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14h c36 5SomethingAncient
Hey, thanks to both you and Erico for the chapter, and the story. Despite my criticism on the last chapter, which I still stand behind (I just haven't gotten the chance to reply with a more in-depth reason behind why I said what I said), I will say that this was a strong finish. Well done.

I haven't said this yet, but Max's reaction to Ben and Gwen's relashionship, from his initial snap (needing Vera to stop him), to now, has been spot on, in my opinion.

I look forward to the next reboot, whenever that starts to be released.

Have a great week and God bless,
8/14 c36 EternalWisdom
Bravo! Bravo!

An absolutely masterful ending to this story. Reconciliation with a side of adorableness. Perfection!

You're easily among the finest writers on this website.

I will of course stay tuned to see more of your fine work.
8/12 c36 FanFicfan111
Beautiful and amazing!
8/9 c36 11Twister980
And there it is, the ending that I've been waiting every Friday to see again.

I am honestly impressed with how much time and effort you must have put into this thing, and I'll miss reading it every week until Breaking Point is ready. I love the tie in with Bezel's Story, for those of you who haven't read it DO IT NOW, I love how Ben and Gwen matured more and more as time went on.
I love how they came to realize that like their parents, Grandpa Max is flawed and broken too.
And I especially love how, even with all they've been through; they still plan on going through with all of what comes next.

Thank you for this wonderful story.
8/9 c36 Guest 1910
Thank you so much for writing this. I have to admit that when I was first introduced to your work I was very frustrated with the fact that it was left half done. It is actually the very first Ben 10 fanfic I ever read and to this day remains in my personal top 3. I can't wait for you to start, but more importantly, in the opinion of one who has bwen waiting (horrible pun intended) since 2015, for it to be finished. So while I know that you must work at your own pace to give us your very best, please, I beg of you don't leave us hanging to long.
Thanks again for all your hard work, cramped fingers, headaches, and everything else that goes with producing this great work fo fanfiction.

Guest 1910
I am fully aware that the voices in my head aren't real. But I must say, they have some of the awesomest ideas ever!
8/9 c36 2BrazeRancor
Thank you for your hard work. As much as I like the original you’ve outdone yourself with this second attempt. I can see where you’ve improved and I’m glad your happy with what you’ve achieved.

Hope to see you again soon!

Good luck.
8/8 c36 ineveraskedforthis
This was great. Can't wait for the sequel. Well done!
8/8 c36 Signed2TheHeat
Major love & appreciation for all the work that yall put in on this series that is...only what can only be described as...the diamond standard of B10 fics.
I'm on the phone with Tiffany & Co. right now cause Shadows & Erico need championship rings A$AP Rocky.
8/8 c36 AL
An interesting bait and switch with Verdonas relationship with Max to end up being her relationship with Ben and just how much her pain now is close to Maxs own suffering in his daily life. It speaks to how Max might be the first person to accept their relationship ( His sister doesnt count; she strikes me as someone who has seen even worse things then max, to the point I have to wonder what she experienced to be so unperturbed by such events as this ), that he allows their relationship as he knows just how hard it is to live without the person you love.

Other then that, it seems to keep the tone of the original and what was loved about it. Cant really make this any deeper as this is my third rewrite so far for this review.

PS. Take your time, I doubt we will see the next story until early next year at best. Rather you get a good start then feel like you need to do breaks from over-loading yourself.

PSS. How much you want to bet that the creators are wishing they stuck with the original plot; that
being a ten-year old boy and his grandfather taking a road trip in a RV with a ten-year old female friend. Making them cousins didnt stop anything, just made it more confusing later on when they tried to dissuade people on their relationship lore wise.
8/8 c36 1Hinate
Bwen love forever...
For this chapter... I really can't say much... it's the end... yet we're back at the starting point... to go in a journey in a world we love... a boy a girl... and their story...
I can't begin to thank you and Erico for this and for the new beginnings to come... still
Thank you so much...
Take care , Stay Safe! Good luck...
8/8 c35 Hinate
Bwen love forever...
I'm crying... damn boy... this is just too much raw emotions n feels just can't get my heart to stop pounding... loved the Azmuth moments n Gwen's POV is just heart tearing... how much you wish to tell her.. they'll never be over! They're BWEN!.. ahh stupid Ben damn they're both just arg love em... and that Gwen's line Ben being her whole world.. was just epic.. cried on the follow up .. Never again... and Ben's pov is also... just wanna tie em up together and lock em in room... Never again... the word ... again... at this point I'm not making sense at all..
Thank you guys... need to wrap head around it all... Take care ..
8/8 c36 1Jacklot
Truly one of my absolute favorite fics on any of these sights, well done you guys! Its hard to describe all my emotions to this work, but know that its had an impact, and I am ecstatic in my wait for the sequel!
8/8 c34 Hinate
Bwen Forever...
this chapter was harder to read... as aftermath and PTSD are always harder than the actual event sometimes... it'll get better... it leaves a scar.. but time really does heals.. wish they'll be stronger than ever after this... and together..
8/8 c33 Hinate
Bwen love forever...
I've been waiting for the last chapter so I could read these last four chapters together... coz I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the just 1 and wait a week... but wow... this chapter was just wow... way more easier to understand than classic and just as much more feels... really wish they never had to face this... never have to break apart...even if it's only a month or two... but that's life...
Thank you ... take care
8/7 c36 MakhaiArcanum
It’s rather difficult to explain that feeling you get when you finish a story, and it was so good, and you’re glad it had such a great ending, but you really want to see more of these characters and how they continue to grow. Haha, I’m excited for Breaking Point: Re!

Good job!
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