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4/7 c39 Guest
Seriously. I'm bawling inside as this story ends. I can hear Angharad softly singing "Away from the roll of the sea" as the sun sets on this saga . It is a heart-rendingly beautiful take on their story, and hands-down cannon in my book. Thank you, thank you! ~
4/7 c39 Guest
Wow. What a beautiful story, and beautifully told. I should not have been reading this at work, for the tears it called to my eyes. Brava!
10/14/2020 c39 Honza Prchal
Brilliant. I'm rather glad we don't have the story of their daughter's abduction by Arwen here.
9/30/2020 c27 Honza Prchal
She's ... very real.
9/11/2020 c39 1Shieldmaiden124
Wow. I just finished this story, and I hope you're prepared for a bit of a read here, because I have a lot to say:

First, I am not at all convinced that you can't get this published by traditional means. Referencing characters mentioned in passing (as only names of abstract people) in another's work surely isn't grounds to be dismissed by a publisher? I realize that Achren and Gwydion are more present in the original work, however, they were themselves borrowed from ancient works (Peniarth and Mabinogi), and as such, I'm not sure you couldn't borrow them as well... I think that this could be published. I am not qualified as a legal advisor in this matter, though, just as an advocate wanting this book on my shelf! Lol. (And if it IS ever published, I would like to take a moment here to request a signed copy, please.)

Ok, moving on; (it's just fabulous in every way.) Your world-building is wonderful and felt inhabitable. You've created a whole society with culture and history oozing from every page. I'm impressed that we visited the common folk as well as the nobility and both felt natural and real. The detailed thinking that went into the society as a whole was really impressive to me.

The story: As far as my brain is concerned, this just IS canon for me. This IS the REAL STORY of Eilonwy's parents that just happened to never be told until now. I will always think of this in that way from this time on. I just can't imagine a more authoritative version on the subject than this one. Period. Subject closed.

The characters:
Angharad: Brilliant. Wonderful. I feel for her. Eilonwy is so likable that I couldn't imagine her parents ever being any less so, but that her mother ends up in Prydain and probably un-married always made her appear as a black sheep and even (it hurts me to say this) a failure of sorts. You have redeemed her in every way imaginable. She was every good thing you see in Eilonwy later, but with a completely distinct personality that isn't Eilonwy at all. She is her own person in every way. Even the touchy subject of her forbidden relationship with Eilonwy's father and subsequent pregnancy. I, as a Christian, hold myself to a certain code of conduct that would not allow for such a thing and I don't take it lightly, but you have presented the conundrum and the surrounding circumstances in such a way, I not only forgave the situation wholeheartedly, I root for this couple completely. Angharad is anything BUT a failure, she is resplendent in success on so many levels. But it is not a single-faceted sort of success that is sometimes presented in fiction, but one shadowed in pain and challenge, deepened by sacrifice and grief. I think I want a sequel, actually.

Geraint: ...sigh... I wish he wasn't fiction. Of course, I am not the type of woman who would be likely to win his attention if he WAS real, so it doesn't matter one way or the other. Lol. I love everything about him. His physical description is delightful, of course, I'm a sucker for golden curls and blue eyes, but I love that you made him a wandering story-teller. That was so interesting to me. It was so unconventional and compelling. I loved that you used him to remind us that stories are actually powerful things. They are, you know? Stories, ideas, relating to other people... this is humanity at it's core. Life is itself a story. I wanted to cheer (and I did a happy dance around my house) when it came to the point where he presented himself for her hand. Brilliant. That will be one of my favorite scenes in anything for awhile. I love that he won the crowd, and even grudgingly, Regat. Well done. I want to have all sorts of deep conversations with you now about all sorts of things. Lol.

The family members of Regat, Arianrhod and Eilwen: They were so distinct and delightful, that they, too, felt like real people. I found myself being both sympathetic to Regat and not really liking her, all at the same time. My maternal grandmother was a fraternal twin. She was so much like Regat! Her twin sister was more of an Arianrhod. Perhaps because I knew real people with personalities like these, I think you did a superb job capturing characters of this quality. They were spot-on for me. Eilwen was fun, but not as silly as she may wish you to believe at first. You did a good job of giving a character who could easily come off as shallow, depth.

If I relate to anyone on a personal level in this story, it was Elen. I would love to be an Angharad, but alas, I'm pretty sure I'm really an Elen. Lol.

Achren was actually chilling. I was seriously afraid whenever she appeared in the narrative. I'm used to seeing the bitter Achren whose most powerful days are behind her; the one that's having to scrape the bottom of her resources to reach her goals. This was a much more potent and terrifying Achren. She was more at the top of her game, and what a foe you made out of her! Beautifully done!

I'm going to stop here for now, I'm sure we'll chat again about it sometime. But um, yeah... A sequel, please. ;)
9/8/2020 c25 Honza Prchal
Shazaam. Zounds even. Good stuff, and dude accessible. Maybe it's because I have a daughter whom I treasure.
8/5/2020 c39 Irregardlessly
This review is for the whole of Daughter of the Sea, as it deserves, not merely the Epilogue.

Readers of fan fiction are usually familiar with the orginal work. In this case, I recommend *not* reading The True Enchanter until you've read Daughter of the Sea, because the original has spoilers for Daughter of the Sea, which is a much more fully developed story than the original and every bit as well written.

It's a love story, but far more than that, and no more salacious than necessary to be effective. Every character is real and unique, the plot is believable and neither predictable or obscure, the pace is never rushed or dragging, the writing is fluid and masterly.

The poetry excerpts in front of each chapter are a nice touch, but the story is poetry enough in its own right.
7/31/2020 c38 Caseva
Way to go!

I'm so impressed that you manufactured a satisfactory resolution from the tragic ending we know.
7/31/2020 c35 Caseva
Yay! Am trying to pace myself to stretch out the enjoyment of these last few chapter, but it's hard because WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!

But I am supposed to be doing work right now, so I must stop...
7/30/2020 c39 Suvon67
They have so little time ... But I suppose it should be enough. Thank you for this story. The heartbreak ...
7/30/2020 c36 Suvon67
And so we come to the end. What finally becomes of Regat, Elen, Eilwen, and Rhiannon, whom I've come to love for their own sakes as well as for Angharads and Geraints. Alas! The heartbreak.
7/30/2020 c35 Suvon67
When I finished this chapter I was crushed, thinking it was the bitter end. Whew. Now I can read on and re-read the Dream of Madsen Wledig. It has been long since I read it. Thank you for attempting this project and completing it so fully.
7/30/2020 c34 Suvon67
The suspense is killing me! she said again.
7/30/2020 c33 Suvon67
The suspense is killing me! Lol
7/30/2020 c32 Suvon67
I can't remember if this is the first time I've read this chapter. It must be, but I've read so much during the last few months that I may be confused. Needless to say, I was reduced to tears, especially knowing the eventual you for helping keep Lloyds work alive. I think he would be so pleased and humbled to know Prydain has so many friends. I only wish I'd found you sooner than I did. Still, better late than never.
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