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7/21 c1 1LetsPilot
So far great start! I am intrigued by where older Shinji and Asuka go from here.

May I make one request?

I think your story can use a lot more Mana Kirishima. She's kind and sweet and is the ideal best match for Shinji in a world were he sadly could not be with Asuka.

She also is a kick-ass character on her own based on her backstory in Girlfriend of Steel.

Hope for more of the Magnificent Mana Kirishima!
7/18 c5 4HydrationStation
Bro the way those Yakuza spoke was flattering and slimey at the same time, love the Baki reference. Looked up Tool to listen to it, fits very well with how Shinji must've been feeling. Till the next two
7/15 c3 HydrationStation
Enjoying this very, very much. The fact that Asuka can talk candidly with demons that literally shattered her mind is comforting, although walking into that would be disturbing. I really like the sardonic humor.
7/15 c7 7shadowfang6421
There are some things that are perplexingly good, things that you wouldn't necessarily think were good to begin with. If someone had simply said 'There's a story where Shinji snorts cocaine', well I'm sure many people would say that is simply a insane story that's not taking itself too seriously.
This isn't that.
Perhaps the biggest thing I can say about this story is I BELIEVE that Shinji would do these things and hit this low.
I BELIEVE that Asuka could act this way and still feel like Asuka.
This story is what happens when you take the legitimate trauma that these characters would be facing and take it to the highest degree. But you haven't overdone it, that's the interesting part.
First, Shinji.
Despite Shinji's incredibly self destructive behavior, this is simply a path that could be taken by him. It's a path that was spurned on by not only the events of EoE, but the compounding events afterwards. He's almost taken the Asuka approach of just pushing everyone away instead of running away, that mixed with the self loathing and it doesn't feel unrealistic in this setting.
Her reason for leaving it perfectly in line with her character, she suddenly felt something and nearly killed Shinji over it. Her actions in the following years are great, the constant need to excel and outwards appearance she puts up for the world, while being this broken person when alone.

Due to the title and overall tone, I'd say Asuka is risking her own life for his, which is great, but we never get away with anything do we? I get the feeling that eventually, Shinji is going to need to save Asuka from herself, just like she is trying to save him now. The girl seems exactly like him underneath a fresh set of paint and a fake smile.

Keep it up! I'd love to see just where this leads, will our beloved tortured characters be able to save each other from themselves and the demons that haunt them? I think so, but the road out of this personal hell is going to be long for the both of them, especially when I feel there is much more that must be said.
7/2 c6 15JDH1080
So reading this has been interesting. I'll be honest I was hesitant with reading this fic, but I've read ST and I know your a fantastic writer, so this has not disappointed. I have very much enjoyed the development of this story. Even side characters are interesting and help build up this little world. The first part of this chapter has me a little confused. I kind of like the idea of Kensuke being Asuka's informat for keeping tabs on Shinji. But I'm not sure I like the idea of him pining for her. That's just weird... Other that though I really don't have too many complaints about this story. Hopefully you'll keep at it and it will one be finished. In the meantime maybe I should go back and finish reading Scar Tissue.
6/28 c7 4TheOneAndOnlyErik
I just noticed that my review wasn't uploaded so here we go again.

I hated this fanfic in the beginning, especially how it made Asuka look like a slut looking for pleasure but after reading more and more chapter I was starting to like the story, and just like in your Scar Tissue story you somehow turned something disgusting to beautiful and sweet. I honestly never thought I would like this fanfic so much that I can't even wait any longer for the next chappie ;)

Hope you haven't abandoned this pal, it's too good to be abandoned
6/22 c2 EvaPilotFair
Thanks to these first two chapters, I put off all my responsibilities. Love what I have seen so far, broken Shinji painted in a realistic light showing that despite his achievements, he can't escape his demons and is affected by his past. Can't wait to see the rest and keep up the great work my guy!
6/6 c7 1Repost
So I just found this again after finishing read two of MisterHalt's loooooooong stories.

I'll be honest. The first time I read this a year ago I think? I fucking hated it. Why? It had the potential to be good, but I disliked how you had Asuka sleep around. Stupid reasoning I know, but it's also hard to read. The pain that Shinji tries to bury. That's what makes it difficult to read. It's fucking painful. Kinda like the pain you feel from watching the actual series, but that just shows how well you wrote it.

The only other time I had a hard time reading your story was when you went full ghetto on us with some of the gym guys. Lol. I'm just unused to it and hope not to have to read it en mass like before. Lol.

However, your WAFF is strong. So very fucking strong. If all I had to say about your story to someone and even myself I'd say this. It was well done. Well, fucking done.

So we'll that I may consider it as one of my favourites, even with Asuka's past here that I heavily dislike, but understand.

However, I have a few questions.

1. Asuka was clearly holding out her heart for Shinji and got roped into a few guys by her father, but why did she give in with that last guy? I understand the one night stands, but the one who touched her "stuff" lol. She didn't have to sleep with him, so why did she? She seemed to even admit that she only did it to appease her father after he told her to improve her public image.

2. Why exactly do the Yakuza cater to Shinji's every need in such a respectful and professional manner? They experienced fear via Lilith by his side, so I thought it was maybe that and that he gave them another chance to live life again, but is there more to it? It can't just be the respect they feel for him right? His public image?

3. And what above the same for Asuka? How and why does she command such co-operation, respect and professionalism and friendless from them? Is it merely respect or because of Shinji's strong connection with her, so their relationship with him extends out to her?

I'm also somewhat surprised that you got Toji to cheat on Hikari, very dark indeed. I'm even more surprised you got Kensuke to fawn over Asuka and THEN had her kiss him. I am not looking forward and want to know why at the same time. Maybe it will be in the next chapter, we'll see.

I don't know why, but the Coach reminds me of the trainer in "Never Back Down 1". It's cliche as fuck, but I loved it. Still do. But I can't shake the physical appearance of the Coach as him lol.

I was also surprised to see Hanayama in here, he's one of my favourite characters in Baki the Grappler.

4. Final question for now, why the hate for Mari Illustrious? Personally, I like Mari, but detest how little time and development she's been given. She has potential, but it's hard to give her the same development as the characters from the original series in a movie. Plus, I don't think we'll ever get it in the last movie, because I REALLY want to know what makes her so drastically different from all the other pilots. (I almost wrote pirates! Lol. Now there's a new story idea! XD) I mean, everyone's so different in the series and they all have extremely compelling and believable backgrounds to be so. Anyway.

I may have to go back and check, but I can't remember why the Mari in your story tried to kill Shinji. Twice.

I also really enjoyed the skiff? The latest short chapter too and would consider it canon in your story!

Also, it's great to see another piece of good wisdom from Jordan Peterson. It's funny seeing how many groups who "claim" to help men and then diss all over him and also see how full of narsasstic, self-entitled shit they are.

I wish you good health and greatly look forward to your next chapter!


P.S. For some odd reason, I imagine that you might like Overlord, Goblin Slayer and Berserk. It almost feels like a trifecta of some sort. Am I wrong?
6/2 c1 Guest
Bueno está historia salió en un post de Reddit en español y causó polémica junto con otra historia tuya que se me va el nombre, estoy en celular y no creo poder traducir mis palabras así que espero expresarme correctamente para que el traductor automático haga lo suyo.
Primero lo más obvio, sabes manejar de manera genial el drama. Pero siendo franco cuando leo esto esto siento que hay un reflector gigante sobre Asuka que dice: "mírame y amame, soy genial". Parece que a Asuka siempre es la buena en todo, perfecto, milagrosa. Y perdóname la expresión que pareces un "lame botas de Asuka" que hace sufrir a Shinji solo para que Asuka venga a salvarlo. Le quitaste su humanidad a Shinji y su evolución en la instrumentalidad al hacer que solo respire por Asuka cuando (hay que admitirlo) ella era una persona de mierda en la serie original ( por favor, intenten negarmelo por favor). Fracmente parece más la proyección del propio autor sobre su favoritsmo por Asuka junto con un odio irracional e infantil hacia Shinji.

Está fue muy opinión simplemente.
5/10 c7 NigerianNaruto
Honestly, you are hands down one of my favorite writers out there. Plot is well thought out and well written, nice attention to detail, and I love the hopeful style of writing you have. Scar Tissue is one of my favorite pieces because of its originality and even some of its uh... more sensitive and disagreeable moments are handled remarkably well. Your new piece Relapse certainly does not disappoint and it really reflects as a more mature piece. It feels very realistic and more akin to real life rather than fantasy which is what I love about this piece. I appreciate your work and wish you the best of luck deathbringer374.
5/1 c7 6YourBlandestNightmare
Phew! I finally caught up! :)

Splendid. That's all I can say, and I feel that even that word doesn't do the story justice. You've crafted a tale that shows the ugliness of life, but also the beauty. Shinji and Asuka went through Hell itself, and now they're climbing the Mount of Purgatory towards the light of hope. The scenes of them opening to each other are beautiful. While I don't have any experience with drugs and rehabilitation, I do understand about self-hatred, anxiety and other mental issues; so seeing them working through all the pain to better themselves and each other hits really close to home. I'll be anxiously waiting for the next chapter.

Also, I love the way you write the characters' dialogues. You've given a unique voice to each one, and none of them are boring to read.
4/25 c1 I-only-review-what-I-Love
I'm not done with your last Evangelion story. but I just wanted to come here and give you some words of support, I'm very happy that you decided to keep writing about this series and considering how good scar tissue is I'm exited to read this as well (but I'm not exited about having to finish it first :( such a good story) aagain thank you (also you said this takes place after "TI" I couldn't find any of your stories named "TI" do you mean its after Scar Tissue? ST)
4/23 c7 7SheriffJohnStone
Hell yeah, great story so far! One thing that jumped out at me is that your writing style has certainly gotten better over the years, anf this fanfic shows that in spades.

Since this is partially based on the album, I'm looking forward to see how you tackle the song "Beautiful."
4/23 c7 Deathly Tempest115
This skit was fucking adorable, A writing, you best get that next chapter out soon unless you want to lose penis privilege’s(snip snip). All jokes aside, wonderful writing and I’m excited for your next chapter.
4/13 c1 Guest
I love this story! Please don’t let it die
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