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7/9 c89 3The Prime Cronos
I know Trauma is Trauma, but Pyhrra is behaving Like Brat in Front of darkness. It's Kind of weird Like she take it all too much For granted. It would be interesting to See what kind of gods or If at all gods you Introduce from the mass effect universe
7/5 c89 Genshin21
I am sad this means the end is near but am happy to have followed alomg on the journey.
7/4 c89 12Wynnt'r
Wait, so which character has the prostheses: Pyrrha or Kasumi?
7/4 c89 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story your doing great
6/27 c88 2merendinoemiliano
Nice job
6/26 c88 1websplorer
This is a brilliant twist, something I've never seen so far in other stories. Great job!
6/26 c88 4Monster King
What a amazing story I hope you continue to write it
6/23 c87 Monster King
Good job the story is incredible
6/23 c87 Genshin21
As someone who enjoyed the space combat scenarious in the halo: fall of reach novel. I enjoyed reading this chapter. Wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but i like it and made me think of those instances.
6/23 c87 2merendinoemiliano
Very nuanced chapter, glad you returned on this
5/3 c86 2Lea RosenWulf
Time to knock the collector's teeth in. Did you get all the ship upgrades? What about loyalty missions? Garrus needs to calibrate that gun one more time for sure...
5/3 c86 Genshin21
Next time.
War never changes .

Still loving the updates and cant wait for the next chapter. Hopefully someone will stage an intervention for Pyrrha. She knows she is snappping at Penny and honestly seems to be the only one she ever feels remorse for. Though as someone else pointed out the God of darkness seems to be acting more of a fatherly figure for his ,previously, two followers. Even somewhat toward Zaeed when he passed and they meet before Zaeed went on to whatever comes next. I keep an open mind on those things so meh. Whether Darkness shows the same concerns toward Garrus or not we will have to wait and see but considering the circumstances i think it is just a matter of time. Back to what i was getting at. Mordin and Darkness may see her as a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and are concerned that, and i do love quoting your writing for this line, Pyrrha will lose who she is. God this is a tangent. Sorry for making you read this if you do.
5/3 c85 Lea RosenWulf
Pyrrha is slowly imploding, hopefully she deals with it and mends though.

Parental Darkness is an interesting sight to see, and his interaction feels different with that in mind. His disagreement with Pyrrha feels more like a exhausted father now than a god and his follower.
5/3 c86 redx1221
Dude when did they first kiss (phyrra and Kasumi I mean) I feel like I missed that
5/3 c86 Guest W
Noooooo. D:

You mean the Samara loyalty mission was skipped?! Aw man! TwT

But but but... I was looking forward to that one.

I understand due to plot and stuff TF. Damn, I really wanted Pyrrha or Penny on that loyalty mission. Damn you time constraints DX

But good chapter, onto the next one. :D

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