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9/7 c79 Saif Omar
Why is Kasumi even wondering which Gundam she should start with? Obviously she should start with 'Witch From Mercury'. I mean hello? A tanned(somewhat) Redhead who is awkward with people she doesn't know well and also feels like a fish out of water sometimes in this new world she has found herself in. Kasumi doesn't have similarities with Miorine but I'll take one half of the pair.
9/6 c79 Guest W
Hmm, Kasumi X Pyrrha, I never really thought of that. :D Seems like a wholesome pairing. Good work man.

Kudos on that kiss scene. :)

Random question: Does Pyrrha have any "dark powers" she gotten from the Dark Brother?

9/6 c79 3The Prime Cronos
In all honesty I am looking Forward to how daring you are with Killing characters Off!
As was the original Design with Team JNPR.
In the topic of fluff, Love the Duo of Kasumi and Phyrra. Kasumi is far more realistically in your Story than in the Game!
There is dar greater innosence than with a solider.
Though now we need to get the wingman His Girl.
9/6 c79 fatquacker
I was not expecting this relationship to come to fruition as fast as it did, but I will say that it was very cute. Also, I'm glad the aura misunderstanding didn't last more than one chapter and they just talked it out immediately (Common Garrus W).

Thank you for the chapter!
9/6 c5 Korst
You really downgraded the Huntress-in-training's power level, huh? And I say this as someone who's still anal about Huntsmen and Huntresses being depicted as moving several meters a second on multiple occasions and how this fact is relevant. Rule of cool only goes so far before it becomes canon facts set up in a line of canon facts that add up and contribute to evidence that can be used to determine the actual power level of someone trained in using Aura. All of which being canon.
But I don't think anyone wants to hear that. I'm honestly fine with her being scaled down to fit in, though it dues somewhat trivialise the threats they faced and the decade of combat training a huntsman/huntress has to do before they even get to apply to a dedicated huntsmen/huntress academy. I'm really just complaining out of obligation by this point to be honest.
If it's easier to write a story where Pyrrha doesn't utterly stomp everyone she fights in a fist fight? Then all the power to you, you're wrong, but still all the power.
9/5 c79 1Lea RosenWulf
What is the Kasumi x Pyrrha ship called? Magnetic Lock? Also floof and feels.
9/5 c79 Corporal Crunch
Not a fan of the ship, but the story and writing are good enough that I'll get over it I guess.
9/5 c79 Genshin21
Poor garrus. Always the wingman.
And to quote a different franchise "Just kiss!"
I wasn't expecting an update so soon but was happily surprised.
9/5 c79 4Monster King
Awesome work
9/3 c78 1Lea RosenWulf
Poor Pyrrha, the realism of war never feels good. Who is Charn, and will he ba important? Only time will tell...
9/2 c78 3The Prime Cronos
:D, you are absolutely right. There is always space For fluff and character development. Just Like with Phyrra going down a darker path now.
We all know she will awaken from it. But how is the big question of course.
9/2 c78 Sebine
not a speck of lesbianing.
9/2 c78 4Monster King
Good job please continue
9/2 c78 2merendinoemiliano
8/16 c77 Genshin21
I've been one of the few viewers (I say few but I've talked to quite a few who feel similarly but only online mostly) of the show that just never cared for the arkos ship. Granted we never saw her interact with anyone in a romantic esc way, at all really. Back in volume three it seemed arkos was the "die on this ship" thing up to that point for relationships. I always had a thought that maybe if she wasn't so gun ho for Jaune and opened up more to the rest of her team or others then maybe she would still be alive. Yes I know this is a fictional show but I found this show from the beginning while watching red vs blue like many I'm sure. My favorite character from start to well up to season 8 was Pyrrha. Now a days my favorite character is Emerald but mostly because that was my way of "letting go" of Pyrrha after almost five seasons of her being dead at that point. I picture pyrrha maybe not knowing what her sexuallity may have been. Falling in love with the first person that didn't know a damn thing about the famous Pyrrha Nikos. Like a damn fairy tale and in a world full of fairy tails who doesn't want to find their true love. So yeah I say her being bisexuality is completely fair and shipping her with Kasumi is the most adorable thing I've been imagining. Especially your take on Kasumi in this story. I take my hat off to you snd the masterpiece you continue to mold.
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