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5/30/2022 c58 1TrackHer
rereading this story for what seems to be the 100th time (cause I love it that much).

I really hope to get some more binding time with Romeo and or Wakaba and Macao . and also some time with Mrs Vern too since she doesn't seem to get alot of one on one time with her eldest son. maybe get another story time in or expanding some on Bishops having a fan base.

I also look forward to Mirajane getting back into jobs and Elfman panicking about the Juvia situation.

Theres so much good about this story and I really really hope it starts updating again!
5/28/2022 c1 Gamma-X
You seem to forget Mavis who has Illusion Magic. Sure there's no Itachi or Aizen, but there IS Mavis Vermillion. And she was known as the Fairy Tactician.
5/28/2022 c26 TheSonicTurtle
Not sure if you’re going to scale it up as the story goes along, but even if you’re trying to keep Bishop balanced I feel like you yourself are underutilizing illusions. So many bad asses use illusions to great effect in anime. Itachi making people question what’s real with subtle illusions mimicking a real fight and tsukuyomi as an example of messing with their perception of time to essentially control their reality.

Aizen controlling every sense a person has simultaneously combined with his intellect and physical prowess to over power people with much great destructive potential.

Bishop by all accounts has the power to pull off such things, but halfway through the story he seems to be scratching the potential of his magic by brute forcing small fry when illusions by all accounts are best used subtly and most effective when people aren’t sure when they’re in one. He prepares to use one illusion after another but no mention of layering illusions on top of each other or more subtle uses or true mind games to take down stronger opponents.
As intelligent as he is, one would think his physical conditioning would be his main focus to make up for his limitations, even with a comparative lack of talent in physical fighting compared to Erza or Natsu, superiors conditioning and strength can make up for a lot in a fight. He instead diversified into cantrips and tricks that he should know would be ineffective against the monsters he has to face later on.
The character development and personal interactions are all excellently done, but for a SI he makes little use of the fear of god that should be in him knowing what’s coming. Acnologia and Zeref are known but he specializes in hammering small fry as opposed to becoming a scalpel that can outwit and win against people much stronger than him. I’m enjoying the story and your writing is excellent, but I just wish Bishop would show the true power of illusions, and step up with his little siblings instead of falling behind so far.
4/26/2022 c6 Cerulea-Rush
Man, I was not expecting Over The Garden Wall!
4/21/2022 c59 smittyjr
absolutely amazing story can't wait for future chapters
3/25/2022 c55 Emyat
this is why I hate bishop
he had fucking years to train his body to atleast slightly tougher but the author just to not seem OP turns him into a lazy fucker who did not even exercise and only train illusion
I mean come on man he can slash with his sword why the fck would he stab it's not like he uses a reaper or whatever it's called he would have finished the fight much faster
3/23/2022 c9 EnTItTy-LuCIus
story of Pokémon nice
3/23/2022 c5 EnTItTy-LuCIus
I'm liking the story but it does need some grammer check
2/4/2022 c59 Evan
1/15/2022 c17 3TheCyanNinja
While the story is... Okay. The Grammar is Atrocious.
1/13/2022 c13 TheCyanNinja
Emotional people does not make them retarded
1/13/2022 c1 TheCyanNinja
Here's to hoping Aizen levels of Illusion skills
11/20/2021 c22 Zapper69420
This has been the single most infuriating fanfiction story I have read in a while. Everything about this story just serves to make me more and more frustrated. I'm fine with not making a super duper ultra godlike mc, but holy shit this is just straight up pathetic. I mean what the actual fuck has he been doing for the last DECADE?! He has so many advantages of prior knowledge, knowledge of the future, and the supposed intellect of an adult and the only thing he can do is like 5 subpar illusions? WTF? There is absolutely no excuse for him to be this week. I mean does he have the creativity and the imagination of a rock or some shit? He has like five years on all of his siblings and they all far outclass him. The problem with doing an oc si is that if the character is too weak it makes no fucking sense at all. Anyway that's just my two cents but hey it's your story do whatever you want with it. Dropped.
11/6/2021 c5 teo12345678980527
I like dia shit you got more?
10/31/2021 c18 smolhauz
Fuck the wholesomeness hurts my heart.

Seriously, after all the lemons and harem fics i’ve found a fairy tail fic thats actually about a story!
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