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for Loud of the Sith

1/7 c11 Guest
Me estuviera bueno que pongan dibujos
12/1/2019 c11 8PhantomKnightPercival
What about a grey code ending. Where both Jedi and Sith are under one code.
There is no Light without Dark
Through Passion, I gained Focus
Through Knowledge, I gained Power
Through Serenity, I gained Strength
Through Victory, I gained Harmony
There is only The Force.
11/26/2019 c11 13GennaiArakida-XIV
Holy shit, that was the darkest ending! But should it be over? PLEASE POST A GOLDEN ENDING!
11/26/2019 c10 30Mysterious Mr M
I think it's okay, but everything happens way too quickly, and everyone's "development" feels way too rushed. It feels like this should have been longer.

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