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1/14/2020 c3 derektomlinson
leiko hissing smirking at her boyfriend so hiro hamada when are you going to say that you will marry me
12/22/2019 c3 derektomlinson
leiko gogo tomogo hissing at dating to her boyfriend hiro great we are not out of college yet and my dad is already trying to marry us
7/18/2019 c3 derek
gogo hissing saying to hiro i see that you caught on to the clues and hints that I was sending to you saying that i love you and I care about you
5/19/2019 c3 Derek
Ethel aka gogo saying to hiro you beter not cheat on me or run from me remember there s no one that out run me not even my bf hiro
5/2/2019 c3 2StrangeHuman
It is an incredible story. I loved it. You captured the attitude of the characters very well. Good job.
5/2/2019 c3 jtdarkman
Awww go gogo lol ( it took me a few tries to type those three words lol my phone kept changing go and gogo in to a weird combo of letters that only made since to it lol did u mean Gigi lol sorry for rambling anyway thanx for the ride thus far and please keep on writing
5/2/2019 c1 3EvilpuppyofDoom
“Almost said what”. Fred! I will throw you in a pool! Maybe the water will wash away the dipstick

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