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for Update: Destruction

9/11 c3 2fanzforzfictionzzz
hope you like it
9/11 c1 fanzforzfictionzzz
I have a oc for you
black, curly hair
where's a black/blue shirt
where's black pants
is a human with crafter skill with the trident
trident is a tinker weapon.
trident is enchanted with loyalty 5 and sharpness 7.
he helps Alex fend of all the pillagers.
joins them on their adventures.
is a good guy
9/11 c1 fanzforzfictionzzz
yah know, you should have got 20 follows or something by now. it very good. plz update
10/23/2019 c1 YouKnowWhoIAm
Not family friendly
5/27/2019 c2 4Zombiesguy115
Nice little prophecy

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