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for On Champagne and on Being Too Late

8/25 c1 11the8horcrux
oooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo great job I loved it
4/30 c1 1Sahren Athykyna
Wepa! This was really good!
9/25/2019 c1 58Trekkiehood
Bueno! honestly, I loved this.

sure, I totally think that Usnavi deserves much more than to be guilted into giving up his dream, but still this was good.

hope you write more. not roo many ITH fics
6/19/2019 c1 102ChibiDawn23
Aw, yay, something new "In the Heights!" I really liked this!
So I feel like you've really got Vanessa pegged as a character. Love the use of the fact that she'd friend zoned him, even if Usnavi is just slightly clueless (or just not paying attention since he wants to go to DR so bad) and also mildly at fault. Doing this story again from Usnavi's POV, or adding a second chapter that way would be neat, and then maybe wrapping it up with the "Finale"?
I mean, I could nitpick details and grammar and whatnot, but I'd rather say how this story does a really good job of touching on Vanessa's thoughts during "Cold Champagne," I think.
I'm like Vanessa, I know Usnavi's all awkward around Vanessa but dude, take your hands off the stupid bottle and pay attention! :D
I would also love to know how the whole 'you owe me a bottle of cold champagne' thing came about in the first place-if you're looking for something else to write about ;)

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