, or his apparent surplus of magic.

We don't get to see any but a few of his missions, which means the author couldn't find a way to keep it interesting

Years were skipped. Which again means author could not find a way to keep it interesting without the crutch of canon to lean on, which I would argue makes it less interesting since you kind of already know what to expect.

Heck, the only thing we do get to see a lot of is canon character intros. I really wonder what the point of having the character be born so many years before canon if all that was going to happen was the time skips. Guess for the "big brother" thing?

Just seems another story that drops a pebble in the pond and the waves immediately die out because author does not want to stray from canon. I can already see how the rest of the story will probably play out: MC becomes a background character, with some small effects in situations which somehow resolve to not changing the overall canon story.
3/12/2023 c6 SIMPDESTROYER
Make an illusion over yourself of a different person that isn't a child and you will have the first strike really
3/12/2023 c5 SIMPDESTROYER
What a fucking idiot "I am going to spend years with these people and make 0 bonds" Yeah right, really laying it on thick there?
3/12/2023 c4 SIMPDESTROYER
Use poisons on yourself (he seems like the type of guy to do so) and then use that experience to make someone feel like they are being poisoned
3/4/2023 c59 Abyssalwhale
I mean...Mavis's main magic was actually illusion magic...soooo. yeah.
1/14/2023 c59 36AliceCullen3
11/23/2022 c59 1Tewifying
<3 I like your story, hope to be able to read mkre
11/7/2022 c4 Aedwards179
Imagine him creating an entire fake city with illusions
11/7/2022 c2 Aedwards179
Honestly you're downplaying illusions. get him to learn how to use a weapon and he'll be great. As long as he's smart enough and has a great imagination illusions can be pretty much unstoppable. I mean look at the Uchiha with their genjutsu
10/21/2022 c59 joeback
I love your story
I hope you will begin to write again to finish it
Courage pour tout
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