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6/18/2019 c4 54The Celestial Sky Dragon
Everything is great so far. I really like this setting honestly and the cast assembled is fantastic. I also like the nods to past killing games, with Komori being the most obvious one. My favorite part of this is all of the talents assembled from different schools, it makes the universe look so much bigger than it is.

I can't really pick any favorites as of yet, I guess because we're still getting to know everyone. I'm willing to be someone is going to attack soon. I wanna see some despair dammit. I've grown so desensitized by this series that I live for it lol.

I also want to see what Priscilla's prophetic chocolate vision is gonna be. Whatever it is, it'll be delicious!

So now we have to wait, wait to die. Wait to live... Wait for an absolution, that would never come.

6/17/2019 c4 Deadaccountsuperallstars
Ugh, just take my bank acount already!? Wait a minute, a response in the story and not by PM? I'm shocked to see one. Nice to see a review section. Also nice to see another chapter at crit speeds.

I dont know why, but seeing Yu eating a cupcake sounds adorable in a creepy way. Speaking of Yu, he had a nice fight with Tohka. He may have loss but it did show off a bit of his and tohka's strengths. And on the flip side, we have a promise of no killing... Yea, no sorry but this is a danganronpa story. If no one actually died then what's even the point... Unless its a slice of life which I am all up for. Too bad its none of that. And then we see some interesting easter eggs from characters throughout the stories of the LoD ranging from rei and then miu and chihiro. Its nice little nods to them.

I dont know why, but I want a pic of Tohka, Yu, Genjiro, and Amamiya eating on a table with tohka, yu,and amamiya having this amazing energy to them while genjiro is just sitting there awkwardly and trying to be cool while he isnt. They clearly or sitting one the "cool kids" table.

Anyways, next time we meet, the cast dors things of the not killing variety happen until they don't. So see ya next time for: Genjiro's awkward adventures to be cool... I'm grasping at straws do names at the moment.
6/17/2019 c4 31Glimmershine
Absolutely loving what you've done so far, it's been quite fun and interesting to read! This chapter especially was exceptionally entertaining as all the interactions between the characters were fantastic.

Oh, I have to give you props for how outstanding Sayuki has been, you seem to have already nailed down her personality and I couldn't be happier about it! I look forward to the ever inevitable despair that'll befall my precious Cosmic Queen and the others~
6/17/2019 c4 logal
Kenta lol the poor third wheel Oof...Great chapter Yuuki I really like the atmosphere of this killing game. I eagerly wait for the rating to go up to M because unfortunately Hanzai killing will happen. *kek*

Big fan
K bye...
6/17/2019 c3 11Crit Fail
Fantastic job my dude. I was so stoked to see the bear reference from Kira's app used. Though now I'm deathly afraid she has a walking death flag aha
6/17/2019 c3 Deadaccountsuperallstars
Hey thats fine. At least we got a good chapter for us today. Huh, so Nemisis, Yu, and Hanzai hunted ultinate despairs while others help either rebuild the world or deal with many other tramas. That does make sense to hear. Wby do I feel like Haruka went through a lot more than planting plants? Oh well, more answers to come later. Seeing Naomi be put in her place is quite funny. Ōkuma... A Royal monokuma is something I'm suprised to see. But when I think that name I think okami as in the word for both wolf and great deity. (Also the game.) So I assume that this monokuma thinks he is the god of this chateau even if it a castle.

It seems like the major rule here, or isnt here is that there can be a mass murder and still be a trial. That sounds like a major game changer. For all we know, we can have a trial for 10 people getting murdered somehow. That sounds messy. Also monokuma gacha games... Does that mean we are gonna have to get as many points to try and get the rare drops and event characters that we never actually get because our luck sucks... Im looking at you fire emblem heroes and dokkan battle.

anyways, next time we meet we do some stuff like possibly bonding with others and exploration and other stuff like that. So see you next time for: Danganronpa the Gacha game.
6/17/2019 c3 11gamergirl101
The games begins. *evil grin*
6/17/2019 c3 logal
Nice work Yuuki reactions to the killing game was on point. Can't wait to see moaaarrrrr Nemesis since she's best girl compared to some of the snowflakes here. You can get away with more than to kills?! *Maybe that's why Kasuka is kinda creepy in Central City he's seen some stuff man*

Big fan
K bye
6/2/2019 c2 Deadaccountsuperallstars
Well, aint that the suprise. Honestly didnt think we would be getting a chapter until a week or more, not a few days after the closing period.

So we meet our new victims... I mean contestants... Yea. Now out of our lovely cast, which I like pretty much all of them, 3 special ones that caught my interest: Nemesis, Ella, and Kasuka. I'm really interested to see where this whole story will go, and especially their reactions to the announcment of the start of a killing game. So we will see that next time on: Castelvania Despair edition.
6/2/2019 c2 gamergirl101
I never saw it coming (Persona 5 reference)! :)
6/2/2019 c2 logal
Great chapter Yuuki I liked all the interactions with the characters(#TeamNemesis). Seems like a great bunch...Mr. Steal Yo Girl stealing Klara too!

Big fan
K bye!
6/2/2019 c1 Sparten2121
Well fuck me I wasn't expecting that.
6/2/2019 c2 11Crit Fail
Fantastic start! To me starting fics can always be the most challenging parts, but you really kicked things off great )
6/2/2019 c2 6MudkipOfDespair
*Cackles madly as New World Order plays in background*
6/2/2019 c1 Deadaccountsuperallstars
Thanks for accepting yu to your story yuuki. Im very interested to see where this darker story can lead this wonderful cast in the end of things. Hope you have a nice whatever time period it is you read this and next time we meet we start a new killing game on: Mansion of Murders. See ya then
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