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for if my heart's a grenade

8/7 c9 1Puff the Evil Dragon
Ugh, this is so good. It hurts and I love it! I eagerly await the next chapter!
8/7 c9 lucel18
These two are gonna be the death of me someday. Lol. Thank you!
8/6 c9 laisevero
This chapter was sooo heartbreaking! And also, very good of course. Hak’s chapters are the best, since he isnt so easy to read like Yona. I wish he would open his heart to Yoon, but I know thats difficult to him. Poor Hak Yona seems start realize others feelings, I hope she dont take it too long. Sowoon is so distant, they’re even in the same page? Looks like Yona is the only one who cares. Anyway, I’m very anxious for next chapter, your updates always made me really happy! Hope you’re well and healthy
8/6 c9 butterfly363
My heart breaks for poor Hak.
7/2 c8 Guest
Ooo I was waiting for a make out session when she was standing between his knees hehe
Loved it please update soon
7/3 c8 laisevero
Oh my god I’m so happy everytime you update! I almost dont wanna read, trying make this last longer
I almost die when Hak leave this marks on Yona, so I can only imagine how they feel. I’m glad Yona is getting more aware of Hak (how she ignored such a man for so long?). Its a pitty Hak hasn’t realized yet that she’s getting affected by him. I really anxious for next chapter and to see how this party will be!
6/30 c8 Deanas804
Chapter 8 was so good! I cannot wait to read what happens next! You are an amazing writer! Please keep up the story!
7/1 c8 Puff the Evil Dragon
This is amazing, as always. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
6/28 c8 6Nina542
It was so nice to get inside Yona's head this chapter. I love how she is continuing to struggle with confusing feelings towards Hak. And the whole scene at the dinner table was great. Calling him Il the Coward, his toast, the misty eyes. I loved it all. And just barely the smallest clue that it's affecting him in some way, and he's only playing the dumb card. Loved Yoon too and how at ease you made them with each other.

I'm already nervous about how this party is going to go down. Looking forward to it!
6/28 c8 lucel18
Love the intense UST! Lol. Thank you!
6/28 c8 Closet lover
Another wonderful chapter!
Thank you!
I'm loving Yona's angst rn and the denial she's in.
I can't wait to find out why exactly the father is being supportive of this. Like... sir?

I'm still on the edge of my seat.
I can't wait to read everything you have in store
5/12 c7 emmsjulian
i've read this on ao3 but i found it here as well and can't help but leave a comment, i LOVE this and can't wait for the next chapters! 33
5/1 c7 nia2012
This was AMAZING! I felt every tug at Hak’s heart! Now I feel heartbroken too. And the hickey thing destroyed me. You are unbelievable writer. I am loving your work. Never give up
4/27 c7 2akwardllama
Ugh, this is always so good and poor ham and poor yona
4/22 c7 Guest
Absolutely love this! Please please please keep adding to the story!
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