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for fire in the heart(rewrite)

3/7/2021 c16 2Raise257
Yes, of course I'm enjoying this story.
Finn and Phoebe... Having a family?...I hope they turn 18 soon.
On Marceline's problem I think it's great how it's going.
Great Job

3/3/2021 c15 Raise257
Introduce FK's power was awesome.
One thing I can suggest about the fighting scene would be to look at other author's writing style, or try to express yourself in a proper manner.
There were some words cut off, but I still understood the story.
I would be even more interested if there was more details in the story.

2/3/2021 c14 Raise257
Despite the grammar and possibly word choice mistake, it was really an awesome chapter!
The "hook-attention" (the thing that grabs the readers attention) was extremely powerful and very well thought of.
The plot of this story, just increased even higher than their encounter with the Lich.
I really seek to find out what happens next :)

1/6/2021 c13 Raise257
To me it seems you rushed a bit, but I total understand what you were trying to say.

The first few sentences were...not that interesting, however, as soon as we make it to the middle of the story...interesting things started to pop up. For a rising action, you were getting to the good points in going from a rising action to the climax of the story.

I actually have a question to ask you...but I'm going to PM you instead.

12/26/2020 c12 The Book of Eli
Oooh I'm very curious to see what Flint will do to FK once Phoebe talks to her brother...
12/26/2020 c12 Raise257
Excellent work here!

I really liked and enjoyed this chapter.

It indeed was a great idea to read this story.

I must say: I would requirement this story to people who are Finn x Flame Princess :)
12/16/2020 c11 que hubiese pasado
Now that you have transformed Phoebe into a human I am going to ask, does she still have the soul of the fire elemental, I say this is what made her the most powerful of her people and save must be in power and in body as their lives were human ?, and for the fifth season the episodes have to be taken in a different order at least you don't have to take fire and ice and water and earth, any sequel to its consequences, as an example you could go directly to the vault where finn is aware of his past lives and how they connect him with lich and phoebe the same as his human past lives return his powers
12/14/2020 c11 The Book of Eli
Yes that was a nice surprise of a twist. Also can't wait to see how pissed FK and Eldur is. But at the same time we get Pheobe trying to learn how to be human so I'm excited...
12/6/2020 c10 The Book of Eli
Well things are in for a twist with the upcoming wish...
12/3/2020 c1 Raise257
I remembered reading the original one; it had amazing interesting things in it. Now, here I am with this story. This is the same with the other one, but there is a bit more detail then the original. The original one was the first fanfiction I ever read, but seeing this one, gave me memories. Thanks for bring this story up again : )
11/29/2020 c9 The Book of Eli
I wonder if there will be some training between Finn and Pheebs to help increase Finn's fire resistance. Maybe a special amulet can help him...
11/27/2020 c8 The Book of Eli
Aw such a sweet violent little chapter...
10/6/2020 c7 The Book of Eli
I will pay my respects to those you have lost friend and understand. I do like how wild things go even without a lot of details...
6/10/2020 c6 The Book of Eli
I would love to see how things progress from here. A little on the short side but still the drama is building...
6/10/2020 c5 The Book of Eli
I found that episode really fun when I rewatched it a year ago. And now I can say it's still funny...
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