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for The start of the begining

8/17/2019 c1 9RebelFanja
Very interesting! I like how this puts the canon in order and also how you mixed it with your own headcannons.
5/15/2019 c1 23Carrie2sky
Fascinating. Could very well be canon. Great job!
5/13/2019 c1 11Katla1
Only a few sentences in, and you pull me into the story so hard!

Ooh! Its so chilling how nobody notices the Great Devourer, but we know what it turns into.

The first son inherited the demon, yet was not evil. The second son was light, yet he was not pure. I LOVE these sentences!

Despite being a story Ninjago fans already know so well, you wrote it so artistically that I couldn't help but be sucked in! I really enjoyed this. I read it twice. I just love how creative your sentences and the words you use are! ...and humans are known for making mistakes... the Yin Yang child... a darkness he would die fighting... The Great Devourer arose... yet it was small and it was ignored in favour of the relentless attacks of the Overlord... Light and dark, but brothers above anything else... These are only a few details that brought this story to life for me! I love how you included the meaning of Garmadon and Wus names, I loved reading about how he put the original four elements into the golden weapons, about him trapping the Devourer, and finally, about him trapping the Overlord and sinking the Dark Island.
The story ends with his death, and the creation of the clock on Dark Island.

Im surprised how much I enjoyed this. Its such a simple concept, but so artfully written. Im really glad I read it. Great job!
5/7/2019 c1 6Bookkeeper77
I'm still proud of this
5/5/2019 c1 50Skyla Talon
Yeah...that sounds about right. Why is writing stories Soo much easier to do than essays? Don't answer that, essays stress me out, stories don't.
5/5/2019 c1 7FaithElf
omg can't wait to read what happens next

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