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for The two faces of the same coin

6/13/2021 c6 GuyFreakz
wait a minute, japan has a vice president? afaik it's a monarch country lead by a PM, not a president. and if this chapter still could be edited, maybe it could be better to write it as a VP of some small country... make it anonymous will be better since this is a fictional story. even beika is just a fictional city... nevertheless nice story, i've re read this fic, 2 times now, and become more fall in love with the shinshi pairing depicted in this fic... tq author!
6/8/2021 c14 Jelly
It was really touching...
6/1/2021 c14 Raditya23
Thank you for continuing this thank you for continuing this amazing stories..i think I enjoyed it,, sometimes it’s better to have a daily life story but still showed how strong their bond is.. because there are times when my heart can’t take your heartbreaking stories, even when it’s still so beautifully written.. maybe it depends on my mood swings,, haha.. thank you so much anyway
5/18/2021 c13 Raditya23
Your stories are so heatbreakingly beautiful..
The way you tell your stories, how you draw their interactions make me feel so desperate to see them get live happily ever after..
Some stories make me feel crushed, your words amazingly conveyed their feelings..
My egoistical plea,, please make a happy end for them,, in whatever stories you wrote in the future, haha..
Looking forward for more of your work, thank you..!
1/26/2020 c13 1faiz1996
This is so good! Love it!
Side note: you dont need to put the apostrophe in "wan't", just "want"
1/5/2020 c10 miyanoshiho
god! this and the previous chapter literally made my cry like a baby... I really hope you'd write more stories of shiho and shinichi as there aren't many as good as yours!
12/20/2019 c11 CatherineDuchessofVineyard
This is heartbreakingly beautiful...
11/14/2019 c11 11Mizhera
Awww. I kennaaaat! This is so pure! Seriously, I didn’t get the moon thing at first but after reading your author’s note, it all made sense. It made me smile even as I am typing this review right now. Nice narration as always and I can fully understand why it doesn’t need to have Shinichi’s POV. It’s perfect that way. Thanks for the wonderful one-shot! Hopefully, there’s more soon! /
10/23/2019 c10 aylin romana
Well if you want to end this at least make it a huppy ending ...i was crying while reading this you know ...but i still love i hope you will update soon and i hope it will be a huppy chapter pleaaaase:D
10/23/2019 c10 Mizhera
This is so sad. Whyyyyy? Huhuhu. I can’t. I just can’t. T.T This is so heartbreaking. But on the lighter note, I really love your writing style. Every story expresses so much emotion and I can really feel. You perfectly made them in character, too. Good job! I’m looking forward to your other pair stories about them in the future! 3
10/12/2019 c9 Guest
Its so sad :'(
I like your writing style. The storytelling is running so smoothly until the end, especially the last chapter.
Anyways, thank for your hardwork
It seems CoAi fans in this ffn had vanished into nowhere. This fic deserves more attention.
Pardon for my english. Its not my first language
10/12/2019 c9 4Ai Adler
Well damn, you made me cry. Made me think as well too, about when what we have becomes what we had. I'm really enjoying your stories. Keep up the good work!
8/17/2019 c5 Guest
Beautiful as always. Please continue! I want to know kudo POV about this date
8/17/2019 c5 43Momo Cicerone
This chapter is so canon, it hurts my kokoro how Shinichi is tragically ransexual. Istg the man has no eyes. Good job tho.
8/13/2019 c3 Hatsumy
Y mi final feliz?
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