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9/27 c20 Guest
Man this is so riveting. Keep it up.
9/20 c20 Lady Bird
I'm excited to see what's gonna happen in the woods. What is gonna happen in the woods? What's gonna happen to Ava? What's gonna happen to Jason. Must. See. More. Of. This. Story.
9/20 c20 Warriorqueen
Plz update more and more chapters of this story. I love it so much, I'm obsessed with it. PLL is my life and so is this story.
9/20 c20 Princess1
Really? A cliffhanger? I was so looking forward to see what A's next move was. I need to see more and more of this story coz I love reading Ava's tale in this and seeing some A action. You're really good at that. Overall, I enjoyed this chapter. Can't wait for more of what's to come in this book.
9/19 c20 Loving Liar
Ok, I love it when Jason made that Stephen King reference. Having them going to a cabin is just like all of those horror/slasher movies and it's a really good homage that you're doing to it. There was a lot of JAva fluff that I liked in this chapter. I can't wait for more.
9/19 c20 Hope10
Fuck yeah! We're finally getting some A action. I just wish it didn't have to end on a cliffhanger. Since A is lurking around what is he/she/him/her/it/bitch gonna do to ruin their weekend vacation? (Sorry, I had to put that in there. LOL!) Keep up the good work.
9/18 c20 Ineveryfandom
NOOO! Not another cliffhanger! What is A gonna do? What did they mean anything can happen in the woods? I got chills in this chapter when the lights went off. There were also a lot of cutesy moments between JAva. Especially when they're watching a horror movie together and opening up to each other. And Ava is right. Harvard Law is not for her. Juilliard is since she likes to dance or maybe TISCH School Of The Arts. Great job btw. Update soon!
9/18 c20 ForeverTeamEdward13
Great chapter! I always wondered how Jason would react if he knew about A! Also are we ignoring the fact that Mr. Hastings in Jason’s dad in this story?
9/9 c19 Warriorqueen
I’m so dying to know what’s gonna happen on the trip. I love this pll fic. Can’t wait for the next one!
9/8 c19 Guest
Jason and Ava really are a OTP. This chapter really proves it. I want to see what else you have in store for this book. It's fun, entertaining, and thrilling.
9/8 c19 Lady Bird
Love, love, love it! Hope you update more. We're all dying to know what's gonna happen on their getaway.
9/8 c19 Princess1
You updated! YES! Finally! I've been waiting patiently for this. I loved Ava's snarky and sarcastic quips in this chapter. What's the surprise that Jason has in store for her? What are the plans? Also, when you put down of having some sensation of an invisible hand tightening around Ava's, was that some foreshadowing that someone is gonna strangle or something bad might happen to her? Like -A related? or did something happen to her in the past that we don't know about? I'm excited for more!
9/8 c19 Loving Liar
Of course Ava is afraid go the Bogeyman coz the bogeyman is -A. Stalking it's prey, finding the right move to kill her in creative ways. That him, her, it, bitch. LOL! Man I so wanna see a team HaVa or HaVanna. Whatever you would call since Hanna and Ave are close and have the same feeling that Ali is alive. and have a lot in common. (Which they're right of course.) Keep up the good work.
9/8 c19 Hope10
Wren was the one that came onto Spencer. Not the other way around. So, it's Wren's fault, not Spencer's. Since Melissa bribed Ava, I wonder if Ava's gonna turn the tables on her? That would be so cool. I wonder where Jason and Ava are gonna go? Is it some sort of cabin, Spencer's lake house, or the lodge from season 3? Love this chapter. Can't wait for more!
9/8 c19 Ineveryfandom
Okay, I'm off from work and now I can review this. I was so happy to to read another chapter. That scene between Ava and Melissa was really intense. Melissa just doesn't want to listen, does she? I mean she just refuses to hear the truth. I can't believe she blackmailed Ava like that. It really shows her shady side. What is Ava gonna do to pay Melissa back in return? That I'm looking forward to. I am also looking forward to where Jason and Ava are gonna go. Where are they gonna go? Is -A gonna be there? I am dying for part 2 of the trip. Man I wanna know what happens. Update soon! :)
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