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5/3/2019 c1 58Tirainy
Happy endings are my favorite endings! ;D
5/3/2019 c1 22Arctic-Starflowers
OK OK first of all i love you luke! and second of all, oh my god this was perfect
i'm like ummmm how do i even review this? like wow thank you, wow-
shadow is my favourite character and i just fucking love this? and THE THEME oh god, like when i saw the summary i legit screeched a little, and then all the "yeah ure gonna be fine maria", "yeah i'm totally fine", "i'll be right behind you" and other lies that break my heart, i'm just ! ! !

him as a fucking double agent? i was on the actual edge of my seat reading that, and then when i came to him looking right at sonic and saying that ? ? ? and like what's infinite gonna do, hah, nothing, shadow's got this, and then a happy ending? with a hug even ? ? actually Blessed(tm)

-AND I ALMOST FORGOT it in my vomit of words but the discussion about bravery they have there? whew, just - like wow! i love your charaterisation! like ofc sonic would bring it up? and shadow's got so many things to be afraid of! which again leads to me screaming about the last part of the story, anyway, so long story short: thank you and i love you
5/3/2019 c1 11Infinite's Ruby
There's one thing I love about your stories, it's the amount of emotion you put behind them. I loved each of the snippets. You did a fantastic job capturing Shadow's emotions, your Sonadow is nothing, but pure fluff. I loved it.

Your writing style is beautiful to read. I look forward to seeing more stories from you.
5/3/2019 c1 86shadrougeforever
Your stories never cease to amaze me. I love your work! You always manage to outdo yourself with everything written out so beautifully. Great job and I look forward to seeing more from you!
5/2/2019 c1 64GuardianDragon98
This is so beautifully-written. Love me some Sonadow sweetness!
5/2/2019 c1 Pamitydesu01
5/2/2019 c1 4tekina fiction
IM SOBBING AND IM ON THE PHONE SO I CANT SAY LIKE A LONG RAMBLE AS USUAL. but i just loved the little things such shadow being annoyed like a brother at maria rambling about the earth again, omega having computer chargers, and shadow literally screaming on the inside as he has to sit in the same room as infinite and just. This was adorable and amazing and so was sonic n shadows first kiss,,, i love! This was sweet as heck luke!

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