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for Of Water and Salt

3/22 c1
I love this story,thank you for creating such a beatiful master piece
3/4 c47 54Death Fury
Excellent chapter
2/22 c47 TheMoistSoul
I would like to add a more positive review as my last one was wholly negative when I really like the story and characterization outside of a few moments. You have done a wonderful job and I hope you keep up the good work.
2/20 c47 3Vizzion Guardian
im sad that i now have to wait to read the next chapter. I love this story so far, especially with the direction you’ve taken percy.
2/19 c38 TheMoistSoul
It's incredibly frustrating that the direction you have went with Percy involves him folding any time someones makes a demand of him, like seriously is there a single time where he stands his ground and tells someone to screw off? He just agrees immediately and then you'll write that he had no choice without explaining at all. Like why did he have to go to Kamar Taj? Bc someone that he was actively angry with told him he needed to right after you just reminded us all that Percy has been given total authority over the situation to be judge and jury. He literally refuses to tell people no even if it doesn't fit the character bc you've already mapped out where he is supposed to go.
2/13 c11 Guest
Love the D&D refrence
2/12 c39 jmsdragn
Why do you call Jarvis a ui when he is an ai
2/12 c35 jmsdragn
rceived tenure in the alternate timeline. But that only added to the question as to why the Daughter of Trivia was there int the

There was a small silence as Percy digested

Last paragraph is cut off what are you saying
2/11 c47 romulocostacs53
I loved this story, eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
2/9 c47 Guest
TBH it really makes some kinda sense that the Spiders spidey sense would go off at a near constant panic when Percy is around…Percy did kill Arachne after all, and isn’t Arachne the mother of all spiders? This fic is honestly amazing IMO, can’t wait to read future chapters, this is awesome!
2/9 c22 KingK9
That ending was just pathetic. For all this talk about how he killed immortals and crap to just being taken out like that is stupid.
2/4 c45 M2R
you know, reading this, I finally want to say hope more athena's children dead. they smart but emotionally stupid
2/3 c47 realfan16
TT_TT this is exactly why i usually wait for at least 5 chap. before reading. cliff hangers. Last chapter it Xavier and now Parker. Tho i appreciate the twist of them both getting them abilities, literally a power couple lol. T_T reminded me of good times. Remembered how Shining Armor Thor was respectful to Apollyon. How Stark prayed to Apollyon(can't see wait to see him do that againAny ways he was respected enough. i say it's time to be a bit more open, a bit more human...if you don't lind ofc. There's that head cannon xith Fury finally remembering the 'past'. Damn! Civil war fast incoming. so much to write so little time. Good luck Author-san
2/2 c47
love it!
1/28 c47 Agent Frank
I didn't expect him to run into the spiders, I'm guessing Jane is going to speak up for them. Either way this was a good chapter and I've enjoyed reading the 7 or so chapters that you've uploaded since the last time I read this story.
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