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4/20 c36 Dragonslayer55
i've already made a review, but again, i'd like to reiterate that this story is brilliant, and probably the best ben 10 fic ever, let alone it being one of the best romance stories i've read. and, i'm really interested in reading the breaking point reboot. i read the classic breaking point, but that one was seemingly discontinued, i can't wait for you to write that full story, too. along with, maybe, possible, a 3rd installment? to tie the story up if breaking point doesn't do that? either way, i'm gonna read this story again and again, until breaking point is up, probably.
4/16 c36 dragonslayer76
when i first came looking for bwen fanfics, it was my first time searching for the particular ship, i didn't expect the ship to be popular, but it the selection didn't really suit my tastes, i found mostly one-shots, and porn, and granted, there were some really good, longer fics, on , but it wasn't enough, and as much as one-shots are great, i needed something bigger, and Little Moments hit me in just the right spot. i never expected it to make me feel the things it did. it's, the perfect love story, in my opinion, but, it made me happy, sad, angry, and more. i think the thing that stood out most to me, is how much i cared about their parents, about Max, in this fic. the chapter where max is talking to the gravestones of verdona, and kenny? and then get's called back, it took me so long to finish it, i was crying so hard reading it, it shows just how well written this fic is, in my opinion, and i can't wait to read the sequel, when it's ready, and any other future works you have planned for Bwen, in general.
4/12 c36 death444
what a fucking great love story love this thank you for all your hard work cant wait for breaking point. :}
3/21 c36 Ecomadness
loved this story so much
3/18 c1 sam
3/15 c36 Guest
I read the classic two years ago, and started craving it again and it lead me to the rebooted version which made me so happy. An absolute master piece. Every word written brings a joy and I can't wait for breaking point!
3/4 c36 Hikal
The Best story in this Fandom, hands down. Excellent work, I can't wait to read the sequel's reboot, I'm sure it will be just as good.
2/27 c36 Guest
This Fanfic is the pinnacle of Ben 10 fanfiction. As of the writing of this, there is no other that can even compete. Can't wait for the Breaking Point Reboot
2/25 c36 jmcd24
Stupendous job! Seriously, this was absolutely fantastic. I especially must commend your incredible job at world building. Great as the central story was, my favorite parts were the peeks given of the larger world, and I really have to highlight the first chapter, the chapter where the Tennysons are tormented in the fog, and the part where Max works with the Plumbers in a raid on a mansion in the woods. These parts were so cool, and read like they really could have been episodes in a tv show. I also love the chapters about the parents, and the weird love-hate emotion those evoke in me towards Max for him being such a wholesome, good grandfather that has literally turned their children into child-soldiers. And two little details I really liked were Gwen's persistent obliviousness towards the author of the journal, and that the "greys" of IRL stereotypical alien fame are the hyper evolved form of humans in this world. Finally, though I realize you likely already have a story planned, a good arch-nemesis can be hard to come by, so I would love to see more of Vilgax (who's side story was fucking awesome btw). Thanks for the effort put into this for all of us to read, you did a very good job.
2/21 c36 3LombaxWarfare
This was an amazing read, and I hope to see more from this universe. I hope to see Breaking Points get rebooted soon and I will review every chapter there to encourage you to continue writing and finish the story. I can already see the endgame for Ben and Gwen. After narrowingly escaping death yet again thanks to each other, they'll have a child in their arms. A little boy with their green eyes, Ben's smile, and Gwen's red hair and give him the plushie they found in the nursery. Kenny.
2/5 c22 8csgt
Ben has some competition here with Elias. His precocious crush on Gwen is adorable! And... some competition with Michelle too ("I didn't know you wanted to see under my skirt so bad, Crazy, you could have just asked.")

I also liked the jealous Ben angle. Though from my interpretation, not romantic jealousy, but platonic jealousy, as in Ben thinks Gwen is going to ditch him to spend more time with the new girl. Of course, platonic jealousy fits much better in the context here, since (also from my interpretation) Ben isn't yet fully aware of his feelings for Gwen (He knows he likes her a LOT, but he doesn't know he wants to be her boyfriend). Ben's surprise appearance as a Big Chill was great and also a perfect way to make sure Ben wasn't sidelined for the chapter while still keeping the main focus on Gwen and the Hallams.

I definitely could see Ben taking issue with Michelle slapping Gwen's butt LOL
"because he never missed a chance to say something about her butt." The best part about this line is that only completely delusional anti-Bwen haters can deny it's 100% in-character ("we would have only had to buy the one that I found the gold Sumo Slammer card in if Gwen hadn't butted in with her big butt." "your butt is huge" "It's not your fault, dweeb. With a butt that big, you probably aren't getting enough blood to your brains.")

I can see much of Grandpa Max on Colonel Hallam (They're even both "Colonels" as Jim Huxby also referred to Max as Colonel) and I can also see a bit of Frank and Carl reflected on Michelle, with her resentment of her father's absence. Yeah, we know how Hallam got injured, from snippets seen in previous chapters, and he's a badass, though a bit reckless too ("Colonel Hallam is confident that his grunts can hold even with our casualties until reinforcements can arrive. He's deploying search teams now just in case there are more of those things out there." "And if that Army Colonel hadn't been there")

Gotta admit I had to google Jamie Farr. I'll blame it on me being a Brazilian and born no less than a decade after M*A*S*H's original run was over.

And I learned something important from this chapter: If I know someone who doesn't have siblings, I will never make a joke about them being an only child because we can never know the circumstances. ("You three are going to make her glad she's an only child")

Fantastic chapter as usual! And sorry for the late review (as usual too, sorry XD)
1/12 c1 Guest
This is great! I love it. Now I wish there could be a story that ties it all together. Little moments and breaking point were great, though I think Stone in the river and Kiss me goodbye took the story in a direction that leaves much to be desired. You (Shadow59) and Erico have done such great work. I personally wish there could be one more story, like a conclusion after Breaking Point and one more story for a conclusion after Kiss me goodbye. Something that ties it all together and makes for a more definitive ending.
11/13/2020 c36 TigerJacob
I stopped at ch12 god knows how many months ago, because I knew the original work word for word at the time, it was all still fresh in my mind alongside breaking point and I just couldn't read it (and I think I made it clear in my original reviews how much I loved this fic) without it feeling like a reread or with spoilers.

So it sat in my to read box, hell chapter 12 sat in an open tab on my mobile internet, and then school restarted the world is on fire and I just got this urge. I almost started from 12 but I decided I'd go for broke and reread everything. That was about three days ago at max. I. Couldn't. Fucking. Stop. Didn't matter that I had a test (thank god it got postponed) and my inbox updated some of my favorite fics, but I didn't even touch them because this is right up there with them.

Forgive me if I missed some important deviations but the first time I noticed something big was the poodle, I didn't remember it but it added to the domino of Gwen's perspective change on everyone and the monster itself greatly intrigued me. From their the extended povs of characters stood out but regardless all of ben and Gwen's interactions remained from the original, right?

Speaking of monsters, the detail for all the baddies (and I'll throw Jim right into that list, no even as I write this Jim is definitely a villain but hes got a greater good complex (or just pure self righteousness) and that makes him even more dangerous) has been amazing and leaves me with questions but at a reasonable rate, considering that they are all coming out to play at the same time rather than season by season it just seems so epic, but I look forward to reading it and seeing the world you create from all the changes. Have no fucking clue what's in Antarctica though.

Kinda sad ben curbstomped vilgax but I suppose that's what happens when you get him to snap, I don't know I loved how he got him but you'd think vilgax would've dodged, if ben had charged and impaled him or had to get close to do it I'd think it'd be perfect.

I can't say I regret not reading this fic sooner, even now rereading it, I knew exactly how it was gonna end but I loved it regardless, your original was a master piece and you've only added more to love. I really hope to see breaking point rebooted soon, because I've opened pandora's box and I can't exactly close it. I'll have to give your most recent fic a shot in the meantime.

Thanks for the read!
11/3/2020 c21 csgt
LMAO I really love how Ben already acts like a boyfriend who is impatiently waiting for a reply from his girlfriend, and completely ignores Jamie's message.

Glad that Ben brought Gwen back to Earth and made her realize that what she did wasn't really bad. I mean, what else could she have done? Allow Flint and Sean to harrass her and Michelle? And allow Marci and the harpies to expose compromising pictures of Michelle? She did the right thing. Yeah, she probably enjoyed scaring Marci a little more than she should have, the evil laugh and all, but who can really blame her? Glad that Ben reminded her of his use of XLR8 on Cash and JT as an example, because in fact, Ben did it as a revenge prank which was technically worse than what Gwen did. The only reason why Gwen feels bad is because she is too used to being the 'good girl'.

And thinking about using Ghostfreak to scare Marci, Sean, Flint (and probably the harpies) is very in-character for Ben. Good that Gwen talked him out of it or those delinquent kids would have nightmares for a loooong time XD

Also I'm really happy that Frank and Natalie sided 100% with Gwen too, rather than pulling some BS of "you should have called a teacher or an adult". They're good parents.

"I mean, I'm sure that Aunt Natalie is going to be my end boss one day,"
Yeah, Ben, you're right. In a few years from now, when you sleep with Gwen and Aunt Natalie finds out, she's definitely going to go full final boss on you LMAO

I really like how you captured Ben's childish innocence, not realizing that his parents had sex, while still making it clear for us readers.

A few comments based on some specific lines:

"It's- it's not something you should ever do to your cousin, Ben,"
You have no idea, Carl, but Ben is going to do plenty of that with his cousin once they're old enough

"Now, there was only the Dweeb and he couldn't take his eyes off of her."
Really really love to see Ben dumbfounded mesmerized as he watched his pretty cousin dance. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful new little moments from this updated version.

"And Ben saw the little line of skin of her stomach that peeked out when they did. Skin that was just a little paler than the rest of her, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from as it moved with her every breath and his just stopped."
Oh boy... I almost thought that scene from Breaking Point when Ben has a certain reaction would happen early here. Thankfully, Ben is too young for that, I guess, or it would have been much more embarrassing.

"He loved all of it. He lo -"
Ben is slowly starting to realize that he loves her. This is getting better and better.
11/2/2020 c36 Guest
So glad you came back this story is my go to reference for bwen fanfics remember reading the classic and hanging on to every new chapter and using it as a comparison for bwen stories if they didn’t come close to matching the genius of little moments I had little faith please keep up the awesome work
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