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for Not How I Wanted To See You Again

2/2 c1 KolibriPuffyne
hey make taki tell m abt the mess up. make them go on an epic adventure/quest to turn things normal. i see potential in you dude
7/20/2019 c1 1ImSoBored246
I choked up a little bit with laughter reading your summary thinking this would be a crackfic. Still not sure if it is, but it's still pretty damn good. Keep it up!
7/5/2019 c1 1ILiekFishes
... update?
It’s a cool concept. Now that they’ve got someone 100% on board
7/3/2019 c1 Guest
I'd love to see more of this! (more Mitsuha interacting with Taki will make me squeal haha)
5/9/2019 c1 6Galaxy-Of-Fireflies
That is an interesting idea.
Because Tami's and mitsuha's memories aren't really clear after they wake up, he doesn't have any way to be certain who's sake is who's.
Can't wait to see what idea you have planned for this.

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