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for Of Water and Salt

2h c41 1Lord Cornichon
Hello first time reviewing this story i tought it was abandonned glad to see it's not ! I love it one of the Best i've read !
20h c41 aesir21
Well Percy had more caring friends then he thought then.
20h c40 aesir21
Hopefully he will seriously ver that therapist
22h c39 aesir21
Jane continues to be in shock then. I didn’t realize she grew fond of Percy
1/30 c41 1TheFiction101
Just got caught up! Great story man, definitely my favorite on the platform.
1/26 c41 8CRUDEN
Love the little rivalry between reed and tony
1/25 c23 Ltbutterfly287
So you just threw Percy in one of the worst if not the worst marvel movie just cause?
1/25 c22 Ltbutterfly287
I'm starting to get pretty annoyed with your desire to be vague with this being that keeps talking to him. Also this chapter just kind of sucked if I'm being entirely honest, you just keep making Percy more and more OOC to the extent that it's just insulting to the original character. Also you have Percy not agreeing with how immortals operate but then have Percy operate and act in the exact same manner. Just make him a god for fucks sake cause that's basically what he is. This fight was pointless and his anger and aggression was pointless and really came from nowhere.
1/25 c41 5Amaryllis Flick

I was looking at the pjo crossover pics and saw this one. Im pretty shocked by the word count ngl, and im wondering why I haven't seen it or haven't read it before. other than that, im totally loving this fic! I haven't read any of your others works yet (or if you even have any) so I was pretty weirded out by the whole Hera being kinda good and hecate being an acquantance thing, plus the calypso thing. I get it tho, non canon compliant but done in a very nice way. I'm so excited to find out what happens next.
1/25 c41 1JoJo 'Perlia' Jesus
Great chap bro. Keep up the good work and have a great day!
1/24 c41 42Death Fury
Excellent chapter
1/24 c20 Ltbutterfly287
Your take on the war is pretty much idiotic. It makes zero sense, you made the gods even more useless then they originally were. So far the established back story kind of sucks, not to mention that 1,000 demigods being sacrificed just for 8 giants, that sacrifice makes zero sense cause a god would need to interfere for victory to occur. Not to mention so far the way you've had the war paly out doesn't really make much sense, especially because the canon events are actually the only path to victory.
1/24 c19 Ltbutterfly287
Personally I don't think every child of Athena would hate Percy, he can't exactly be the only one held accountable for her death. The same argument could be made against Athena and cause she would have also been there. Also I wouldn't blame him after he went through all of Tartarus for her, blaming him seems quite stupid.
1/23 c8 Ltbutterfly287
Killing Paul seems completely unnecessary
1/23 c1 Ltbutterfly287
This was done horribly. Leo didn't know about Ogygia until his sacrifice in defeating Gaea, no one could have told him about that. quite honestly the way Percy discovered Calypso was never freed was because of the Ari curses. Even then I wouldn't say what they did was bad, Percy never gave them a time frame and neither did he take the immortal perspective into consideration.
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